Daddy, His Little Girl, and a Wall.

It was so wrong.

So wrong.

His thrusts deepened, his firm body pinning hers to the wall. Her hot, slick pussy enveloped him like a glove, milking him with every stroke. His panting breaths washed over her neck as she whimpered in reponse.

How did this happen?

He began losing some of his practiced rhythm. He'd been with many women, but this one was different. She was something he never thought he could have. That he thought he'd never want. But here she was, with one slender leg wrapped around his waist, her skimpy panties stretched at her thighs with his manhood buried to the hilt inside of her. His own daughter..

"Harder. Please.." She breathed out the words pleadingly, and her body gave away just how close she was. He felt the beginning shudders, the hot clench of her core squeezing him tighter, urging him on.

" feel so good." He growled the words as he suddenly hitched her body up against the hallway wall, forcing her legs to wrap around his waist, his palms cupping her soft, pert ass firmly.

She released an adorable little squeal from her lips as he lifted her, his hips working with manic fashion, not caring anymore about driving too deep, or too hard, he let loose, pounding her against the wall until she was screaming and whimpering.

"Cum all over my cock, babygirl. Coat me with those sweet juices. How does it feel having Daddy's cock inside you? Little slut."

Her father's words offended her..taunted her.. yet turned her on all at once. She didn't know how he managed it. She was stuffed full of his throbbing cock though, afterall.

He stepped back from the wall, holding her body with the pure strength of his arms, bouncing her along his raging, pulsing manhood as she quivered. She tossed her head back, lips half-parted with little squeals and whimpers.

"Cum on my cock, baby. Cum, now. Such a whore for me.." He chuckled evilly as he plunged deeper, holding off on his own release, which became all the more difficult as she tightened up on him. Her inner muscles contracted and released with firm pulses, massaging him deep as he pulled her hips down and held her split open labia to the base of his shaft, his hips rolled slightly to increase the friction.

"Yessss! Oh god, please..please!"

He smiled as she went rigid in his grip, her orgasm explosive as the tension broke and she begin wiggling and grinding herself on his cock, the sensations almost too much for him to take.

"Fuck! Such a hot, tight little cunt." He groaned and slapped his hand over her ass until pink fingerprints appeared, streaked across her pert rump.

"Oh gods..gods." She was muttering now as her body jolted with little aftershocks of her orgasm, so sensitive now, every movement from his hips nearly knocked her into another mini orgasm. Her breasts heaved as she panted for breath..

He wasn't planning on letting her catch it. She dropped her down to the floor, even knowing her legs were wobbly. His hands steadied her waist, guiding her down at the same time to her knees.

There she was, in her torn, ripped school uniform, her thoroughly fucked little cunt hidden beneath the flap of plaid material..

He dropped his palm down, locking his fingers around a handful of curls, his free hand had been busily pumping along his cum-soaked shaft..

"Open wide, baby."

She peeked up at him through dark lashes, her eyes hooded with satisfaction.. Slowly she parted her lips, darting a soft little tongue out to tease him.
He grunted in response, gripping the base of his rod and slapping the mushroom shaped tip over her lips.

"Suck it. Just like that." He growled deeply as her lips suddenly captured the ridges of his swollen crown. She looked adorable, he had to admit, with her slightly messy curls, her innocent features.. her pouty lips spreading wide to accomodate his girth as she obediently began suckling at him.

"Ahh sweetie, where did you learn that? Your ex taught you?" He taunted her, knowing full well they hadn't fucked at least. She was a virgin. He'd popped that cherry himself.

She narrowed her eyes up at him as her lips pursed, sucking him hard between her soft lips, her tongue swirling and sliding along the veined shaft as she pumped him deeper, her head bobbing rapidly until her lips grazed the base, forcing him into her tight throat. He let a primal groan out as he felt those muscles squeezing him.. his own hips begging to thrust as he grabbed two handfuls of hair, makeshift pigtails, pushing her mouth along himself faster.

"That's it.. that's it.." His voice turning raspy as his cum suddenly erupted, coating the roof of her mouth and throat liberally. His hips bucked out of control briefly before slowing down, the quiet suckling noises filling the small space as his face tipped back, his eyes falling shut with satisfaction.
Minutes passed with no moment.. no speaking..until gradually she released him with a wet pop. He groaned and managed to look down at her with heavy lidded eyes.

She simply smiled up at him and licked her lips, a faint blush staining her cheeks.

With that visual, he was already hard again..but the sound of a key unlocking the door and the rustling of his wife arriving home ended the possibility of a second round.. for now.
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11 months ago
1 year ago
in my favorites now, excellent scene.
1 year ago
interesting how a yound lady such as yourself cums up with stories like this ;)
1 year ago
damn hott story
1 year ago
perfect details - just how a daddy would 'know' his daughter
1 year ago
oooh wow that was powerful yummy.. thank you. Now I'm a tingly mess.
1 year ago
mmm wow, makes me want to put my daughter against the wall right now
1 year ago
wow love it
1 year ago
Amazing. More please!
1 year ago
Finally. A well written story!!! Well done!!
1 year ago
I want more! Just so hot!
1 year ago
best story of today by far!!!
1 year ago
One of my favs by far...
1 year ago
hot hot story
1 year ago
God damn, that was hot.
1 year ago
1 year ago
Keep writing, I love your stories.
1 year ago
loved it