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About Me
since 2009.

We mean to share and discuss good porn with good people.
Nothing more. We want to enjoy our time here and hope
others can do the same. We are not spammers, fakes or
clones. We are real members that contribute a great deal
to this site, either through our shared videos and pictures
or talking with friends, or future friends.

Unfortunately there are others on this site that do not
have the same intent. Its obvious that some are here for
another purpose; to play games, lie, and manipulate people.
Just as in real life, there are those that choose to cause
problems for others. But no one should have to be bothered
with harassment at a gathering place intended for enjoyment.

So we have come together to stand as one, as Watchers, to
help all members enjoy this wonderful social site. You who
read this profile and wonder about it's friends or their
intentions, check their profiles, contributions, words, and
know who's real, honest and nice - by evidence. ♥

We members of Club 5 are listed in friends. No else.

☺☺ ☺☺

Our wishful thinking:

☻ An Apple A Day Keeps Shit Freak Cumming Your Way! ☻

☻☻ For You People At Last, The True Verified Pic Of Darius! ☻☻

♠♠♠ ♠♠♠

i am a top uploader,top speaker,top friend to real people ☻☻
and i am a TOP BRAGGART

This the sound of Pack-Donkey

I Say: No, No, No

Beware Of The German Infected Dog Scab-Angelo!!


REAL PHOTO from http://www.cocoanetics.com/2010/04/ipad-smiles/

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2 months ago
[ Persona non grata ]

what's up Sabinchen ?

missing the action after -smiley- exposed you for what you are ? or should say Angelo because there is no female just pictures of some Dirty old Tart you picked up

You still living in that old Shed at the bottom of your Garden you call Montego Bay Jamaica ?
God you have a Vivid imagination , get back to reality and change your location to Germany where you claim to be from
Just recently i was accused of having Multi profiles like you , bullshit i can never compete with you , yes i had a number of profiles all gone now except 2 , but yours are off the Richter scale come on you old Hag start to off-load them and what's happened to the Broken-English / German we normally see
ahh you are getting clumsy
Never took much notice of your status until recent would you like to clarify this please

The best midnight snack is Vagina.‹^›(ړײ) roflmao
(1 month ago)
Signed up: 1946 days ago
Last Activity:

Profile Viewed: 10,669,107 times
Rank: xHamsters Queen
Comments: 242,163

Profile Viewed: 10,669,107 times

over 1946 days that is an average of 5482 Hits or Views per day ? are you off your head or is that the combined Hits a day for all your Fake Profiles ?

and Comments: 242,163 have you really nothing else in your life to do ? than Talk Bullshit with all your profiles
This place has had and seen enough of you , we got Rid of that Scum Bag -smiley- now its your turn to go

And before you do , ctoan has a long list of your Fake profiles i will ask her to post them , maybe you have forgotten the names .lol

No more of this False Bullshit Sabine ,Sabinchen aka Angelo please we have had enough
My best wishes to all of you in love and friendship.

This way please

Close Accounts

I confirm that I want to delete all my accounts

Bye Bye
3 months ago
excellent site, how bout an add
3 months ago
Keep it up! Good stuff.
6 months ago
Have a nice weekend all.
6 months ago
great content, will appreciate an invite to add
7 months ago
hey. we share similar interests :)
7 months ago
tx for the nice words ☺
8 months ago
hi.... love the club5 clips....such cute sexy girls....love your pictures too for the same reason
9 months ago
Wow... LOVE this page!
9 months ago
Nice collection! Thank you for sharing!
10 months ago
Enough BS and threats here. That's not what this page (or site) is for. I thought you were against trolls...
10 months ago
of course i do, my donkey: the D got files about me & from the french police lolll!!!

you dont know much about french laws do you?

and my employer has got my police file, marked by a line all over it, donkey ☺

who will listen & trust who, on this site, really,
donkey??? ahahahahah!!!
10 months ago
so, now just give yrself a current active life,
wouldnt you ahah!!

by donkey ☺
10 months ago
I didn't attack anyone, I just responded to a comment made by a fake profile.

If you are who you say you are why not use that profile?

"d" is not my friend and hasn't been since I found out what his "game" was.

My profile has been locked for a long time because of other trolls and fakes. What is the reason for yours being locked?

There are quite a few members here that know my wife is real and some have even seen her and I on cam together live here. Since my profile is usually up on one of our computers it's easier for her to browse using it vs signing out of mine, logging into hers, logging out then putting mine back up (plus she doesn't chat to too many here).

Until you start using the "real" gb page you can not be validated as being that person.

So cheers to you and have a good day.

PS: You were attacking C5 and I am a member. I could have responded to you as C5 but chose to use my profile. I didn't attack you I just pointed out the facts compared to the fiction you had claimed just as I did with your comment about me.
10 months ago
This coming from a fake profile bears no weight but I will respond in kind.

As a group C5 has contributed to the site in one way or another be it vids, pics or a place for other members to chat (for what ever reason). As individual members we have contributed in the same way with our own profiles seen and unseen. It doesn't matter how many members are active or not to make C5 real. Put it into perspective, xHamster has how many members? How many of those accounts are inactive? It's still the greatest porn site around (IMHO), so point made. Cheers.
10 months ago
happy eggs teddy! ☺
10 months ago
happy easter to all at C5
11 months ago
hi there
1 year ago
Weekend greetings all.
1 year ago
Bice stuff
1 year ago
Boobs are to men what light bulbs are to moths.
1 year ago

point taken your right ! lets Party
1 year ago
an awesome sunday for all on C5
1 year ago
is that a dry comment? we're glad so ☺
1 year ago
love the weekend much enjoyment too all.
1 year ago
This profile is as lame as the fake other plants / that made up hamster in the early days. now there are new.. start and re-create. late is better than never
1 year ago
Darius? Who cares?
1 year ago
Darius Gone! will believe that when I see it ?

WTF is going on with Darius ?

after all these years he asked me to friend him , see below

now i return after 43 days , and he has with drawn it , and says he is finished with xHamster ?

then as a final insult . leaves me this Montage with my name all over it / plus quite a few other little Hamsters ? what can you tell me


users to avoid dariuszsite

has the Apple Arse gone Crazy?

this is just too much

http://xhamster.com/user/gloriabourdainfrance - fake profile of the Bolton Crackwhore

he means samantha14 right?

he knows darn well that is not me , she was a good friend of Snakeman and as far as i know lived in Bolton
1 year ago
Great videos sir!

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