Used as FUCKMEAT Part2

You see a large collection of toys on the bed. There are leather cuffs, chains, dildos, but plugs, vibrators, and a plug-in massager. In the corner is a wooden chair with rope on it.

I stand behind you and uncuff your hands. I cup and squeeze your tits and slowing kiss your neck and whisper 'You are my lil FUCKMEAT slut for the rest of the night' You can feel my hardness pressing against your arse. I push you forwards towards the bed, when your legs hit the edge of the bed I shove you forwards onto the bed. You land with some toys underneath you.

I climb on top of you and sitting astride the small of your back I play with your bum. I begin to spank each cheek in a series of three rapid strokes and repeating the mantra "Dirty, Little, Slut"

Your arse is glowing red and my hand is starting to ache. I pull the butt plug out of your arse and admire the spunk on it from your earlier arse fucking. I move up your body, and I tell you I have something for you to suck clean. I put the plug by your head offering it to you, you hold it with both your hands and begin to lick and suck it clean soon you are gripping it with both hands and your head is bobbing up and down on it sucking it clean like the greedy slut you are. You seem you enjoy the taste of your arse being in your mouth ;-)

I take something off the bed next to you. Then I sit astride you again. You feel me pull your arse cheeks wide. Then there is the shock of something cold applied around your arsehole. You realize its the coldness from KY jelly. I use the palm of one hand to smear it back and forth across your dirty little arse and coat my hand in KY. My fingers start to penetrate your arse, you feel me pull your cheek hard. You can feel all 4 fingers shoved deep in your arse, my fingers are pointing into a V-shape as they are buried up to the knuckle and then I begin to twist and turn my lubed hand in your arse. You can feel the churning as I turn my hand clockwise then counter clockwise as its deep in your arse. I can tell from your cries and the scent flowing from between you legs that you are really enjoying this.

You have abandoned licking the toy and your hands are clutching the bedspread as I churn my hand in your lubed arse. You scream too loudly for my liking and I worry about others in neighbouring rooms being disturbed by the noise. I keep churning my hands round and round because I luv to make you cum like a dirty wanton slut. You are my FUCKMEAT WHORE ;-)

When I finally finish using your arse with my hand I slide my cock into you and begin pumping you. My balls slap against your wet pussy as I fuck your arse harder and harder. I whisper in your ear 'I am doing this because you deserve it, you need to be used like this, this is how you should be used everyday, the words 'I've never done that before' should be meaningless to you' ;-)

I soon cum in your arse.
As you rest there dripping with sweat you feel me pushing a new plug in your arse.

I let you rest a minute and then tell you to stand up. The first thing I do is put a gag on you. I whisper in your ear 'your screaming like a bitch on heat so I'm going to keep you muzzled for a while'

I tell you to put your hands on your head. I then begin to wrap rope around your upper body, across your nape and around your breasts. Soon the rope is being coiled around each tit to squeeze them into two long tube shapes. You look like you have a rope-made bra on you. I take you over to the chair and sit you down. I tie your legs to the chair legs so you are open for playing with. Your hands are tied behind the back of the chair.
You look so cute with the ball gag in your mouth. You look like a girl with a pacifier in her mouth ;-)

I rub my fingers across the sticky wetness that is your pussy and paint your juices onto the swollen nipples sticking out of your rope-bra. I then begin to lick, suck and nibble your nipples. I bite softly and enjoy your moans. I then put some nipple clamps on your nipples and watch you squirm.
I ask you a question 'on a scale of one to five, with five as the maximum how big a cocksucking slut are you?' I hear your muffled cry of five through the gag.

Good I say and then I start to squeeze a ball pump I have in my hand. That's when you feel the butt plug swell with each pump and expand in your arse. You squirm with delight and I whisper 'Maybe I should have said 1 to 10' Your arse is filled with the swollen plug.

You are sopping wet and I can see the puddle on the chair.
I whisper in your ear to brace yourself for something painful. You see me pick up a first aid kit off the bed. You worry because we never discussed this part of play before. I pick up a jar of vaporub from it and then softly rub some on your top lip, the menthol smell helps open up your sinuses and makes breathing with a gag easier.

Then I take something small out of the first aid kit. Its small and square looks like paper. You see me tear the corner off it and take out a towellete and unfold it. Its a square towelete. I tell you its time to clean your pussy up a bit.

I rub the towellete to your private parts and you cry out when you realise what it is. Its an alcohol wipe. You feel the intense burn as the pure alcohol sucks all the moisture from your pussy lips and clit. You thrash as I delicately wipe you and the alcohol burns and stings your cunt. You cry as the stinging continues long after the wipe is removed. I sit on top of you in the chair and hold you whispering in your ear that you needed to be wiped down. I kiss and nuzzle your neck. I stand up and rub my hard cock across your face. You want it but you are gagged, you can smell the scent of my cock, there is a drop of pre-cum which I rub across your forehead and trail down your cheek.
Its been a few minutes since I wiped your wet cunt, the moisture is returning between your legs and I will be able to play with you there, now you are wet again.....
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