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[Story] In-vitro w/s****r-in-law part 1

I've been happily married for several years to my wife Tracy and have a great sex life. My wife's younger s****r Sara has always been someone who I've lusted after.
While her breasts are slightly larger than my wife's, her ass cheeks while nicely shaped, they are longer. This means over the years when we swim together at f****y outings more cheek comes out of the suit.

Being an ass freak this made me consistently log images of her ass to the masturbation Rolodex in my mind! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect what would take place over the next few weeks.
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[Story] Yearning for Mom

It started when I was a teenager and living alone with my mother. I was the youngest of five and all my siblings had moved on after my parent's divorce. We lived in an apartment complex with a lot of young couples and divorced women with k**s. The pool was a gathering place for everyone, mom was part of a group of backgammon playing, wine drinking ladies. It was during this time when I started to grow. I lifted weights for football and was looking good at 185lbs. and 6' tall.

Sue, one of the "wine" ladies in her forties invited me back to her apartment one day and ***... Continue»
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