The Neighbour

The Neighbour

It was my varsity holidays, and I was back home enjoying the good life after living in digs at varsity. I fully intended to relax and enjoy my holidays, and with that in mind, one sunny Saturday morning I pulled on my pretty lilac bikini, and went out to sunbathe before it got too hot. Mum and Dad were rushing out as they always did on Saturdays, with all sorts of things to do. I lazily waved goodbye as they drove down the driveway, lay back in the deckchair and rubbed some suntan lotion on myself. I was reasonably happy with my 19 year old body, I loved my legs and bum (and so did the boys at varsity apparently), had a reasonable pair of boobs, a flattish tummy and, I was told, quite pretty although I was not too sure on that score. I rubbed my legs with the lotion, enjoying the slippery feeling on my skin, wishing my varsity boyfriend was here to do the job instead! I rubbed some on my tummy , and on my shoulders, face and the exposed area of my breasts, then settled in to read my book and soak in the sun rays.

After a while, as I was reading, a glint of light caught my eye. I looked in the direction, and it seemed to be coming from the upper floor room at the back of the neighbours house. The neighbours, Rob and Julie, were lovely people, and their younger teen k**s used to hop across the fence to use our pool on occasions. Rob was man in his mid forties, full of fun, a keen runner and ran his own construction company, while Julie was a devoted woman, her time taken up with the management of her two k**s, and running her busy household. I couldn't see anything obvious in the area where the flash had come from, so mentally shrugged it off and got back to reading. I turned over onto my tummy, and propped up on my elbows, continued to read. There was something though, in the back of my mind, nagging at me. I sat up, and as I did, another glint! I had my sunshades on, and peered at the window from where it had come. The room had blinds, but I could have sworn I saw the shadowy outline of someone. Was someone watching me? The thought flashed through me like electricity, and I was instantly both intrigued and disturbed. I bit my lip, thinking about it. It could only be Rob.. Julie and the k**s had left earlier. Maybe he was just doing something in the room, probably innocently. But I recalled then that I'd seen him looking at me before, but that was openly, and didn't arouse any suspicions. It was hot now, so I warily got up, and slipped into the cool water of the pool, glancing occasionally at the window, but could see nothing obvious. I pulled myself to the side and leaned back against the side. There it was! Another flash! He was watching me, I realised, and with binoculars too! What else would make the glints of light, but a reflection off a lens of sorts! I stayed there a while, taking it in. As I thought about it, I realised I wasn't totally revolted by the idea.. it was flattering in a way, to my teen mind! Well.. let him look, I decided. I swam a little, now aware of my movements. I giggled to myself.. this was crazy. I decided then to tease him a little, and my tummy tingled with the naughtiness of it. I swam lazily, and then floated on my back, my breasts prominent. I did handstands on the pool floor, knowing my legs and bum were exposed to his spying eyes. After a while of this, I decided to get out, sitting on the side, facing him, leaning back. How much could I tease him? I adjusted my top, pushing my boobs into place, brushing imaginary things off of them, rubbing my tummy, kicking my legs in the water. I pulled my legs out then, and stretched, opening them naughtily as I did. I was quite enjoying this now, and could almost feel him waiting for my next move. I stood then, and walked back to my deckchair, stopping once to bend down to scratch at my ankle in a wonderful slow flash of my bum to him. I giggled to myself, and settled back in the deckchair.

I lay there a while, and then had a flash of inspiration. I looked about so as to see that no-one was watching, then undid the string on my bikini top, and removed it, my breasts swinging into his full view. I could only imagine what impact that might have made. I rubbed them with lotion too to add to the effect, and lay back, still for a few minutes. I felt wonderful somehow, knowing his eyes were likely all over me. I realised that I was getting aroused now, and this was both disturbing and exciting. I reached down, and pulled in my bikini bottom, rolling the fabric in until it resembled something of a g-string. My pussy mound would have been on prominent display.. and I enjoyed the feeling, my body alive now to every touch and movement. I was never a promiscuous teenager, but in the course of growing up, had had sex with three guys, including my current boyfriend, and absolutely loved it, refusing to be ashamed by it. I knew I was a sexually charged person, for better or for worse. I imagined how he was feeling up there, was he really getting a thrill out of this? I suddenly thought that he may even be playing with himself, and far from being shocked.. I liked the idea. I moaned to myself, I was getting aroused by this little show, and resisted the urge to touch myself down there. I rubbed more lotion on myself instead, standing and doing my legs, giving him a good look at my body. Being aroused. My nipples were hard now, and I took the pleasure of rubbing them gently. I pretended to read some more, but was hopelessly distracted now, so I went inside for fetch a cold drink, leaving my bikini top on the deckchair. My breasts bounced as I walked back outside, adding to my pleasure, and, I hoped, his too. The water was cool and inviting, so I dived in, swimming a length or two. I looked up casually to see if he was at the window, but it seemed he had moved. Maybe he never was watching, I thought with a pang of disappointment. I got out then and sat on the deckchair, replacing my top, and re-arranged myself. I was thinking about this, when I heard a call “Hi Claire.. wow that water looks good!” It was him, standing at the fence.” Would you mind if I hopped in to cool off?”
I was caught off guard now, but they did use our pool pretty often so I waved my hand, “Sure Rob.. any time, you know that!” My heart raced now.. what was this? Did he spy on me, or is this just co-incidence? I decided to play along and see. He hopped easily over the fence, barefooted and wearing a t-shirt and his bathing shorts. He looked at me.
“Wow Claire, you are looking so pretty, all grown up now! I hope you don't tease the guys at varsity to much!” he laughed.
“Haha Rob... but thanks for saying!” I laughed. “But you're looking very fit, still doing all that running?”
“Yes.. Comrades for me this year, I missed the last couple. Been swimming a lot too” he winked gesturing at the pool. He took off his t-shirt revealing his well toned torso and slightly hairy chest. I looked at him casually, and with a laugh he dived into the pool. He chatted a while, then out of the blue he said “God you have awesome tits... I'm afraid I saw you earlier!” I laughed aloud, blushing.
“Rob!!! I thought you would at least avert your eyes!” I giggled. “But I have to get an even tan on the girls!”
“I applaud your efforts.. and thanks for showing them!”
“I never showed them – you peeped!” I corrected him.
“Well.. what kind of guy would I be not to look? “
“A gentleman?” I suggested. He laughed easily.
“Well, I won't object if you want to go topless.. promise!” He teased. I felt my heart race now, and I gazed at him. “Ok then!” I heard myself say.. and I reached back and undid the strings. My tits bounced into view. He looked shocked at first, obviously not thinking I would ever do it.
“ Mmmm wow, I like the free thinking they teach at varsity these days Claire!” he said.
I laughed, and leaned back, pushing them forwards. “Well, glad you like them,” I smiled.
“God yes.. they are awesome.. really! You have developed a stunning body” he gushed.
I laughed, enjoying his enthusiasm for my body. He swam off then, and I too slipped into the pool. I love swimming nude, and the cool water over my nipples made them hard again, a fact that wasn't lost on him when I stood up. He looked at them and I could see he wanted to say something, but I got in first. “Mmm sorry but the cold water always does this to my nipples”, I giggled.
“So that's what is is.. cold water makes me hard too!” he laughed. I gave him a shocked look, and splashed water at him. “No, you're just a pervert!” I laughed.
“Regrettably true...” He said with a smile.
“So you were watching me from upstairs then? I asked rhetorically.
“Oh god” he groaned, “Busted”
“Binoculars?” I asked, and he nodded, looking like a naughty school k**. I laughed. “Well, how did it make you feel?” I asked.
“Very horny!” He admitted immediately.
“Me too!” I said, and he looked like I had slapped him.
“God... you knew? You were showing me on purpose?”
“Afraid so,” I said, and lay back floating. “can you float?” I asked
“Not right now!” he said quickly. I gave him a knowing look, and retreated to the side of the pool. I lifted myself out, and motioned for him to join me. He swam over.
“Ummm.. I think I had better stay in a while..” He chuckled. I raised my foot and pushed it against him, feeling his erection with my toes. I laughed at his discomfort. “It's ok, I won't take offense,” I said. I reached for the suntan lotion, and applied some to my tits. He literally licked his lips, and I laughed. “Want to help?” I asked.
He was out the pool in a flash, his erection pressing through his trunks. I never said a word, and he took the lotion and applied it to my aching tits, rubbing lightly over my engorged nipples as he did. I leaned back and he covered my tummy too. I was fully aroused now, and he knew it. He took some to my legs and I sighed and lay back as he rubbed and stroked me, then I rolled over, and he did my back, and the backs of my legs. He paused, and I felt him pull the elastic of my bikini bottom. My resistance crumbled, and I lifted myself as he slipped them over my bum, and then down my legs. I kicked them off and they fell into the pool. I moaned as he massaged my buttocks, and as he lay next to me, I turned over and reached for his still trapped erection. He was wonderfully hard, and I pulled his trunks down, revealing a lovely big cock. I was not too experienced, but it was larger than the other boys I had been with. I held it tightly and he groaned and thrust at me slowly. His balls hung invitingly, and I cupped them in one hand, masturbating him with the other. His cock was wet with pre-cum, and I rubbed this over his hard shaft, loving the sexy feel of his hardness. I felt his hand on my pussy, and I parted my legs, hungry for his touches. I was so wet, and this fact drove him wild, and he began kissing me all over. I gasped as he put his head between my legs, licking at my pussy. His cock dangled over my face, and I took it to my mouth. I was far from an expert, but I could tell he was loving it. I squeezed and sucked and stroked him, as I felt him expertly fingering me. Then he pulled away and with a smile, slid into the water, and at the side of the pool, pulled my legs to him. I lay back on the edge of the pool as he put his hands under my bum and squeezed me tight, lifting me and burying his face between my legs once more. I cried out with pleasure, holding my tits, not wanting it to end. He stopped then, and pulled me towards him, and he lifted me into the pool, holding me close, his big cock pressing into my tummy. I wanted him so badly, so when he placed it against my pussy, I whispered..”Yes baby..take me!! “ He kissed me deeply, then my neck and shoulders, and I felt his cock press into me. I sighed as he entered me, and broke out in my customary goosebumps. His cock filled me, and his hands played over my sensitive nipples. My breathing was ragged, my pussy tingled with sensation, as he set about me. I felt like a rag doll in his hands, as he turned me about to take me from behind. I held onto the side of the pool as he pummeled me into orgasm, crying out in pleasure. He withdrew then, spun me around and held his cock up against my chest, cupping my tits around it, and thrust a few times before erupting over them, gasping with ecstasy. I rubbed it over my tits, half in wonder, half in shock. No-one had ever taken me like that.. and I liked it! Perhaps my instincts about older men were correct in a way that mattered very much!

He held me close for a while, and then said that he had better go, the f****y would be home soon. I knew he wanted to ask, so I spared him that. “It's ok Rob – I'm a big girl now. It's our secret, no-one is ever going to hear it from this dirty little mouth! And god.. for your ego.. you were awesome!”
“And you're the best, Claire... my wildest dream came true today!” he said, before grabbing his things, and hopping over the fence. That holiday, his dream came true a few more times.....

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3 days ago
Yummy holiday :)
3 days ago
Sounds like my kind of holiday, in my imagination anyway :) Great story :)
1 month ago
Beautifully written, I'm feeling lightheaded.....and getting nice and hard :)
2 months ago
fantastic read Claire love it
4 months ago
Oh Good God, try reading that and not getting hard.. Impossible. Thx for the share lady x
6 months ago
Awesome story Claire, based on a bit of truth maybe?
11 months ago
Very well written, got me going!
11 months ago
Great read, it certainly helps to put things into perspective ;)
11 months ago
brilliant!!! X
11 months ago
Well done Claire, I could just see you in this.
11 months ago
so erotic and well written too..
lucky neighbour!!
11 months ago
hot and horny this one,is there ?