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[Story] Hooked

One early Sunday morning bored and a little turned on I decided to check Craigslist personals for a little fun (if I got lucky) and or just for shits and giggles.

This ended up landing me a hooker, pretending to be an average girl looking for free sex (usual craigslist stuff, but she never advertised she was a hooker until I emailed). Which kind of made me want to have fun with her a little.

Emails are as follows -

Riverdale (me):
"Hi, I saw your ad on craigslist. I saw your pictures and I just had to compliment you on it."

The girl:
"Are you generous?"

This shit again..... Continue»
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Question for the ladies!

Just curious as to the kind of answers I'm going to get. This question was inspired by a video I saw on Yuvutu of an older woman giving this younger guy some action for his birthday. It wasn't acted out or anything, and I found it really hot. He seemed to be having a blast! So ladies... Would you give your ass to an 18 year old boy for a birthday present?

It certainly comes out cheaper and much more memorable than a 360... hahahaha
Posted by CountJones 2 years ago

Don't you just love it when...

No need for words...
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[Story] Dare Game - Sheila's Story

"Why don't we try something new today?" - Sheila suggested as she jumped on the bed.

We were having our usual "what are we doing tonight" conversation.

Our group was small but we usually got along well watching movies and playing video games. We weren't the kind to drink or go to big parties...
you could say we were all a little lazy and to be honest, that night I REALLY saw nothing wrong with simply hooking up the Wii
and playing Mario Party as usual.

"What's wrong with the usual?" - I said... demanding we continue our match.

"C'mon... be a little adventurous. We might find some... Continue»
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