Mom's church night

My mom was divorced when I was very young. It was just her and me living together while I was growing up. I hate to admit but she was kind of slutty. And what excited me most was her sexy size 5 curvy high arched feet. And she used them like a weapon, dangling her stiletto high heels at just the right moment when men of interest were around. Although she was slutty, she was a religious slut, attending church every Sunday. This particular story happened when I was 14. We were driving to church on a Sunday evening. I was already jacking off to her sexy legs and feet and was enjoying the view from the passenger seat as her legs and feet dressed in dark suntan colored pantyhose and black pumps worked the gas and brake pedals. We arrived at church, nice summer evening right about dusk. Just inside the church I noticed her speaking to Gerald, one of the church ushers. The next thing I noticed, mom and Gerald walked out the door together. I figured they would be right back so I sat down in a pew. Mom and Gerald never came back. When church was over it was totally dark outside. My mom was sitting in her car in the parking lot waiting for me. When I opened the car door and the dome light came on, I noticed mom's pantyhose were missing. She was in a very good mood. When we arrived at home she went straight to her room and started showering. I went back out to the car to look for her pantyhose. I found them on the floor of the back seat. When I held them up I noticed the crotch was torn out.There were fresh cum stains. Cum was spilled on the pantyhose ass seam directly above the rip, continued down the right leg and mostly where her right foot arch would have been. It was obvious that Gerald was fucking her doggy style in the back seat and intended to pull out and come on her luscious curvy size 5 arch wrapped in those sheer dark suntan pantyhose. I took them to my bedroom and spent most of the night adding cum to her pantyhose and sniffing the fresh scents of sex. The following Sunday would be interesting. Gerald was a married man and held a position not only in the church, but in our small town as well. I had already spilled so much cum over those sex ravaged pantyhose, and that Gerald had fucked mom in her car, spilling most of it on her so sexy feet. Our church mens room has still got the old fashion trough. I made a point to go when I saw Gerald go. I wanted to see if his cock was big. To my total cock stiffening satisfaction, his cock was huge and cut with a large head. No wonder mom was so happy last Sunday night. So when mom sat in the same pew as Gerald and his wife she did her best dangling magic, even letting her pump fall a few times. Sunday night would tell it all, Geralds wife works evenings at the hospital. Mom and I went to church again that night. It was like the previous week was replaying, mom and Gerald walked out again right before services started. My plan was to wait till it was dark out, not long cause it was dusk when we arrived. Finally dark, I get up and act like I'm going to the restroom, but I go out to moms car. Lucky for me, Gerald wants to see moms feet while they fuck so the dome light is on. There they are in the back seat, mom on her back with her sexy nyloned feet in the air, Gerald kissing and licking them as he humps like a wild a****l, mom moaning to his oversized cock stuffed inside her. Finally the repeat, he flips her over doggie style, his huge cock pleasing mom as he holds her curvy nyloned feet before him. Finally he groans with pleasure as I see his mammoth cock slide out spewing cum loads across mom's pantyhose ass seam as he takes aim for her tiny size 5 foot. As his final shots splattered mom's right arch, my cock spewed all over mom's trunk. Praise the Lord!

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9 months ago
i stroke with my moms nylons often mmm it gets me so hard and it makes me shoot puddles all on the foot section of her worn tasty nylons mmmmmmmmmm