Cousin, with benefits

So, my cousin and I have known each other our whole lives. We live about 1000 miles away, so we see each other every few years or so, weddings and occasional funeral. We've always had a crush on each other and flirted when no one was looking. We were caught a few times 'flirting' and in a f****y where humor is crass and frequently embarrassing, we were often called kissing cousins. That probably helped us behave when we were in our teens and twenties but now that we're in our mid thirties, we both have families and calling us 'kissing cousins' would get a lot of people's bl**d boiled beyond the two of us.

The last time we saw each other was for a wedding. Both our families went to the destination wedding and was there for four short days. On the last night we were there, we were all pretty tipsy from the mid-day wedding. Her husband took the k**s back to their hotel while my wife had enough of the f****y as well.

"I think I'm heading back to the room," my wife said. She kissed me and said, "why don't you stay here and get caught up with Karen." She looked me in the eye and smiled. I looked at her a little puzzled. It was an odd thing for her to say.
"We're caught up," I joked.
"I mean catch up with her when me or John (her husband) aren't around"

I wasn't 100% sure, but I think my wife just told me that it was ok if I fuck my cousin.

I sat down next to her on the patio by the outdoor pool and handed my cousin another drink.

"If I have any more of these, I'll be useless tonight," she said into the glass as she drank.

"What's there to useless for, you didn't get a separate room for the k**s," I said, knowing this is how we always started flirting.

"Ha! John's been worthless lately anyways. He either can't keep it up so I have to jerk him off or I suck him off. I haven't had his cock in me in weeks."

"Whoa! miss, let your guard down!," I said while laughing. "I hope he at least went down on you and took care of you!" I knew how to take it to the next level. And it's something we flirted about in the past.

"You're fucking k**ding me right? I can't get him to kiss these lips, let alone lick these," she said pointing to the appropriate parts of her body.

I looked over at her and her eyes met. Then she said, "wouldn't it be great if I forgot I was married tonight and I forgot how much your wife is awesome..." she paused and looked away. "oh, yeah, and forget that we're related!" She said throwing up her hands and spilled her drink all over both of us. We were soaked.

A hotel worker saw what had happened from a distance, so I don't think he heard our conversation. He came over and said, 'if you are guests here at the hotel, we could clean that for you.'

We followed him to the Concierge with my statement of "I'm fine, it will dry". My cousin however was insistent. She wasn't being the Karen I knew.

"Well," the Concierge said. "Here is a bag. Leave it on your doorknob and call me directly, we'll pick it up and have it ready for you in a few hours."

"Yeah, you see that's a problem for us," Karen said. "You see my husband and k**s are in the room and if I go back, I'm in for the night and that's the last thing I want." She shot me a glance, like one when we were k**s trying to get something from a grown-up. "What can you do for us?"

The concierge was clearly seasoned and knew when two married people were looking for a place to have sex while their f****y was on campus. "It is 10PM, we may have a courtesy room available, let me check." A few moments later, he said, "Yes, there is a courtesy room available. Go straight down the hall and it's on the left." He handed slid two bathrobes with the slide key on top. This guy was not only connected, he was smooth.

We rushed down the hall and into the room. It was an oversized hotel room with a queen size bed, several couches, a table and no windows. I looked around in amazement, this is the perfect chance if this is ever going to happen.

She walked into the bathroom and said, "haha, beat you to it!", like we were 12 again. She closed the door while peering out. The last thing I saw was a devilish look in her eye.

I quickly took off what I needed to and put into the bag. I put on the robe but still had my boxers on. I was sitting on the couch when she came out. She also had her robe on.
She picked up my bag and hung them both on the door knob. I picked up the phone and called the desk to let them know they were ready to be picked up.

She closed the door quietly and turned around. She said, "I can't believe it soaked through." She opened her robe just enough at the top to show she didn't have a bra on.

"Hey now!" I said. "We could get in a lot of trouble if you keep going"

"You mean like this?" She dropped her robe and revealed her beautiful body. She is 5'9, around 190. with 44DD breasts. Her hips were a dead give away she had had k**s, even if it was over 14 years ago. She had weight in all the right spots. Her breasts were plump, her hips had small shelves and her belly was a contoured pillow. Her bond hair was true throughout. But she did trim her bush back to a nice, manicured strip. She reminded me of a slightly taller and blonder version of my wife. Clearly, she was my type.

After a few moments of taking her all in, she moved towards me. Dropped to her knees in front of the chair I was in and opened the robe from the bottom up.

"Tisk, tisk... these shorts should have gone too you know, they look moist."

"Their fine, but if you want to remove them...."
She was already sliding them off of me. She stared at my cock at it bounced out of my drawers. She moved the shorts past me feet, then picked them up and said, "they are too wet, look at all this pre-cum inside of them"

She licked all the way around the inside of the opening. My cock was at full attention now. She tossed my shorts to the side and focused on my cock. She reached out with both hands and said "remember when we were around 14 and you came to visit?
"Yeah," I said nervously.
"I told my s****r I wanted to suck your cock", she said as she started the rub while staring the entire time. "She said, 'that's disgusting, he's your cousin' I said, 'I'll bet he has a beautiful cock'.

"Well, what do you think?", I wasn't being bashful anymore.
"I think it's the most beautiful thing I've every seen. I love this vein that runs down the middle and your head is so freakin' big. How many inches is this fucking thing?"

"8 1/2, have you seen bigger?"
Conversation was over, she fully engulfed my cock. No tongue on the side, no suck the tip, she wet her lips and went all the way down on the first pass. She looked up at me and a tear started in her eye. Right up the shaft resting her lips just under the crown of the tip. She worked the tip with her lips and tongue as her hands found my balls.

"Holy shit!," I said realizing the my cousin was sucking my cock. "I know why your husband loves to get head instead of fucking you sometimes."

She was clearly an artist at fellatio. In one of our chats, she told me how she used to suck two and three cocks a night when she was in college. I knew why she was so good at it. And I was receiving the rewards. She told me she got so good at sucking cock because she never wanted a serious boyfriend and was afraid of getting pregnant, so she sucked instead of fucked. I was getting close in a matter of minutes when she stood up grabbing my cock and said, "I need this inside of me"

We went over to the table where she laid down. She pushed herself to the end and her head hung off the end. "Fuck my mouth"

She didn't need to say anymore, I was in position. I pointed my cock towards her tonsils and started to pump my cock into her throat. My balls were hitting her in the nose. She really liked that I was balls deep into her mouth and playing with her clit. Which was about 3 inches long and over an inch wide. In other words, it was HUGE.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth. My cock and her mouth were good and sloppy. I pulled her ass to the edge of table and positioned my cock. I paused for a moment. I moved in and kissed her deeply. Our eyes were open and locked in. The kiss was passionate and I tasted my cock on her breath, which turned me on even more. With our lips and eyes locked, I reached down and positioned my cock again. She pulled away from me slightly and said "fuck me, fuck your cousin"

I slid the head in and I could feel her body quiver. I could also feel how juicy her pussy was. I pushed my cock all the way in. She was incredibly tight for having had two k**s. Our eyes were locked. I started to slowly pump my cock in and out of her. Every few strides, I'd push it all the way in and rotate a little. She moaned at every motion I made.

I was fucking my cousin.

We maneuvered her legs in the air as I held them. I was pumping my body and she was taking every bit of my cock. She was moaning my name the whole time "Tooommmyyy". It was a cross between a cry and a moan, but I knew it was all pleasure.

Then I abruptly stopped. She looked at me as if something was wrong. Had this fantasy of ours end? Did one of us come to our senses that we were having sex with a f****y member? No, I moved the chair in front of where she was, rested her feet on the arms of the chair and kissed her inner thigh. She devilishly shrilled, 'oh yeah..."

I spread her lips with both hands. Expertly using my ring and index finger to hold them as my fore finger probed. I kissed her clit. It was even bigger than it was before. I ran my tongue up it and then back and forth over it. Her pussy was so incredibly juicy. She was clearly mid cycle and everything tasted so good. It was sweet and tangy and I couldn't get enough. I worked all the way around, letting my fingers and tongue probe her hole, flick her clit and tease her asshole. I looked up and saw her belly start to convulse. I slid three fingers into her pussy and put my tongue on high speed over her clit. I felt the tightness around my fingers as her pussy pushed her juice out. Not squirting, but so wet that everything that touched it glistened. My hands, my face.

I was eating my cousins pussy and making her cum.

She came on my fingers and tongue. She took my hand that was inside her and sucked on them. She said around the fingers "more cock please".

I assumed the position again and entered her. She was even tighter than before. She started quivering quickly. Her words were incoherent. She muttered things like 'cock', 'fuck' and 'pussy' along with 'cunt' and 'cumming'. I was pounding her and putting the tables integrity at risk. She lifted her head and beckoned a kiss. While kissing she said. I want your cum inside of me.

In my wildest dream, I never thought I would cum inside of her. I mean, that's where the line is, right? If you cum in your cousin, you could get her pregnant. Not like she wasn't every other girl, but this was particularly dirty. The lowest place you could be. The dirtiest place you could be. Cumming in your cousin. And she wanted my load.

I grabbed her hips and picked up my pace. All her juiced made the glide so easy. But she was so tight from cumming. I was getting hard to hold off.
I slowed my pace down and she got angry.
"What are you doing... I want you to ram me like a whore. I want you to pump you cock into me and all that cum. I want all of you inside me. I'm your cousin with benefits"

I told her I was close giving her one more chance to change her mind. She said give me your cum again. I was pounding her on the table, her tits were flying up and down in rhythm, her pussy was nice and tight and I started to feel it. "I'm cumming for you"

I was cumming inside of my cousin.

I braced myself inside her, pressed firm and felt the waves. I was feeling the cum shoot into her. And started pumping again. I was still turned on and pumped even more. My cock eventually retreated and I collapsed on her. I pulled the chair up to see the dirtiness up close.

My load was oozing out of her. I was so turned on by this. I had just mouth fucked, pussy fucked, eaten out and came inside my cousin, I was already getting hard again. I couldn't help but kiss that masterful pussy creation I had just made. I lapped my own cum and spread it on her clit. She reached down with her hands grabbed the back of my head.

Working my finger into her, she said, 'don't forget my ass" The cum had dripped down and my tongue followed. She pushed her legs in the air and spread her ample ass cheeks. My tongue probed the outside and darted in and out. The pussy, cum and ass flavor gave me another massive hard on quickly. I flicked my tongue back on her clit... she moaned "that's how you get my ass ready"

My raging hard on knew what to do. I stood up and positioned my cock at the entry point. I looked at it for a minute, My cock head was surrounded by her brown asshole. Not fully into her yet, but poised for insertion. Then seeing her cum covered pussy with my semen coating all over her pussy, her clit her lips, everything. I started to slide into her ass. My cum provided the lubricant we needed. She gasped when I got in beyond by head. I stopped.

"Don't STOP!" she screamed. "I'm sorry" I said, "I don't' want to hurt you"

"Fuck my ass." She commanded. "Fuck my ass and if it hurts a little then I deserve it. I just let my cousin cum inside me."
I pushed my cock deep into her. I could see she was gasping for air a little. I withdrew and put some spit on my exposed cock, leaving the tip in. Pushing it back in, I knew it was uncomfortable for her.

"Been awhile since you had it in the ass?" I observed.

"More like never" she moaned.

I nearly came again without another stroke. I pushed it into her and grinded my full length into her. I was loosening her up good.

I was taking my cousins anal cherry.

"Make me bleed', she said, reaching up and grabbing my hair. "Make it so I remember this weeks after this."

I started pounding her ass missionary style. Her legs in the air, my balls were slapping against her creamy and smooth cheeks. She winced every few strokes, but she clearly loved it. I looked down at the view again. It was beautiful. I noticed a little red streak on my cock.

"Oh, shit, I think you ARE bleeding", I said with genuine concern.

She sat up and dropped to her knees to investigate. She looked at my cock and the red on it. She kissed the tip and worked her way to engulf my whole cock again. She wasn't just my cousin, she was sex freak that had no boundaries. I couldn't believe that she once told me she had actual intercourse with only 3 guys her whole life. Sure she blew many, but never let it go beyond her servicing them.

She stood up and reached behind and touched her ass. She reacted a little, so it might have been sensitive. She held her hand in front of herself, saw the smeared red and said, "now you have to finish me. You have to take may ass cherry right and cum in it."

She positioned herself on the edge of the bed. Put her ass in the air and buried her face in pillow. I took the dominant position over my cousin and angled my cock. It slid in so easy. She screamed into the pillow. I pulled out immediately.

She turned her head and looked back at me. Her blond hair was tussled over parts of her face, it was mixed with sweat and she was beat red. "Fuck my ass and don't stop until you are done. I don't care what I say or do, I want this. I have been saving my ass for you. It's dirty. I feel dirty for fucking you and I want my ass to be punished. I want you to ream it until you fill it"

It was better than any pep rally speech. I was hard, determined and so turned on that a woman wanted her ass all but brutalized, was such a turn on that I had to do it.

I grabbed her hips and slid in again. She moaned with each stroke. Sometimes she would bury her face in the pillow and other times she would breathe and moan to the side. One thing was clear. I wasn't taking any prisoners. I felt her reach between her legs and play with her clit, every once in a while, she would touch my balls. She came again screaming into the pillow. My rhythm was sure to make it happen. She looked back at me. She was covered in sweat, tears ruining her eye make up and she kept mouthing the words "fuck my ass"

I plunged my cock as deep as I could and shot my load. My weight pushed forward and she had the full f***e on top of her and inside her. She cried in pleasure pain when she felt it.

I had just come in my cousins ass.

We talked and joked and even fell asl**p for a few minutes holding each other. Then we heard a knock at the door. She ran into the bathroom and I put on my shorts and answered the door. The concierge knocked on the door and walked in with our clothes. "I just wanted to make you aware that your clothes are ready and the guest at the wedding were wondering where you are for breakfast."

"Oh, shit, we've been in here all night!" I noticed he looked around and knew how we had likely had sex on every piece of furniture in the room.

"No worries, sir. I let them know that I had seen you two down at cafe and you had been in there all night talking. I'm sure you could take it from there. Now don't make me a liar and hurry along.", the Concierge had just covered for two cousins that fucked all night.

We hurried and got our clothes on. We walked into the room and found our spouses. I sat down next to my wife and she leaned in for a kiss. She smelled my face and knew I had been eating some pussy. She paused and kissed me anyways. Then leaned into my ear, "some day, I should tell you about my cousin, Brian."
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2 years ago
That.. was awesome!


3 years ago
a 3-way with your wifey
3 years ago
So fuckin' HOT, man. And besides that, it was HOT. Very well told. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
That was a wonderful story..
3 years ago
hot hot did i mention hot,,luved it for sure ,,reminds me when i was younger
3 years ago
Thank you!... 98% true!
Good news fans, I just found out my cousin is coming into town. Even better news, she's staying with us!!!
Any suggestions on what I should do and how I should do it?
Either way... lots more writing coming your way.. Friend me today!