My Texan Workout Fantasy

Go with you to the gym, to help get you familiar with the equipment (your
personal trainer). Start of with a quick job to get the bl**d flowing,
deeper breathing and make you start to sweat. After about 10 min, head
over to do some free-weights… staring off on the bench press. You being
a little timid as you are sure what you got yourself into… me all turned
on as your sexy body glistening with sweat. I set the weights, have you
lay down on the bench as I stand at the end of the bench right by your
head, looking down at you as I help you lift the bar off the rack. With
each rep becoming more difficult as I see the struggle in your sexy eyes…
I push you to do one more before switching. I put a bit more weight on as
you tell me you are gonna spot me, as I let out a little chuckle but
inside can't wait till you are standing over my head with those short
tight shorts. Looking up your thigh I'm able to see the ridge of your
sexy panties… you instantly notice as you can see the weight suddenly
getting a little heavier as bl**d rushes down to my other head. Some how
I struggle to get the last rep up and calm myself down a little to setup
your next set… WE go back and forth jumping from machine to machine
torching each other as the sweat is running down our bodies. Walking out
like the last hour was just an incredible workout… till our sweaty bodies
hit the warm leather seats. Without speaking a word we start tearing off
each others closes like there is no one around us for miles… ravaging each
other like two wild a****ls, we steam the entire car as if we are in a
sauna. Only stopping after I've exploded all over as well as deep inside
you while sitting in a puddle of our sweat and cum.
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