My Night With Dianna

It was about 2:30am. Dianna wasn't home yet. That's my wife. She's 5'4", 38-28-37. Rubenesque to say the least. Red curls and green eyes. The silkiest skin I've ever fondled. I'm sure every man feels that way. At least any man she's ever met. Dianna is a fucking slut-whore. And it makes me hard just thinking about it.
At 2:35 I heard the front door open. I heard Dianna's sparkling giggle. There seemed to be a bumping and stumbling commotion. I got out of bed and went down the hallway. I turned the corner into the living room and saw what I expected to see.
The front door was still sllightly ajar and the moonlight streamed in through it and the front window beside it. There on the floor, just a few feet into the room, was Dianna. She was on her back, her blouse open exposing those huge beautiful breasts of hers. Her skirt was up around her waist and her legs were up in the air, her pumps still on her feet. There was a big black guy on top of her, his pants down to his ankles, his t-shirt up around his chest and his dick moving in and out of her sloppy cunt. I could hear the juiciness of her from were I stood watching in the hallway.
She started in with that patented moan of hers as her hips started to go into overdrive. She began begging the big buck to pump her hard.
"Oh fuck that's so gooooood! Oh, god, he knows how to use it. I've never been fucked so hard in my life. Oh Gawwwwwd!!!"
That's when I flipped on the light.
You never saw a man scramble to get away so fast, but Dianna just grabbed him to her body and held him in place.
"No, don't fucking worry about him. That's just my husband. I let him watch. Keep fucking me you big dicked bastard!"
The guy, a k** really--no more than 20, looked at me, smirked and settled back down on top of my 45 year old wife.
He did have a huge cock. It had to be at least 8 inches long and as fat as a Louisville Slugger. He just got to churning that big bat in and out of my wife's nasty-whore cunt.
"Oh fuck. He's so good. Jesus, you're so BIIGGGGG! Oh, god, Bryan, he knows how to fuck!"
As he started pounding deeper with her urgings, she looked up at me and laughed.
"He's so fucking much bigger than you, you little piece of shit. He knows how to fuck. Watch him get me off, you worthless fuck. Pull that cock out of me and let the little boy see what a man's dick looks like."
The black k** laughed and pulled his huge dong out of my wife's cunt with an audible popping sound. He stood up on his knees and his erection bounced in front of him. My eyes popped out of my skull.
She'd fucked a lot of men in front of me but this k**'s prick had to be the biggest I'd ever seen.
Dianna was up on her hands and knees in a flash and angled and twitched her fat ass toward his bobbing pole. She impaled herself and started fucking it like the bitch in heat she is.
"Oh, fuck, yes...did you see him, Jimmy (the k**'s name)He was looking at your cock like a little faggot." she groaned and moaned."Is that what you are, Bryan? A cock sucking faggot? That is what you faggot! Get over here!"
I started to walk toward the two of them. With a growl from their a****listic coupling, she snarled at me,"Not standing up like you were a real man...on your knees like the worthless,crawling faggot you are."
I dropped to my knees and crawled over to them. Dianna, in a frenzy, pulled herself off the boy's cock. It shimmered with her pussy-juice. She grabbed me by the hair and shoved my face toward that thick monster.
Jimmy immediately caught the drift and laughed. He grabbed his horsecock and shoved it into my mouth.
Dianna started slapping my ass and then she yanked down my underpants (all that I had on) and shoved four fingers deep into my ass.
I screamed around Jimmy's dick as it sawed in and out of my throat. I screamed even harder as I felt Dianna's whole fist slip up into my asshole.
"Look at this little faggot eating dick. The little faggot needs his ass fucked. But he's not going to get it. Only Mommy gets the dick tonight."
She grabbed my hair again and pulled me off of that beautiful cock. She knew I had gotten into it and wanted it all the more.
"The big people are going to fuck now. If you need to take care of that little prick of yours (it's not that little...6 inches long and 3 inches wide for crying out loud) go do it in the other room."
"Yes, dear." was all I could mumble. I stood up and watched as Dianna bent over and sucked that monster down her throat. I listened to the slurping, hungry sounds she was making. I started stroking my cock as I watched, hungry myself and needing relief.
Dianna stopped sucking but kept furiously jacking the young buck's cock. "I said take that worthless meat into the other room and use it where it fits, damn it. In the palm of your hand!"
As she threw herself back down onto her knees, I watched the k** slam his meat home doggy-style again. Harder and harder he pumped, until I could hear Dianna's sloppy cunt jucing---clear across the room!
I turned back to the hall and trudged away from Dianna's so exciting screams.
"Oh, fuck yes, fuck me you filthy fuck! I'm your white-bitch whore. I'm your fuckhole. Oh that big fucking black cock of yours is the BEST EVER!!"
I did as I'd been told.
I turned out the lights in the living room as I stepped into the hall. I walked only a few paces in the dark and then leaned back against the wall, my fat six inches poking out in front of me, begging for attention.
I stroked my cock in unison with the sounds of Dianna moaning, groaning and screaming in the other room.
As I heard the young buck growl, "I'm cumming!" I began to quiver, and I shot a huge load of jizz across the darkness of the hall, which made dull, splattering sounds as it hit the carpet.
I smiled. I knew that Dianna's hot cunt was full of the young man's gooey man-juice.
As I heard the front door close, I headed toward our bedroom knowing that Dianna would be following me in there, expecting me to clean out that nasty, just fucked cunt of hers with my tongue.
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2 years ago
Love the story!
2 years ago
good story, keep sharing your cuckold/submissive adventures. I thought that 6" was average but for some reason i always end up with women that like big dicks, they all tell me my 5.5" x 2" penis is small.