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Let me tell you a little bit about myself I'm five feet 10 inches tall around
220 pounds, brown hair and eyes very muscular, I'm an ex-professional boxer.
Around 10 years ago I I was working as a bouncer erotic a nightclub in Fort
Lauderdale, when one night I heard a commotion in the parking lot. There were
several men beating up a beautiful woman, when I tried to break it up I ended up
getting very banged up myself.
Her name was misty, she thanked me for helping her and asked if I need a ride
home since I was so beat up. I told her I was just doing my job but since my
glasses were broken I'd appreciate a ride home.
When we arrived god yes my house I invited her inside. I asked her why those
guys wanted to beat her up. She told me she was a trans-sexual, I was shocked I
had never met a transsexual before. Then she started crying and told me what a
nice guy I was and how she wished she had a man like me. Then she reached over
and started hugging me. I held her for a while, then she tried to kiss me. I
told her I'm not gay. She said I know you're not gay but I'd like to repay you
for your kindness, and then she started to kneel in front of me and undo my
pants. I didn't know what to do and I froze for a minute, and she ripped my
pants down to my ankles and inhaled my cock.
It's felt great, she knew how to suck, she grabbed my balls hard and deep
throated my cock, I never felt such incredible suction before, she squeezed my
balls so hard by almost screamed. I finally said," god yes suck my cock" she
stood up and took off the rest of my clothes, then she threw me onto the bed and
took off her clothes. She then climbed on top of ME and told ME to suck her
balls. I had never seen an erect penis before accept my own. Hers was much
larger must have been over nine inches. She said in a very deep erotic voice
suck my cock boy and started rubbing in all over my face. I became very turned
on at this point and opened my mouth which she promptly shoved her cock in my
mouth and started to fuck my mouth.
I had never been this turned on before I didn't know what to think. My mouth
was being fucked by a beautiful she male and I liked it. At this point she tried
to turn me over onto my stomach I asked her what she was doing? She said "it's
okay baby turnover" and flipped me over onto my stomach. I told her I don't
want to be fucked which she said I think you do and started to shove her huge
cock in my ass. I screamed it's too big don't AHHHH don't god dam- it it's too
big. At this point I felt it slide in my ass, I tried to get her off ME but she
was very strong, she said "take easy baby it will feel good in a minute" she
stopped thrusting so I tried to relax and after several minutes she started
fucking ME very slowly. My cock was rubbing against the bed sheets. I was so
horny at this point I would've done anything. She told ME tell me your my
bitch! I said never. So she withdrew her cock and shoved it all the way back
in as hard as she could. I screamed in pain. She said," tell me your my
bitch". I was then in incredible pain and had no choice but to shout out I'm
your bitch please fuck me!
To which she said "you need to be fucked like a bitch on your back with your
legs spread" and then she flipped me over and spread my legs and shoved her cock
in my ass. While she thrusts viciously in my ass she jerked my cock harder than
ever before. I howled in pleasure and pain and humiliation she smiled her my
humiliation and said "what's it to feel like to be fucked like a woman in the
ass you bitch"
She suddenly stood up and crossed the room, she sat in the living room chair and
opened the d****s to the front of a house and told ME to come here and sit on my
cock where your neighbors can see the big tough bouncer get fucked like a bitch
by a she male!
I didn't know what to do I was so horny I hadn't come yet, and was extremely
humiliated and scared my neighbors would see ME but she had ME in some kind of
spell, she shouted "come here god dam it and sit on my cock, do what I fucking
tell you" so I walked over to her and said "there's no way your fucking ME in
front of this open window" to which she smacked ME in my face hard, my ears
rang. She said "ride my cock like good bitch" and I turned around and started
to sit down on her massive hard on. I could only get a little of it in my ass
but she grabbed my nipples and pulled me viciously down onto her cock and told
ME to ride her cock that she wasn't going to do all the work.
So here I am in front of my open window riding a nine inch she male cock with my
own cock about to explode any second. Then she twisted my nipples as hard as
she could while thrusting her cock in ME so hard you could hear it all through
the house. She said "I'm going to come in your ass you fucking queer" and I
shot a load unlike any other load of cum, I ever shot before in my life, all
over my face and chest to which misty said "lick up your come lover" and she
shot her load of my ass.
I always remember that day!
91% (16/2)
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2 months ago
It is a most interesting story,very well told and quite erotic,too!.What I wonder is this , since you have posted itNene,has this story been written by you as well?
2 months ago
best story i have read on this site omg so hot wish this would happen to me
10 months ago
Very hot story, I love to get fucked by a hot shemale, tho I wouldn't want the windows open either.