Giving in - art One

It's complicated.

He was a 48 year old local pervert, known for his interest in cock play, anal - anything male - who I was assigned to work with. It doesn't matter what I do for a living, let's just say I was supervising him.

Part of the supervision was to take him out once a week for a community supervision. That is, I met him somewhere and we'd go for a coffee and a chat. I'd talk to him to see what he was up to, advise - or tell him off - and if things were really bad with him (for example if he had been looking for young boys) advise him that I needed to discuss it with the relevant authorities. However, to his credit, he was never implicated in anything i*****l. He just continued to meet men and enjoy lots of cock fun with them, which he would tell me about.

At first it was just a geeral explanation, but then it got a bit more descriptive which was fine by me because what he didn't know (and I could never tell him) was that I also enjoyed cock, although I hadn't had any for some ten years now. Living on my own and not really bothered by relationships, I'd turned to self satisfaction. When the mood took me I dressed up as a woman I called Brenda and pleasured myself. I was smooth shaven and I went the whole way - wig, make up, lipstick - and always dressed in a basque and stockings and suspenders under an indecently short mini dress. Brenda was always a slut!

One late afternoon, after we'd met and I was driving him home I found that I needed to pee. Badly! There were no toilets in the area and I complained about this because the urge was very strong. Michael said that he knew a place, in some woods off the main road, where I could pee and added that he also needed one. He asked if I had a problem with him pissing with me. I said that I didn't, adding that I was so desperate I couldn't care!

I parked up where he directed me and followed him into the woods and into a small shrubbery which was off the track. No-one will see you here, he said. I nodded and unzipped, taking my by now tingling cock out and holding it in my right hand started to let out a long - and welcome - stream of piss. At my side, Micheal did the same and yes, I did take a look at what he had. Out of curiousity or maybe because I wanted to but what I saw was nice enough for me to stare a bit longer than maybe I should. He noticed, and keeping his voice low, passed comment on my own cock. He said it was a good size and nice to look at. He also noticed that it was shaved.I shrugged and said his wasn't that bad either and I didn't mean it as a come on - just as a comment.

As I finished, I looked again at his cock which was now hard. He shrugged and half apologised saying he was turned on by mine and added that it was what he liked so I should not be surprised. My eyes were drawn to his stubby cock. Not a big one, maybe 5 or so inches, but meathy and well veined. I felt my own start to stiffen - which he noticed - and we fell silent, both of us looking at each others cocks and both of us also knowing this should not happen. That only made it more exciting.

Despite this, my feelings were aroused and I knew by the tenseness in my stomach that I was very turned on. I could not take my eyes off his shaft, which he was very slowly stroking to and fro so that the foreskin was drawn back to reveal his purple tipped end. He stood there and nodded at my own erect cock and spoke very quietly saying it was OK, it wasn't something we had control of and that he didn't mind my being aroused. God knows but all reason flew way out of my head and I whispered back that I liked what I saw.....

A couple of minutes later and we were fondling each others hard shafts. I found I was so excited by it that my breath was ragged and my heart was pounding - but that the feel of his cock in my hands as I slowly wanked it to and fro while he did the same to me was hugely satisfying. We stood there, close together, jerking each others shafts off slowly and all the time mine was buzzing like it hadn't done in years.

His was like a rod of iron, it was so hard! A lovely warm length that felt good in my hands - as mine felt in his as he drew my foreskin back sloly to and fro with a practiced ease. The thought of us there, in the woods like that, mutually wanking was making me feel almost light headed - and I knew, deep in me, that I was going to take this further. It had been too long - far too long - and I wanted more.

Without a sound I got to my knees and opened my mouth to take his cock in. It tasted meaty, salty with pre-cum and very good. It wasn't a big cock and it fitted my mouth perfectly. As he stood with his legs splayed I caressed his hairy balls as my eager mouth sucked his shaft and my tongue rolled and tasted him. I was wanking my own shaft off, holding his with my free hand as he moved his hips slowly to and fro and breathed raggedly as I pleasured him. It felt so good with his cock in my mouth, warm and rigis, sticky with delicious pre-cum, and by his body movements I knw he was really getting off on what I was doing on my knees before him.

With no warning he suddebly gave a sharp intake of breath and I felt his hand touch the back of my head. His hips moved forward and I felt his cock start to throb abd pulse and I knew he was going to cum. I also knew I was going to swallow it because it had been a few years since I had done anything like that and, wanking my own cock really hard, I squeezed his hairy balls until - with a gasp - he shot.

I almost died with pleasure as I felt his cock spasm in my mouth, felt the warm thick salty jets of his spunk ejeculate from his domed end as I swallowed and sucked on it greedily. Michael stood, groaning, as I drained his cum before with a muffled moan, I felt my own cock start to cum - and with a grunt of pleasure, I spunked nto the grass as his cock started to deflate in my mouth......

As we dressed, slightly embarressed but both secretly satisfied, I told him that this was between us and no-one must ever know. No-one. He told me to relax and said that it was safe - but that he'd often wondered whether I was bi. I said that I hadn't been active for ages but that the sight of him had thrown a switch I thought I could control and that I'd given in.

As we drove back Michael said that he'd like to have some more cock fun with me, if I wanted. Out of office hours, he added - unless we got the urge between us again. I drove on, trying to rationalise my thoughts because what I'd done was not only a betrayal of trust but also something that would certainly get me sacked if it was found out! I said that maybe I would - I didn't know yet - but would call him if I wanted to.

As I dropped him off he told me that he had enjoyed it, very much, and that if I wanted more I knew where to contact him. I said nothing to start with but then just nodded.

As I drove away,I knew that he knew, there would be more.....
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7 months ago
that was hot! 4 years and only 4 comments? or did you delete some.
4 years ago
Made mine twitch too, nice story
4 years ago
4 years ago
mmmm hot got me hard