This is what happens if you are brave enough to meet a man from an internet chat room ;-)

Its 2 am in the morning.
You follow the careful instructions and park your car in private car park.
You are in the parking space you have been told to park in.
You are next to a nice set of modern 2 story flats in a nice part of Ealing..
Your phone rings and I give you your next set of instructions.
I tell you I can see you sitting in your car.
You must remove all your clothes immediately.
Reluctantly you do so. You undress inside your car.
Then I tell you to leave your car and walk into the open doorway next to your car.
You see the door to flat nearest you open.

Even though its 2 am you nervously step out of your car wearing nothing and clutching your car keys.
You quickly dash for the open doorway just a few metres away.
When you enter the darkened flat you are blinded by the darkness.
The door closes behind you and the flat plunges into darkness.
Your hands are cuffed behind your back
They are furry cuffs. Your keys are taken from your hand.

A pillow case is put over your head, and the lights go on.
The only thing you can see is the inside of the pillowcase.
My hand holds your shoulder and I guide you forwards into the flat.

You are soon standing in a back room and feel something hard and smooth against your pussy mound.
I press against you, and your cunt is pressed against it.
I tell you its a bedknob and its time for you to prove what a WHORE you are.
You feel my fingers stroke your shaven mound, and something cold and wet is smeared over your pubic mound.
When you next rub against the post you are wet and slippery and the bedpost knob easily presses against your hard little clit.
I stand behind you and whisper instructions in your ear.
You lift one leg onto the bed and lean back against me.
Your wet cunt lets the knob slide along your opening, your feel the knob against your hole and gasp as I hold and guide you onto the bedpost knob.
I hold you as you fuck the post like a whore and my hands wander round the front of your body, cupping and squeezing your curves.
You gasp as I twist your nipples and call you a FUCKMEAT WHORE

Up and down you slide on the bedpost. With each thrust you feel my cock harden in my pants.
Soon I tell you to stop and stand still.
You hear me remove my clothes, and gasp as I hold your body again.
This time my hardness is naked against you and you feel the wetness of KY jelly on it.
It presses hard against your tight arse and slowly slides into your arse as I call you a FUCKMEAT WHORE.

Soon, I am arse fucking you as you bounce up and down on the BIG wooden bedpost.
You love being a FUCKMEAT WHORE with your sloppy meaty cunt being fucked by a big piece of wood and my HARD COCK up your arse.
Soon you feel me spunk inside you. I hold and clutch you ramming every last drop of SPUNK deep inside you.
When I start to soften I guide you off the post.
Your hands are uncuffed and I instruct you to get on the bed and lay face down......
83% (15/3)
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4 years ago
I was fucking my bed post and I left it soaking wet with my pussy juice
4 years ago
has got to be continued
4 years ago
4 years ago
Very good! more please!
4 years ago
Love the story...but one bit tested my belief...that there is a nice part of Ealing :-)
4 years ago
Got me... hornier than I was... so what happens next?
4 years ago
good start cant wait to see what happens next ;)