As I quietly enter the bedroom, I see you lying in the twilight. Your hair has grown longer, your eyes are closed, your skin is darker, your breasts are larger and your body glistens with sweat. You are beautiful lying there naked. I see you laying there on the bed in all your beauty. I continue to look at you, unseen, as you gently squeeze your breasts, and rub your clit. You slide your fingers inside you, bucking and thrusting them in and out. Your nipples harden, you pull them, squeeze them and pinch them gently. As I continue to watch, you slide the toy out from under the pillow and gently turn it on. It begins to hum, quietly at first. You move it around your lips, tasting it, kissing it, licking it. You then slide it down to your breasts, teasing your nipples as you go. Your rhythm picks up as your fingers stroke your clit harder and faster. The toy begins to hum louder as is tickles your nipples and breasts, sliding slowly toward your fingers.

I stand there watching, getting harder by the moment watching you please yourself as only you can. The toy has reached your pussy, vibrating madly as it slides around your swollen lips, and bulging clit. You begin to tease your clit, your bucking increases, and the toy slides gently inside your lips and deep within you. You moan with pleasure, squeezing a nipple and sliding the toy in and out slowly at first. The vibrations and humming are driving me mad as I watch you slowly fuck yourself into paradise! Still unseen, I begin to remove my clothes, making sure that I remain unnoticed. My cock is fully hard and I can’t wait to feel you wrapped around it. Your pace quickens. You are sliding the toy in and out rapidly, rubbing your clit with your fingers. You begin to wildly ride the toy, sliding it deeper and faster than before. Across your lips I can hear you begin to cry as your body begins to give into the pleasure. Your back arches, you cry loudly as the vibrations and waves of orgasm shoot through you. I finish undressing, completely erect and ready to slide deep into you. I begin to slowly move toward you. You lay there shaking and quivering, enjoying the feel of the orgasm, screaming and moaning with ecstasy. Your eyes open slowly at first, still dazed by the feelings. You look at me, realizing that I’ve been watching you. You smile at me with an evil little smile and look down between my legs. My cock is ready and waiting!

You place the toy on the pillow next to you and beckon me to join you. I slide onto the bed, placing my hands on your body, looking into your beautiful eyes. I slide closer, smelling you, feeling you, touching you. I place my lips against yours. Kissing you gently at first, tasting your sweetness. You kiss me back, sucking my tongue deep into your mouth. I slide my tongue deep inside your mouth, twisting and turning, enjoying the feeling. Your hands pull my body close, as I begin to kiss your neck and shoulders. My tongue slides to your breasts, tasting the sweat on them. I find a nipple, begin to suck gently on it, and squeeze your breast. You moan with delight. I feel your hands sliding toward my cock. They are warm and inviting. You slowly begin to stroke me, feeling the drops of pre-cum that I have released. I cry out with pleasure as you begin to stroke me gently, pulling my body and cock closer toward you. I release my hands from your breasts, slide them down your stomach, and plunge my fingers into your wet, swollen pussy. You wiggle under my touch, wanting more from me.

I crawl up on you, hands guiding my swollen cock toward your waiting pussy. I take the head and begin to stroke your clit with it. You reach up to squeeze your breasts, and lick your nipples as I begin to slide inside you. You are so wet, warm and tight. Your inner warmth feels so good around my shaft. I slowly slide deeper and deeper into you. You pull me closer to you, kissing me madly. I am fully inside you now, I feel you completely around me, loving me, our two bodies combined as one. I look deep into your eyes and begin to make love to you. I slide gently in and out of you. You feel so wonderful! Your pussy tightens around me and you pull me back inside. My cock is so hard and swollen, ready to burst. You pull me closer to you, lifting your legs to your chest. I am deeper inside you, filling you with all my cock. I slide up and down on you, finding the spot that makes you crazy. We begin a slow steady rhythm, gently at first. We are both beginning to feel so wrapped up in one another it makes us dizzy.

You pull me deeper, and begin to increase our speed. My body is beginning to tingle all over, as waves of pleasure are beginning to take hold. My heart feels like it’s going to explode. Your body feels like the sun against my skin, and your kisses are so wet and deep. You grab my ass, squeezing it, pulling me deeper and faster into you. I can tell you are nearing another orgasm, and quickly pump you harder. My balls begin to ache as I can feel the beginning of a wonderful orgasm. You begin to shutter, moan and grab me. Your orgasm is coming. I pump you harder, slower and deeper, as you continue to hold me close. My cock swells, your pussy tightens, as I begin to scream. You moan loudly as the waves of pleasure take over your body. My cock swells once last time as I begin to cum deep inside you. You shutter again as my cum begins to fill you. Our orgasms are coming at the same time! I continue to pump you, deep, slow stokes, your pulling me tighter and tighter, sucking all of the cum out of me as you scream with pleasure. I can feel all of you now, I’m completely connected to you, our bodies as one. I pull you close, holding you, you holding me, as we bask in the warmth of these feelings of passion. I continue to slowly cum, inside you as your next orgasm comes. It’s so soft and warm inside you, as you cum all over my bulging hard cock. I can feel your juices cover me inside. I gently kiss your lips and hug you with all my strength. You pull me close to you with all your energy and we lay there, our bodies being one until I gently slide off you, look into your eyes, and place your head against my chest, holding you close to me. You sigh, and drift off to sl**p, a dreamful, deep, restful sl**p……

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