Outdoor sexual intercourse with my wife 2

The last continuance...

We lie on the roadside with making listlessness after sexual intercourse.
The man who came out of the car which stopped near there comes.
We notice the existence of the man, but cannot move.

The man was a person aged around 60 years and watched all the details of our sexual intercourse from a car.
The man waited for us to run out of energy and approached.
He direct us start it
"Walk to back one so that it is not discovered in another person"
We follow him.
We are naked. Because I cannot excuse myself for this situation.
We walk unsteadily...

When we walk for a while, he orders us to stand straight. And he took out a cell-phone.
"clicking sound"
He photographed our nude with the camera of the cell-phone.
"I flow out into the net with your image!
If you hate it, obey my order!"

"Wait, Wait!
Stop letting an image flow out into the net because I do anything!"

My wife asks him.
your both hands for the top, and push out the tits.
And shake it in right and left."

She obeys his order.
Her tits shakes in right and left slowly...
"Move it faster!"
Her tits shakes fast so that form changes.
"Good, Just open a crotch greatly"
She opened a crotch with shaking the tits round and round.
"You had her pussy, rub it!"
He gave me an order to start it. As he said, I rubbed her pussy back and forth.
"Ohhhh!! Wait! Wait!"
She speaks not to be able to endure it.
"Ha-ha!! Very good!! Very good!!"
He enjoys our movement while laughing.
"You do not only rub it, and try to put up a finger."
When I put up a finger by his order, it pierced her pussy.
She shook the tits irregularly, and much juice dripped from her pussy.
"hmmmmm, Very good. Suck my dick in the present state."
After having given us an order to start it, he stood him like Deva kings before her.
She shook the tits intensely and sucked his dick while getting a pussy wet.
"Ohhh, yes. More intense!"
He holds her head when he says so, he inserted a dick to the depths of her throat.
She has his dick in her mouth while swinging the tits around,
and my finger performs a shake of the depth of her pussy.
He catches the tits which my wife's hung and violently jostle it.
And she has reached the orgasm not to be able to endure it.
He pulls up a dick from her mouth, He said to us.
"Let's do a more pleasant thing from now on..."

His treatment still continues...
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