Outdoor sexual intercourse with my wife 1

*Half of these stories are fiction

Mr. and Mrs. us has a special hobby.
It is outdoor exposure.The situation that may be seen in another person excites us. However, there was belief when we would not be surely seen in another person.
And we did not have a plan what you would do after we were found by another person.

Way of the night country of the certain day...
We stopped a car in the sideway and got off a car. We take off clothes and put them in a car and walk as nudity to the slightly big way. I shake a dick, and the wife walks while shaking the tits in right and left...
The field where the circumference grows in nothing. A slightly big way is seen in 10 meters ahead. I perform a fuck of her today in this neighborhood.

I rub her tits slowly... She leaks a sigh.
I trace her big areola with a finger and roll her nipple...
When her voice gradually grows big, I suck her tits intensely... Her body shakes with a start. She grasps my dick and begins to stroke it slowly. Her nipple erected, and my dick erected firmly, too. Her pussy is squish squish with juices .

I trace her labia with a finger many times... And I paint the whole her pussy with her juice. Her juice drips along a thigh.
She says to me not to be able to endure it.
"Ohh, Please insert your dick..."
I rub the dick which erected to her labia and insert a glans in her pussy slowly.
"Ohhhh! Yes!!"
Her body bends into her for an excessive pleasant feeling!
I make a fuck from her back. The speed of the piston becomes gradually fast, and her tits shakes intensely.
I see that several cars come from far away. However, I continue it without stopping a fuck. Several cars pass the road seen in 10 meters ahead.
My wife is crazy about sexual intercourse.
She waves ass by oneself and enjoys stimulation.

In addition, one car comes from far away. We thought that the car would pass as always. But, the car stopped before us. Because we were in condition to reach the top soon, I was not able to stop an action.
"Ohhhhh!Oh,Oh,Oh! Yes!!Yes!!"
Because the circumference was dark, we thought of me from the car side that invisible. I bent her body backward intentionally and emphasized the tits and shook the tits intensely. Her tits is jolted in top and bottom and right and left, and her ass wave for an intense fuck.
We reach the orgasm not to be able to endure it. I pull a dick slowly and ejaculate it to her ass. Power does not enter, and she to go down on knee, and her abdomen has convulsions little by little...

When we were tired and sat down, one man got off the car which stopped.
The circumference was dark, and I thought invisible us, but saw all from him because of the moonlight!

We are exhausted and cannot move...

To be continued...

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