Too young and cute to be in this old bar. *updated

She was way too young to be in here. Hell. She didn't even look old enough, not even close. I guess folks 'round here just trust what the I.D says without a second glance, and they sure won't hesitate to let pretty girls in this bar to liven it up a bit. And, that they did, with their cut off jeans shorts riding up on pert bottoms and cowboy boots, along with a clingy little top showing off everything they had to offer. Or damn near close enough...

I could definitely fill in the blanks where that was concerned.

This girl was different though. She wasn't some busty little minx. She had modest breasts, though her low cut halter top managed to enhance the firm mounds, and as if that wasn't enough to draw you in, you could clearly see the rise of her nipples through the flimsy cotton.

I watched her saunter across the smoke filled bar, her jean mini-skirt riding high on delicious little thighs. My god, how young she looked. Slender legs leading down into toned calves and eventually teal boots, picking up the colors in her top.

I leaned back on my bar stool, sipping a beer as I watched her lean over a table, greeting someone, the rise of her top exposing the white lines of her thong.

Lord, help me, I thought to myself. She wouldn't give me the time of day. Not to mention I'm probably old enough to be her father. I was still staring, despite my thoughts, and as she turned back to face the bar, she caught me watching. She paused at that spot and looked directly at me. Or through me. I wasn't entirely sure, but her heart-shaped face and green eyes left me nearly breathless. Her chocolate-hued locks of hair made her look like she'd been riding down the highway with the window down..wavy and windswept.

I wanted to run my fingers through it so bad.. But I turned away, forcing myself to look up at the tv. A live country band was playing that night and occasionally I'd glance over and nod along with a cover I happened to know.

A couple of hours later the band had finished their set and they were blasting filler music from the speakers. I felt a light tap on my shoulder. Thinking it was someone I knew, I turned with my trademark half smile, before it faltered slightly, coming face to face with my dream girl. Her pretty green eyes flashed with amusement as she smiled to ease the electric tension between us.

"Hi there. Wanna dance?" Her hand slid down to my arm as if she knew I wouldn't say no. If I could've said anything at all in that moment. I was speechless. But I sure as hell wasn't stupid, and I followed her willingly to the dance floor.

Before I knew it, she had her tight little body pressed to mine, her firm ass nestled against my groin. All I could think was.. 'oh fuck.' This place had a thing for appealing to the youth with these hip hop songs..once it got late it enough. Gave the girls and excuse to sex it up.. I'd always watched from afar though, but now I had this devilish little bombshell grinding up into me.

I backed us into the darkened corner of the floor, and it was swarming with couples as this was the only major bar in town, so we weren't noticed too much. I did what I could for being the old man that I am. She wanted to grind? Fuck it, I'll grind. I had one large hand wrapped around the side of her throat, the other slipping to the center of her lower back, keeping her movements accurate, so the majority of the time my hard on was rubbing under her skirt and between her cheeks.

She was getting friskier, and I was throwing caution to the wind as my hand slipped from her back and around front, teasing her tiny little slit through her thong with abandon. If she wasn't going to stop me, I was going to take advantage. I managed to get my index finger under the tight, clingy material, sliding it up the center of her hot, wet cunt, growling in my throat as I realized she was completely hairless.

With a moan, she turned to face me, unfortunately forcing my hand to slide away, but I got over it as it settled on a bare little ass cheek, giving a squeeze..

"You got a place?" She murmured playfully, clearly a little d***k with her flushed cheeks and glimmering eyes.

"Wife's there.." I respond hesitantly, figuring I might as well say the truth.

Without a pause, she smiles and says. "You got a ride?"

I nod mutely, and her smiles grows bigger, the haziness of my own intoxication overriding any protests I might've had as she coquettishly sways toward the exit. A cool breeze hits us as the door swings open, and before I can say anything, she has me against the wall, one slender little leg hitched up against my hip..

I grab onto her ass out of pure a****l instict, lifting her light body up against my broad chest. I grip onto her fleshy little bottom tight as I turn and push her into the wall instead, the sounds of our lips and tongues battling fill my mind. I'm hard as a rock, grinding a young little thing against the wall of my favorite bar. Am I fucking dreaming? With a moan, I lift her higher, secure in my strong grasp as I blindly find my way to my truck.

Not even bothering to get inside, I simply pull the tailgate down, still holding her tight, and kissing her deep as I settle down on the end of it. Her little body now in my lap as she grinds and moans into my lips. Luckily my truck is parked in an isolated spot. We could be seen, though, if someone came looking 'round the corner of the bar.

Slowly I scoot back into the bed of the truck, breaking the kiss with a low growl as I lean up to pull the tailgate shut, giving us at least a little privacy. I lay back and watch as she straddles me.

"How old are you anyway?" I groan out as she begins sucking down my throat, her slender little hips grinding..taunting. And teasing me beyond anything I'd ever experienced.

"16." She responds nonchalantly, as though it weren't against the law. Like it was perfectly normal. I groan long and deep in response, almost about to stop her before she slides a small, cold hand down my jeans, fondling my cock.

Instead of telling her to stop, I growl in approval. And she giggles. God, she is one devilish little girl. With a moan, I reach up and tear her halter top down over her pert little tits, exposing them to the cool night air. She smirks. Smirks. This little 16 year old smirked, as an old man tore her top down.

In response to her expression I feel the masculine need to take control, lifting her by her ass and flipping her over onto the bed of my truck. My fingers sliding up her thighs, ripping her thong off from beneath her skirt.

Then, shoving the denim up to her hips, I begin devouring her, eating her out roughly and not giving a damn who hears her girlish little squeals and gasps. I keep her hips pinned easily with one hand, the other rising up to grope her breasts. My hot, wet tongue slithering up her smooth slit, flickering over her clit before dipping back down to her entrance, thrusting within.

Eventually, she has her boots hitched up over my shoulders, her skirt shoved up on her hips, top torn in half at her stomach, moaning loudly and panting out little shrieks as I drive her closer to an orgasm.

Normally I'd draw it out. I'd tease. Maybe not even let her cum. But I want her to. She tastes so fresh and sweet, I can't help it. Can't wait to have her slick juices smeared across my lips, soaking my tongue.. So I keep at it, steady and purposeful. Working my flexible tongue smoothly in and thumb gliding from her hip to furiously rub over that tender little bud of flesh.

That sends her over the edge. She arches up from the floorboards and screams wildly, her orgasm hitting her hard as her nectar gushes forward to my waiting lips. I drink from her like someone dehydrated, suckling and licking hungrily.. Both hands now cupping her ass, lifting her up as I finish feasting on her delectable pink flesh.

She breathes hard as I smirk up at her. I'm still dazed with my, but aware enough to want more. Before she even catches her breath, I grab her hips and lift her up ontop of me, rolling onto my back. I gaze up at her, gently tracing my fingers over her pert, small breasts.. Tweaking the little pink tips as I balance her light body on my pelvis, gradually sliding down to take hold of the curves of her hips. My own hips roll up, urging my cock up into her, feeling her soft slit spread, then with a thrust, I impale her deeply. She's scorching hot and soaked from her previous climax.

She screams and flings her head back, and I waste little time with niceties. Horny beyond belief and rock-hard, I begin driving up into her, smacking my pelvis off her ass and burying my cock in her over and over. Her breasts shake as she tries to grind down into me, her hips bucking each time I stuff her to the hilt.

"Mmmnnhh! Fuck me mister, fuck me just like that! Don't stop..for the love of God, don't stop-!" her words cut off as she gasps. My hand slides down to furiously rub my thumb over her clit, gritting my teeth as I feel her tiny cunt tighten on me, flexing and contracting with rhythmic pulses.

"Ahhh fuck, good girl. Good fuckin' girl. Such a sexy little bitch.."

It almost sent me over the edge, but I was not done with this little minx yet. Her orgasm left her breathless and dazed, and she put up no fight when I rolled her onto her back. She moans as I keep myself buried, sliding my hands down to grab under her knees, pushing them apart and toward her tits. With a growl, I order her to hold them there, watching with approval as she grabs her knees obediently, looking up at me with half shut, lusty eyes.

"Good, babygirl." I breathe out, able to see her smooth pussy by the light shining from the bar. My thick shaft was hidden within, only the base visible.

She looks up at me, and smiles a little through the haze of post orgasmic bliss and desire. "Pound me. Fuck me hard with that big cock."

"Mmm that's what you want, huh, little girl? You like this fat dick stuffing you full?" I growl in response, feeling my cock twitch at her words. Thrusting hard, I watch her breasts bounce from the fo-rce, her boots shaking in the air as I begin drilling her down into the bed of the truck, the sounds of flesh hitting flesh filling the air with my grunts and her mewls.

"Yessss oh my god, just like that. You're gonna make me cum again all over that cock! Mmmnnnn right there, keep fucking me like that, please!"

I lean over her body, sucking at her pert little nipples as my hips crash down into her, piledriving my cock deep in her soft little cunt. She lets go of her knees, and I feel her boots digging into my shoulders. Limber little slut, I manage to think. Her fingers claw at my hair and she whimpers as I bite onto her nipples.

"I..I I'm cumming! Fuck, I'm cummmmmminnnng!" she shrieks wildly, as I grind my pelvis into her mound between body-shuddering thrusts. Her sounds send me over the edge as I lean up to growl into her mouth.

"Take it, all of it. Cummin' in your sweet, tight little pussy." my breathing grows labored as pleasure and satisfaction consume me. The little minx was shuddering beneath me, her body jolted by aftershocks of her climax, and from my cock throbbing and releasing deep within, filling her up.

"Damn, that was.." I trail off, simply smiling at her, lazily pulling free and rolling to the side.

"Incredible." she finishes for me, smirking and fixing herself up to look presentable, then slipping me her number before swinging one leg over the tailgate and hopping off. I watch her leave, her hips swaying with confidence.

"Definitely getting another taste of that soon.."
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7 months ago
Great story. I know how much of a cock tease those little girls can be. At least it's legal to fuck 16 year olds in The Netherlands if they want to.
10 months ago
wow what an awesome it
1 year ago
hot story, Courtney!!!
1 year ago
HOT wow
2 years ago
Wonderful tale of erotic musings. Quite titillating!
2 years ago
accept my friend request or email me at delete this post once you read it, i don't need randowm weirdos emailing me ;)
2 years ago
i can't message you or post on your wall
2 years ago
wekk-written and hot...loved the the faves
2 years ago
Very sexy story well written.
2 years ago
Great story! Well written. Love the detail and discription.

Gotta go clean up the cum you helped me spray.
2 years ago
lol trefor, was actually based on a girl and guy I'd observed leave together at the country bar around here. I took liberty with what I imagined they left to do. ;)
2 years ago
Smashing - I've had one or two like this and it is really amazing. So youn and yet so knowing in fucking so well.
2 years ago
2 years ago
nice story and well written. hope they meet up again soon
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That was great. Thanks
2 years ago
Wow. Thats a hot story.