First taste

Bi curious & hungry for cum! 

Have fantasies of slipping your throbbing hard cock between my lips & into my warm, wet mouth. I wrap my tongue over the tasty velvety tip, savouring the delicate flavours of your salty sweet pre cum & cock, moaning with pleasure as I begin to work my lips up and down your erection. Faster, deeper, sucking harder & harder I slurp and suck hungrily on your hot juicey flesh.  My head works feverishly over your manhood and, as I pump my fist up and down your long veined shaft, your penis sparkles and glistens, wet with spit. 

My cheeks bulge with the outline of your bell end and, as I bring you closer and closer to climax, I find my mouth filling with pre cum faster than I can swallow or work it onto your shaft! 

I moan loudly, lustily covering your weeping bell end with delicate vibrations. Your breathing is eratic. Your muscles tense and eyes close. I am so excited! You steady yourself on my head, your strong fingers holding me tightly until, with a roar, you shoot your thick man milk into my eager mouth. It splashes hotly over my tongue. It squirts powerfully down my throat and as your thrusting trembling penis smears semen around my gooey mouth, your balls continue to pulse their delicious load up your beautiful rock hard shaft. 

My mouth is overwhelmed and tiny drops of cum are squeezed over my lips by your thrusting & dribble in marbled white streams down my chin, dropping wetly onto my bare chest. I gulp greedily, breathlessly. as you fire load after hot creamy load down my virginal throat. My mouth and throat are thick with your sperm. I can hardly speak but I squeeze out the last drops from your shaft, chasing them over your bell end with my tongue before hungrily lapping them up. Using your glistening deep purple tip, I scoop up every last drop from my face & chest.
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4 years ago
Yes it does taste that good thanks
4 years ago