Outdoor sexual intercourse with my wife 3

The last continuance...

The man ties up my both hands and both legs,
He ordered me to stand at a knee.
In addition, my wife is crawling on all fours in front of me, and her ass turn to the man.

"Erect the dick of the husband."

She stroked my dick by hand as she was said to him.
My dick gradually grows big.

"OK, Hang this to a penis."

The man handed the plastic bag which the sand was in to me.
I hung a plastic bag to a dick.
The bottom of the plastic bag is saved within a hairbreadth of the ground.


The man stood by behind her and pushed his dick to her pussy.

"I perform a fuck of her in the time when a bottom touches the ground for the bag."

"Oh! Wait,Wait!"

She performs a shake of my dick in a hurry.
But, because she moved a dick intensely,
The bottom of the bag has touched the ground several times.
Each time, his penis pierces her pussy.


"Ha,haa. see?"

She notices that she must not move a dick at random.
She worked on a piston in a penis slowly, but movement was slow this time, and a penis fell down.

"Oh! ha,haa. There you go again!"


His dick goes in and out with her pussy many times.
Her pussy gets wet considerably.
She moves a dick carefully, but a bag touches the ground by all means.

"Oh yeah...Oh yeah..."

"uh-oh! ow ow ow..."

He catches her ass with both hands and performs a fuck of her many times.
Her pussy made a slurp sound each time.

"Ha,ha. You suppose that massage a penis more ?"

She is going to maintain the erection of my dick with a mouth and a hand desperately.

"oof, oww..."

However, an unexpected thing happens here.
Because she massaged my dick desperately, I was going to reach the orgasm!
My penis gradually beats a pulse.

"Oh my god!"

She cannot do anything.
But, a bag touches the ground if she does not erect a dick.

"There you go again! A bag falls down! Fuck does not stop!"

"Oops! Ohhh! ow ow ow...!"

She sucked my dick in desperation.
However, I was a limit, too.

"Oh! gushed juice a little! he-he"

"Oh! No!"

She was agitated about his words and rubbed my penis intensely.
I cum in her face not to be able to endure.

"Ho-hoo! He has cum at finally!"

"Oh my god..."

"The penis of your husband has hung down. Then I am free to perform a fuck of you."

"eh? Wait,Wait!"

When he said so, he caught her ass and inserted a dick deeply.

"eek! oh!oh!oh!oh!...."

The juice such as the bubble drips from her pussy.

"Oh yeah...Oh yeah...he-he"

Whenever his dick is pulled up, the labia of the pussy gets rolled up.

"OHH! OHH! It hits the uterus!"

Whenever it is made a fuck intensely, she gives a shake at her tits and abdomen like a pendulum.
He inserts a dick deeply so that the testicles hit her pussy.

"Oh my god! I"m come! I"m come! Ohhhh!"

"OK! Me too! Oh! Oh! Oh!"

"Wait! Wait! Please stop the cum inside!"

"Impossible! Oh! Ohhhhh!"

"Oh! no! Wait! Wait! oww! oh,oh,oh..."

He has cum in her inside.
In addition, she has reached the orgasm, too.
Her labia and abdomen shake little by little.
When he pulled up a penis from a pussy, yellow sperm dripped from her pussy.
He talks to us who lay oneself down.

"Because I keep your image, you come when I called you on the next time. Bye-bye!"

We saw him off with vacant eyes.
We will wait for the next time with have been something on someone by him.

To be continued...
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2 years ago
Google Translate still is far from perfect - but I could just about follow the story... :)
2 years ago
WTF!!! What language was that translated from...lol