Morning and Nooner

So, I wake up to my wife sucking on my cock. She was almost angry and sneaky about it. She had been working on me for about 10 minutes when I felt the twinge in my nuts. I grabbed the back of her head and shot it into her mouth.

I laid there as she got up, went to the bathroom and got into the shower. No kiss. No 'I love you'. No, it's my turn. She was ready for work by the next time I saw her was in the kitchen. "Good Morning!" I said.

She looked at me and smiled... and said, "going out with the girls tonight and I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you"
"HA!" I said... Then I realized I had a night free to myself and started the day off right. I always think that she thinks I'm going to cheat on her, which is why she blows me in the morning without warning sometimes. Who am I to stop her. Furthermore, who am I to behave.

The day was as boring as they come. Sales sucks as a job but when your heart or head aren't in it, it sucks even more. I made up some bogus lead I needed to chaase and went for a drive. Before I knew it I was in my ex-girlfriend's neighborhood. Actually, it wasn't an accident. I sorta drove right there.

With the car in the driveway, I thought, the worst that would happen is I would kill an hour or so talking to her. The best would be the repeat of the illicit hook up that happened a few months ago. I rang the doorbell.

She answered the door and invited me in. Then she introduced me to her boyfriend. YIKES, I thought... what the hell did I get myself into...

We had a little small talk... then she broke the conversation wide open. "So, I guess you were stopping by for quicky or a blow job..."
"Well, you know me", I laughed nervously.
"I want you to fuck her like a whore right in front of me" the boyfriend said. "Trish is a whore. You made her a whore and popped her cherry. She told me all about your cock and how like to eat her after you cum."

For the record, I might have done that once in the 5 years we dated... but now I know it is what she liked. She was already between my legs and pulling down my pants. Her mouth was so warm and tight. It was also the first time I rember have two women suck my cock in the same day. She was making it good and wet. She picked herself up to my lips and kissed me deeply.
"I need this cock", She said grabbing it tight.
She lifted her skirt without the panties on and gave me easy entry as she lowered herself onto me. For a woman with two k**s, her pussy was pretty tight still. You could tell she used cream or even had surgery. She gasped as I went balls deep into her.

Now Trish has always been a little plump. It was part of what made her cute though. She's 5'4 at about 200 pounds, styled reddish hair. Her 44DD tits have only gotten larger over the years. She was never much for tit play, but loved to have them bounce. Today she was riding my cock and letting them flop in my face. I was grinding her when I felt something near my cock.
It was her boyfriend with his finger deep in her ass. She was breathing heavy and grinding my cock. I could feel his finger slide in and out of her. It was driving me nuts. I told the boyfriend to take a turn. I pulled my cock out and he inserted into her pussy. I felt his balls on my cock. I've never been one for anything gay, but this was a turn on, especially with her getting pleasure right in front of me like that. He was grabbing her hips and drilling her pussy. I know he was still working his fingers in her ass. She has always like that. But Anal was always an issue for her. She bled so bad once that we though we were going to the hospital. So I didn't dare fuck her ass again.

He was pumping her like a porn star when she said she wanted both of us. She reached down and angled my cock for her pussy again. This time, I slid next to his cock into her pussy. She yelped with passion as we both pushed our cocks into her. Again, not much for the gay thing, but sticking it in this whore of an ex-girlfriend was just the ticket.

She didn't feel as tight as she once did. We were really loosening her up. We kept pumping her like lumberjacks on a tree. Then I felt a warmth on my cock. I looked up and saw her boyfriend's 'O' face. He was cumming in her and on my cock. I was in complete shock. He pulled out and I felt his cock slide against mine. she looked me in the eye and knew I was freaked a little.
Trish climbed off my cock and slid down to investigate. Her mouth engulfed my cock again down to the balls. MMMMM, she kept moaning.

"I love eating this cum. Like you love eating it out of my pussy', she rolled over and spread herself wide. I could see the residual cum still at the pussy opening. I dropped down and rolled her clit on my toungue.
"Get down there and eat my cummy pussy", she pushed my head down to her wide open gash. I tasted the salty semen in her. I kept lapping like an expert and had her cum in no time. Her boyfriend jerked off again and came on her shirt that was still covering her huge tits.

"Now give me your cum. Give your slut your cum." I mounted her mission style and started to pump my cock in her. I could still feel the lubrication from her boyfriend. It didn't take long before I came inside her as well. My second one of the day was pretty intense. both because of it being the second and with what was going on.
Her boyfriend moved in and asked 'may I?'. He dropped down to her pussy and ate her pussy with all my cum inside it. She came again like a whore. I stood up and watched from couch. I loved watching her get serviced.

I put on my clothes and left. That's what you do to a whore. Just leave.

I went back to the office to find everyone else had bogus sales calls too. I went home early to crash... to be continued
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2 years ago
Got to love whores that wanted the cum inside their cubt! ;)
2 years ago
haha! AWESOME!
3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Just like a salesman,,you must be in insurance...story was great