Barn fuck.

Sometimes I just wake up and know that I have to dress as slutty as possible, find a chat room, find someone near me and arrange a meeting with them.

i love those days...

Recently, I woke up, already stroking my shaved body with a thick, hard cock and half raised on all fours. I was so horny, I was shivering uncontrollably and thinking of nothing but being a fuckdoll for the first available cock I could find.

After coffee, I flipped on the Internet for my favourite chat room to see if a regular was in town or a tourist wanting a cumslut. Normally, as I am in a seaside town, the chance for a trucker or a tourist is high but I prefer the regulars as I can suggest a quiet alley within a slow walk of where I live, perfect for a meet. I don't have to spend time convincing someone the meeting place is safe, I can just wait there and be treated as I like.

Within a few minutes a chat popped up, a regular was working in a Laughton, a village not far from Brightom, and could I get there?


He had a break in about an hour and a half, he knew somewhere quiet if I could get there.

Of course I'd be there! I signed off, left the PC and went straight to my dressing room. Once there I slipped off my silk dressing gown to check yslef in the mirror. I was silky smooth all over but I had to be sure so I spent a few minutes stroking my legs, abdomen, back, ass, chest... Then I dressed, first were Cuban stockings with an eight girdle belt, over which I slipped black satin panties. My GG breasts were cupped with a black satin bra then I put on my corset and tight laced until my waist was reduced by 5", the laces were wrapped twice around my waist then knotted.

Wearing only my underwear, I applied my makeup; heavy black, brown and silver around my eyes, with extended lashes, rouge and deep red lipstick. A lick. A taste of lipstick and I blew my reflection in the mirror a kiss. I was almost ready. My preference is to be a long, curly blonde when I meet, I love the feel of curls on my shoulders and even more when they are dripping in hot cum, but since this was a quiet village I wanted to be a little different. A short, spiky wig was ideal, bright pink and very Manga.

Looking in the mirror, from my heavy pink fringe, dark sultry eyes, huge tits and cinched waist, with my long legs, I needed something thick in me there and then! Going back to the bedroom, I opened a drawer with a selection of dildo's and my wardrobe. I wanted my regular to cum in his pants as soon as he saw me, then again over my face... I had to be dressed perfectly. But first...

A blunt, wide dildo- bright red- was begging to be pushed hard into me. I licked it, kissed the broad head as I perused my clothes in the wardrobe. Kissing it was not enough, after a few wishful moments I knew there was only one thing to do, so with a wet mouth I sucked hard on the dildo and then popped it out, wet with saliva... Within moments it was pressing on my anus, wet, cold, broad... Then i pushed it, turning slowly, feeling pleasure as its wide, wide head opened my anus and then, with a small cry, it was in, slipping fast and tightening around the base of the dildo. The pressure of a dildo inside me is possibly the favourite part of the anticipation of meet, it is like a promise of what is about to happen.... It is a promise of hard, thick cock to cum.

Quickly I dressed with a black micro skirt with a leather belt, just long enough to cover the top of my stockings, then a black satin shirt with long sleeves... This top barely held in my tits and as I tied a big bow around the neck my hands slowly dropped to my tits, then along my tight laced body to where my micro skirt bulged with excitement. Finally I slipped on red high heels, then checked the clock- I admit, dressing is a time loop, I have so much fun i forget to keep an eye on time.

I had plenty of time, I drove to the village and had enough time to sit in a car park of a pub for nearly ten minutes, being stared at my an old man in a car next to me. I did find myself wondering if this was a no-show if I could pick him up. Then my regular drove in, he nodded to me and drove out straight away. I knew to follow. I was already excited, partly at the waiting and the attention of the old man in the car ear me but also because my regular had arrived. I knew I was in for a good face fuck.

I followed his car along twisting country roads, almost one lane wide, with heavy foliage, then he pulled in sharply to a driveway on the left where a closed farm yard gate blocked access. I pulled in behind him and stepped out, patting down my skirt over my stocking tops.

His grin and appreciative eyes told me I was wearing exactly what he wanted.

Where are we? I asked.

The lane carried on, I could see a yard beyond the gate, with a huge barn to one side. Small stone outhouses were on the other sides of the yard. Beyond the bend in the road I could see a farmhouse.

I'm working nearby, he said, grinning. Then he climbed over the gate. I don't have the key, he said apologetically. You'll have to climb...

You are joking! I laughed, but jaws wearing 6" heels.

He was already walking away. I stood alone, slutty, by the gate. Watching him walk Way and hearing a car pass, I felt slutty and dirty enough enough to follow. I coughed and he turned, frowning.

Climbing to the top of the gate, my black satin pants were revealed. I waited on the gate, balancing. Quickly he was back, he tookmy hand and helped me down to the rough concrete yard. I noticed that one hand held mine, his other was cupped under my ass, with one finger pushing past the hem to feel the top of a stocking.

This way, he said excitedly.

Where are we? I asked

It's just a yard I saw, this morning,

He led me, by the hand, to the big barn. It was open on one side with a huge doorway in the middle of the barn, with slatted wooden boards on either side. Walking in I saw that the other side was exactly the same, a huge doorway facing out to the house I saw earlier with a lake in front. On either side of the doorway there was piled straw.

He smiled, cheekily. What do you think?

To be honest, I couldn't think what to say. There was a musky and earthy smell which, frankly, made want to fuck. With a smile, I just ran my hands down his body as I squatted before him, pausing at his jeans, my hands on his belt. There was a thick bulge in those jeans I knew quite well, my hands cupped his cock behind the material, I kissed a strip of skin which appeared just above his waist.

Fuck, I want you, he whispered. He leant back against the barn wall, his hands began to unbutton his jeans.

Fuck, yeah, I was kissing his abdomen and groin as it was revealed until, suddenly, his thick cock bobbed into my face. I love your cock, I licked the end and grasped it with one hand, the other slipped into my micro skirt to hold my dildo in. It's thick, broad head was trying to push out as I sperad my legs, kneeling before him. With one hand pumping my ass the other was soon wrapped around his lovely cock, slowly rolling the head between finger and thumb as I licked his head which was already salty with per-cum. Fuck, yeah, he whispered, both his hands were on my head, with bright pink hair poking between fingers.

I pulled back, to look into his eyes, my hand playing along his shaft. Pausing, my tongue darted out, playing over the end of his cock. He grinned down at me. My lips closed on his shaft, sucked it down, then I pulled back again.

Fuck, you're a good slut, he told me. The pressure from his hands moved his got cock into my mouth.

Am I? I gasped, then his cock was shoved hard into my mouth, his hands gripped me, yanking me down on his cock. Fuck, he moaned. Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Each time he said 'fuck' he thrust into my mouth with his thick cock, pushing it deep into my throat and holding my face hard against his groin. I slipped my hands around to his ass cheeks and pinched them, cupping his strong cheeks with pleasure.

Fuck, he pushed me down, gagging me as his hard cock drove deep into my throat. Then, with me helpless before him, my micro skirt risen over my stocking tops, my knees in mulch and my high heels spread like a whore, he just fucked and kept fucking my mouth until he was finished. I don't know how long it was, I just know that the fast pounding of my mouth, with his salty head pushing at my throat unit he stiffened, held me hard against his groin and then spasms a heavy load into me which flooded my throat and, it felt, my whole chest and head with his taste. Both hands still held me hard, with his cock deep in my mouth, as he finished cumming.

Like a good cumwhore, I stayed where I was until he had finished cumming into my slutty mouth then I stayed where I was, looking up at him as he grinned again cheekily, withdrawing his cock from my mouth, leaving a long cum chain from my lips to his cock.

Fuck, you're a whore, he laughed. Opening my mouth, I showed him a full mouth of cum which I then happily gobbled down.

Again? I asked. He shook his head. His time was over, I was a quick barn fuck and he had had me. We walked back to the gate, where I was left to climb over and he had already driven away by the time I was over the gate. With a smile, I sat on my bonnet to savour the taste in my throat, the dildo still pushed deep into me and there were some lovely stains all down my front.

I still have no idea who owned the barn but fuck me, what an excellent place for a face fuck.
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oh my yess very hot
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very sexy
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nice story1
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wonderful story!