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He stood there, with a night of drinking and looked hat her cum soaked pussy. His friends cousin, who he didn't really know, landed his wad all over her lips and clit. The gang bang whore just ordered him to eat her. He had just enough in him to entertain it.

"Give me another one!" He held out his cup. One of his friends started pumping the keg again. "No not beer..." as he grabbed the tall bottled from the dresser and emptied it into his cup. Everyone cheered like a frat party.

He downed the 3/4 cup full of 90 proof whatever and tossed the cup aside as he dove between her legs. He was met with sloppy cum and drenched cunt. He went right for the clit and tried to lap the cum out of the way. She took the back of his head and grinded it into her cunt. The boys went nuts. They couldn't beleive what they were watching.

She could tell he was almost trying to avoid the cum, but the more he tried the closer she got to cumming. He would run his finger over her clit and it would pop back harder. He slid two finger into her as he lapped her erect clit. His shots had gone to his head, but he was determined. He slit three fingers in and spread them as wide as they could go. She gasped and started to cum as he held her clit hostage between his teeth while his toungue flicked back and forth.

"I'm fucking cumming!!" She shouted over the chatter and the boys encouragement. She started bucking and his fingers slid all the way in. He stayed on her clit as she convulsed and pushed out the other loads from her cunt.

"That's the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen", said one of the spectators. He started jerking his cock like he needed to finish.

She pulled his cum soaked hand up to her lips and started cleaning it. He undid his pants with his other hand and slid his cock into her while she worked his fingers. He kissed her deeply around his fingers going in and out her mouth. His face was covered in sperm and pussy juice. He started pumping her hard and heavy. He backed away and slowed his pace to a steady fuck.

This guy was the best lay in the room, she thought. She love the way he just focused on her clit and not only fingered her but made her cum because of it. He was now rotating his hips as he fucked her, which she normally hates, but he has her so worked up she would do just about anything right now.

"Hey, let the guest of honor fuck you in ass!!" The last who fucked her said. The room broke into chant, "FUCK HER ASS, FUCK HER ASS"

She was completely game. She looked him in the eye and said, "you want to fuck me in the ass, lover? You earned it..."

"Yeah, I want your ass!!" he slurred his speech but kept a hard dick as she rolled over. Her ass was high and his dick was hard as he positioned himself. He tried to slide in and she was tight as hell. His cock was pretty substantial, almost 8 inches, but his thickness complimented. He was massaging his head against her brown hole. Some one called for lube...

Just then, the boy that started jerking off hard said, "I got it!". He walked up next to his buddy and started cumming on her ass and his cock. The room exploded into cheer again. "Now fuck her good with my cum"

Sober, he would have ran the other way. Now he was ready to conquer. The cameras were all focused on his cock as entered her ass. A nice load was on his cock head and it slid the way. He pulled out a little and moved more cum from her ass cheeks into her ass.

She couldn't beleive how much of a turn on this was. She reached down and started playing with her clit again. She buried her head into the mattress when he started pumping her tight anus with his cock. She had done anal from time to time, even got paid for it a few times. But never 'loved it'. But after cumming, with a nice cock and a load of cum to work the way, she was in heaven. She came even before he even started pumping her.

She screamed into the sheets. One of them asked if it hurt... she turned her head and said "No I'm fucking cumming again!!!" She shook when she spoke then gasped for air. He started pumping his cock in and out of her furiously when he saw the affect it was having on her. He grabbed her hips and drove his 8 inch cock into her ass. He pounded her, making her ass cheeks jiggle with each slap. His balls were hitting her in the back of her masturbating hand. She reached back and felt his balls tense. She tightened her sphincter and pushed back. He squeezed her hips and he release his load into tight ass. He yelped and kept pumping as he colapsed on her.

They both caught their breath as reality set back in. He withdrew his cock from her ass slowly. She winced in pain as it went over her sore anus.

One of the boys stepped forward. I'll eat your ass right now if you let me fuck it...
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