Giving in Part 2

I continued to see Michael and to give in to the urge for cock fun. It became regular, every time I met him we would end up going to somewhere quiet and enjoy mutual wanks or with me sucking him off. I realised that I was hungry for it, wanted it - and that he was always more than willing to let it happen.

After a couple of months, and after we'd finished a session where we'd cock fought and my groin was still sticky in my pants with his cum, he asked me if I had ever tried anal. I'd like to do you, he said. I'd love to cum inside you. He suggested that if I wanted I could do him - share and share alike. I said that anal was not something I'd do outside because I was always scared of getting caught. He said that in that case we could maybe use my house. He knew I lived alone.

That's when I told him about Brenda, my Crossdressing side, and sugested that if he wanted to fuck me, I would only let it happen if I could dress up.

He told me that he'd love to see me dressed and that the idea of me like that really turned him on. He rubbed his hand acros the lump in his trousers and said that just the thought of it had got him horny again! I was driving at the time and said that I could see it had but there was nothing I could do about it now, given we were near his house!

I agreed to meet him at my house that saturday - in the afternoon - and that he would need to be discreet about this next phase. It was ok meeting for cock fun in the woods but this was taking it a bit further. He said he would take it at my pace - but that yes, he wanted it to go further.

I will fuck you only if you want. He said. If it gets uncomfortable or anything then we'll stop. You satisfy me in a lot of ways so, you know, I am happy with that.

I told him that as Brenda I dreamed of being cum in and fucked so we'd see how it went.

As I drove home I was aware that my cock had stiffened so much it was difficult to change gear! As the days towards Satuday came I found myself getting more and more excited - and knew that whatever happened, I wanted this.

On the Saturday I got up early and shaved my body smooth, before taking a long shower and preparing myself. I applied make up carefully, using mascara and lipstick as well as some perfume. I did my eyelashes and really pampered myself. I put clip on earings on, brushed and prepared my wig and then dressed. I chose my basque, with hook and eye gusset, a susbender belt with black silk stockings. I wore heels which accentuated my legs well and then put the mini dress on. Looking at myself in the mirror Brenda smiled back - concious that she was going to get her man pussy fucked for the first time - and would make a change from the various dildos and vibros that she normally used.

As I waited for him to come, I knew there was no going back from this point. I also knew I didn't want to.

Michael came around 2pm and I let him in, standing nehind the door in case my neighbours caught sight of me. I'd drawn all the curtains in the house and as he walked in, I locked the door behind us. No-one was going to disturb this!

Michael looked me up and down, his face registering complete surprise, and commented on my appearance saying that I looked 'fucking gorgeous'. I smiled back and said thank you. As I turned, he grabbed me lightly by the waist and pushed me against the wall. 'I mean it' He said slowly. 'You are...' and then, slowly, our faces moved together and our lips met.....

The idea of kissing another man never appealed to me but as Brenda I always felt femme. As we kissed and I felt his tongue start to wriggle in my mouth, I felt a huge sensation of excitement and calm both course through me. I was dressed as a woman being kissed passionately by another man whose hard cock was pressing against my groin. I very nearly came! We stood there, his hands fondling my body as our tongues writhed together and it wasn't long before my arms were around his neck as he pinned me to the wall, slowly moving his hips against mine.

We managed to make our way upstairs where he hurriedly undressed as I took my dress off and stood before him in my underwear. He had a chunky body, not too hairy but what caught my eye was the sigt of his cock which jutted out under his stomach, rigidly hard and ready. Getting him on the bed after much more slow passionate kissing and fondling, I started on him....

I sucked his nipples as his hands roamed over my underwear, I licked his stomach and we french kissed wetly and with a real passion. I was Brenda, the middle aged slut and Michael was my conquest - and it felt right. It felt absolutely right! We writhed and moved against each other and his cock was like a bar against me. I could feel its wet sticky touch against my thigh as I lay on top of him and kissed, feeling his hands caress my bum gently. Outside I could hear the world go about its business - inside, I was having sex as Brenda!

I went down between his thighs, which he spread apart for me. My lipsticked mouth circled his cock, which I held upright in my red fingernailed hands. My mouth teased it, my tongue circling inside the foreskin and tasting his thick salty pre-cum as he groaned and moved under me. I licked the shaft, sucking on his hairy balls and pleasuring him totally. God knows but I felt like a total slut! In reality we were two middle aged men having a homosexual experience - but not to me. I was Brenda, the slut.

When it felt right I stod and undid the hook and eye gusset of my basque before going on all fours onto the bed. Do me sowly I said, looking over my shoulder at him. Very slowly, OK? He nodded, taking some KY from the bedside table and gently applying it to my hole.

I felt his hands on my hips, falterinly tender, and then the feel of his cock as it nubbed against my hole, teasing me with its hot touch. Michael gently pushed, and I felt myself start to open to take him concious of the sensation that I had never experienced quite like this before. Ever. I was being opened by a man's cock which was slowly - surely - entering my body. Unlike the cold plastic of my vibrator, it felt warm and sensual and it wasn't long before most of him was in me and making me feel totally impaled on the hard length of his cock. I felt terrific!

Slowly, carefully, he began to fuck me, moving with a delicate ease and gradually pushing more and more of his hard cock into me as he did so until - feeling his hairy groin against my skin - I knew he was well inside me. Right up. All the way inside my hole! Nothing prepared me for feeling as wanton as I was - being bummed, being fucked - being totally taken.

I knelt, delirious with pleasure, as he fucked against me. He did it slowly but deeply, the back of my basque half way up, my stockinged thighs spread apart,my head lowered as his rigid cock penetrated and took me. I felt lighht headed as he fucked in and out of me, felt slutty and womanly and femme as his shaft took me to places I had only dreamed about and all the time making me feel filled up like nothing I had ever expeienced.

It couldn't last for either of us. I was wanking my own cock, its tingling solid length buzzing with excitement while he stood behind me fucking me with his shaft buried right in my willing hole.

I'm going to cum....he said and I could feel him start to quicken his thrusts. I told him to shoot deep in me adding that I wanted to feel it....and all the time we were fucking I was aware of his good this was. How much I had wanted this to happen. To be bum fucked as Brenda....

When he came he leant over me, his weight almost forcing me down flat. He was groaning and moaning as I felt his dick stiff in me start to pulse and throb. I felt the warm spurts of his cum in my hole, felt it gushing inside me - and with a loud gasp I jerked my own cock to cum on the bed cover.....

Later, lying side by side, we both knew that we had started something. Michael said it was the best fuck he had had, adding that my appearance had helped to give him a powerful orgasm. I lay on my back, feeling his warm cum as it oozed from my bum hole cooling against my skin and told him that I knew I had wanted it as well. No more wanking in forests I said. He laughed. No - from now on I get to shag Brenda.....

We have tried so much since. Michael fucks me regularly and I have developed a liking for being the little woman....

Who'd have thought that a piss in the woods would lead to such gorgeous pleasure?
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4 years ago
Wow Closetbi that was so good I jacked off with you that was fine thanks hope you write more