Purple Drank.

Note: This is a completely fictional story...

My father was in the military, and therefore for the first 8 year of my c***dhood I didnt have a hometown. It wasn't until my 9th birthday that I met an actual friend. His name was Tye.

Tye grew up next door to me. His father was also active duty military and quite often our parents would cook and bbq during the summer.

For the years to come, Tye and I grew to be best friends. My father retired from the military, and we settled in our same town; in the same house. Our mother's grew very close as well, and would often have girls night out on occasion. I was thankful for Tye's mother, Nancy's friendship to my mother. It helped when I was 17 and my parents decided to divorce.

My mother was blessed with amazing genes. Thankfully some of those passed on to me. During the seperation, Nancy and my mother would take their stress out on the spin class down at the YMCA. Both women were in great shape for 44 and 45. My mother stood, 5'5 strawberry blonde hair, 34c, and about 125lbs. Nancy was a little taller at 5'7, brunette, a 'b' cup, and thin at maybe 115lbs. Tye was a tall guy as well at 6'2, and myself.. I am 5'10, a muscular 185lbs, sandy blonde hair, and a nice complexion... a couple of good looking guys.

Well my real story starts the night when Tye came by on a Saturday night. Our mothers had gone out for the annual wine night - girls night out. My father was moved out and Tye's father had deployed. We had his house all to ourselves, and we decided to try something some buddies at school told us about. It took a couple hours to find some, but a few phone calls later, and a short bike ride we had in our possession... cough syrup. Not a bad score for some inexperienced 17 & 18 year old k**s. We had learned that the right cough syrup; the kind with codeine it in, mixed with Sprite would make what is formally known as Purple Drank. What we didnt know, the side effects, we were going to soon find out about.

Nancy and my mother came home. When, I dont know. They walked in on two boys d***k and passed out on Purple Drank. I found out later that panic set in. Our pulses were checked and they soon put the pieces together to find out we were d***k. So a quick call to the Poison Control Center soothed their nerves. We were drowsy, nausitous, and we were not going to wake up or move until morning.

Nancy and my mother with their wisdon decided it would be best to move us on to the couch - as we passed out literally sitting on the floor. Nancy rolled over Tye, softly, but with some anger in her movement. That anger turned to disbelief as she noticed that Tye had peed his pants. The two unhappy mothers stared at each other when, Nancy claimed she didnt want to put him on the couch in his dirty clothes, or soil a blanket. The plan was decided. Remove the jeans, clean him up and wrap him in a blanket. Simple. I was picked up piece by piece... head and shoulders first.. then legs. As I was tossed on the large love seat adjacent to the couch.

Then it was time for Tye. His jeans were pulled off quickly as he was sprawled out on the floor. As the jeans came off Nancy and my mother's eyes opened with shocked. Tye was not wearing any boxers. To make the matter worse, they had revealed a large hardon that was concealed by his belt. The two women laughed a little with my mother making the comment that he was growing up nicely. Nancy laughed and stormed off, proclaiming she needed a drink. Coming back in with two large glasses of wine to round off what had already been a night of drinking. Two bottles and a small cheese plate at the wine bar was all the fuel needed to kick start the events that were about to occur.

The two women drank their wine as Tye laid on the floor. His cock still exposed, and hard as a rock. Typical of every teen boy as they slumber and wake up with a morning erection. Tye was tall and blessed with a larger than average dick. It laid there titled to the side at 6.5 inches. My mother looking at Nancy laughed as she compared to some men she had seen in the past. the two discussed how long it had been since they had seen a real cock with Nancy being the first to admit... "I dont know why, and this is so wrong, but Tiff, I am actually excited right now!"

My mother looked down and laughed, and said, "Nancy, I knew that five minutes ago when your nipples started to show through your blouse." The two women sharing a laugh as they finished their wine. My mother then stands up and walks over to Tye. She shakes his arm.. then shakes his face.. looking for any sign that he will wake. Nothing. Nancy staring at her in disbelief, but angst to see what she will do. My mother looks up and says.. "well.. we better clean him up at least..."

Nancy comes back two minutes later with some fresh clean wipes, and bends down with my mother. The two sitting on each side of Tye, start to wipe down his thighs... both nervous about his cock swaying in the air. "oh hell, I will do it" My mother says as she grabs Tye's cock to wipe it clean with his testicles next and then pubic region. Nancy sitting there staring... reaches up... and grasps Tye's cock over my mother's hand. The two stare at each other... knowing what each is thinking... when my mother starts to stroke down then up. Nancy smiles and they share a laugh. They can feel his head in their fingers. Nancy cups his testicles and lets out a small gasp.

It was about this time when I started to come to....

I am going to pause here and start Part Two later. This is my first story, but I have such a vivid imagination. I am going to finish this first scene up and continue this later.. leave comments, please, and tell me what your thoughts are so far!
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4 years ago
2nd part sooooon pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase
4 years ago
Great start, but yes, I would love to read what happens next!!!
4 years ago
Very nice!! Please finish. Great imagination!!!
4 years ago
nice & sweet but you must finish this
4 years ago
Sweet, Thanks for sharing