Cousin with benefits part 1

I'm sitting in front of a client that just completely sucks. They are trying to get over on me even though I've met with them so many times more than half way, I'm almost past where they wanted to be in the first place. Then, my phone vibrated in my shirt pocket under my suit.

I kept nodding and senselessly agreeing with the brood as I looked at the text. "Coming into the airport at 3:45. See you then... surprise!"

It was from my cousin. I hadn't seen her since the last wedding almost 2 years ago. It was there that we were able to sneak off and finally give in to our youthful obsession with each other.

"Well Mr. (Client), your in luck. This is a text from my boss and he said if I can get get back to the office in the next 20 minutes, you can have anything you want. So I must be going." I got out of there and never looked back. I don't mean to be an asshole about it, but I didn't give a damn what I had to do to respond to that text. My cousin was the best lover I had ever known. She was coming to visit, I'm cutting any deal I can to clear my schedule.

"WTH? of course I'm there, I can't wait"

"I'm crashing the wedding, staying until next Wednesday", she responded.

I had completely forgetten about the wedding. As a matter of fact, my wife and I had just decided that even though we responded we were going, we were going to bail. It was about 3 hours away and we completely forgot to get a hotel room. It was my aunts 4th marriage. She's pushing 60, so, if we missed it, we were certain she would understand.

"holy shit, almost a week!"
"crashing your place too"

My cock got hard instantly. I know what that meant to her. We were going to find time to fool around. I was going to get my cock expertly sucked again. It had been two years. Every time I jacked off, I was thinking about those lips around my cock. The way she slid her lips up and down my shaft. Licking the tip, tracing my vein and feeling her huge soft tits against my balls as she rubbed them. Remembering how she would swallow my cum and still breathe on my cock, "was that good?" She was an expert at it. Fucking Expert!

As you can imagine, I was at the airport about an hour before her flight arrived. Sitting in the waiting area with my suit on like I'm waiting to pick up a client and show them the town. What was funny, was there were a few other usual suspect that were there for clients. We all sorta knew each other. Either seeing them there in the airport, at a swank resturant or at a strip club. It was that professional courtesy of a head nod that we all shared.

So, when my cousin Karen walked through the gates at 5'9, around 190 pounds with 44DD breasts, it turned a few heads. She had on jeans and button down blouse. I have no idea how she found a blouse that could fit those giant tits in there. Her blond hair was pulled back and her entire ensemble looked like she was going horse back riding.

"Hey, how are you!!" I said with my arms stretched out.

She bypassed the hug and went straight for my lips. We locked lips and her tongue was in my mouth before I knew it. She wrapped her arms around me and mine had no choice but to wrap around her. I kept my eyes open and realized hers were closed. She backed away slightly, while biting her bottom lip and said "I'm sorry, I've waited too long to do that".

I turned and saw my underworld business associates look on in awe. They didn't know we were cousins, but at the same time, I'm also the guy that always set up the blow job for the travelling business man, but never took one for myself. As much as I had no reservations being with Karen, it wasn't because I slut in my own marriage. No, I was really in love with her and convention kept us apart. Now, we just don't give a fuck.

We grabbed her bag and headed to the car. She was talking nervously and about how she just decided, screw it I'm coming to the wedding. She kept on talking, I didn't care what she was saying, I was just happy to have her near. Then she said, pull over, some place private. Being in sales, you know where you could park and not be found while napping. We pulled into a industrial area full of empty buildings with a back drop of wooded area.

Before I had the car in park, her hand was on my zipper. "I need you cock," she said in a sensual and committed way. She freed my cock and engulfed it. She moaned with it in her mouth. I could feel the vibration and the warmth. I was already hard and in the back of her throat. She was working me and even started slurping my cock.

I could feel the zipper of my suit against the base of my cock and balls. She undid the belt and yanked them down. She never took her eyes off my cock. Her tongue was on tip and then she went down the underside of my cock. She followed the pulp of the underside of my cock down to my balls. She slid her hand under them and lifted them to her lips. I could feel the amount of spit she put on my sack. She was licking my left ball and massaged the right. "They're fucking huge" she said as she put them both in her mouth and sucked.

It was uncomfortable and awesome all at the same time. I asked her to kiss me. She raised herself up planted her lips on mine. Her lips were wet, her cheeks and chin the same. Her eyes were open. I need your cock, she said again.

She dropped down to my cock again. Her lips tightened as they went down. She fit all 8 1/2 inches into her mouth. I could feel the back of her throat on the tip of my cock. She started sucking hard, while her lips never left the base. Her hands had found my soaked balls. She sucked up and down and rubbed my balls in unison.
"Give me your cum"

I felt the twitch I knew so well. My hand that was guiding the back of her head, was now pressed firmly on it and even pushing it down. She didn't mind. Nor did she mind when I let go the 5 days of cum into the back of ther throat. She sucked harder and faster as I came. It was like she knew exaclty how to make it feel even better than just cumming.

She stayed firm on my cock and sucked everything I pushed out. With her mouth over my whole cock, she pressed her tongue on underside of my cock and pushed out any cum that was still in there, like a tube of toothpaste. She brushed her tongue on my cum drenched slit. Then she pulled herself to my lips again and kissed me deeply.

I could taste the residue of my own cum in her mouth. It tingled she was very sensual about flicking her tongue in my mouth. He eyes were open and looking into mine the whole time. All the while, she gently stroked my cock.

We pulled ourselves together. Although I did offer to play with her clit and pussy to get her off too, but she declined. "Nope" she said. "That cum is all I want. All week. Nothing but your cum."

"And another thing, do me a favor"

"Anything," I said.

"Fuck your wife for me tonight. Fuck her good and long like a whore. Now that you got a blow job from me, you should last an hour. I want to hear her scream. I'll be playing with myself, thinking it's my turn next"

We pulled into my home driveway. I was in shock. First because I had just emptied my nuts into my cousins mouth and second because my cousin was telling me to fuck my wife so she could get off listening.

... to be continued
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2 years ago
Nothing like kissin' cousins...
2 years ago
Oooooohh, those nasty, slutty cousins!! Most o us have one...or two.
2 years ago
Thanks for sharing, I need to call my cousin now and talk sweet nothing's on the phone to her! Lol
3 years ago
awesome story
3 years ago
simply great
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Excellent. I'll be watching for more. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Very good beginning