3 Teen Cross Dressers Misadventure - Part 3 Final

I was with two of them on the bed. One of them spread my legs and began to rub his cock up and down my stockings, I could feel him growing hard. The other sat over my chest and told me to open my pretty mouth. I did but no way could I take it all, he must have been around 8". He shoved his cock into my mouth and down my throat thrusting as I gagged. Although I couldn't see, I heard pleasurable moaning from the man on the bed with Sean. Craig, on the couch with Brett said "I’m gonna screw that pretty little hole of yours and make you scream like the bitch you are." No words came from his mouth, first just sounds of resistance. Then groans of pain as he was having a mammoth cock f***ed into his asshole. Of course not a condom or lube anywhere in sight.

The man mouth-fucking me pulled out and told me to start licking his ass clean. This was not the worst part as now I felt my panties being pulled around my heels and my legs held spread by the mans ass I was f***ed to eat. A finger covered in spit was slid into my asshole as he says, "your a tight little girl aren't you lets see if we can change that" Another finger is inserted and it barely went in. "gimme that school-girls slut" he said meaning Brett whose groans mellowed a bit. For a moment Craig stopped fucking him and was told to lick my ass so he could jam his cock inside. Brett and then myself, was f***ed to take another hit from the tiny bottle and then felt Brett's tongue slide around my asshole. And before I knew it Brett was gone and I was again being face fuck, this time by the man who was with Sean.

Then I felt it, the head of the mans cock pushing to get inside me. It hurt so bad but whenever I am penetrated I get the biggest hard-on. He finally mad it inside me and gave small thrusts at first. I started getting hard and my cock was standing straight up. Next thing I hear is, "look at this fucking slut, I knew she wanted it. Give the others some more poppers I bet they go hard too." I know now what that is but at the time it was just a name for the tiny bottle.

I didn't expect it but, now I was being stroked by the guy fucking me. His strokes got longer and harder, I felt my ass being stretched more than ever. "Wanna bet I make this slut cum before I do" I was pretty sure I would as he spit on my dick and stroked faster. I felt it building up to that point when his thrusts got faster and he let out a big sigh. I didn't cum even though I was really close but now felt stream after hot stream of cum shoot deep inside me. As he pulled he lift my butt in the air so all of his cum would not run out of me and told me he’ll “give me another go” after he makes his rounds. I might have been really hard and high but I was obviously hoping they would get off and leave.

No such luck. Both men got off of me and I had my first view of the room since Sean’s man switched with one of mine. Brett was laid face down on the couch with a mixed look of pleasure and discomfort as the man who was originally face fucking me was now pumping him. I notice a wad of cum had been shot on his back. I turn to see Sean with a face full of cum, not even wiped off, a rock hard cock, and fucking Craig in the reverse cowgirl position. I don’t remember exactly but something was said to the effect of them being on some type of vigra-type pills and that with the night being young and us f***ed poppers they could go all night.

This wasn’t exactly a relief but we were all d***k and high and every cock in the room was standing at full attention including mine and the guy who no less than a minute ago blew a huge load up my ass. When I was finally allowed to stand up I felt cum trickle down my leg and I was again f***ed to take another hit of the poppers. The guy that just finished fucking me turned to the one on top of Brett, “You gotta try this faggots pussy, it’s tight and I greased it up for ya. Oh and make her pretty little prick cum”

He pulled out of Bretts ass, spat on it and gave it a firm slap and said, “ it’s all yours” The man I was passed off to was the most rough and abusive of the bunch. He pulled me toward him and his cock poked into my stomach while mine, still hard, was in between his legs touching the bottom of his ass. He looked at me wide-eyed and threw me on the ground, “ Your dick doesn’t touch my ass. You’re the fucking bitch here.” I went to turn on my back but found myself pushed down.

Above me, coming from Seans bed I hear Craig telling him to ride his cock faster. Followed by moaning pleasure, “ Oh yes fuck my ass, fuck me, fuck me, yes, fuck my tight little hole……. Cum for me, do it baby, yea, right now. Cum right up my ass, make me your little slut.” “I’m cumming you fucking whore. Don’t stop, oh, yea keep it up. Just like that. Ohhhh Fuuuuuucccckkkkk Yesssss. Now let me see it pour out of you. You better lick up the mess you made slut.”

No dirty talk from Brett but he was moaning. The man fucking him say’s, “Hey Craig look at the clit on this one.” Bretts cock was really small, maybe no more than 3” hard and uncut.

Now it was my turn again, my asshole still in pain from before and this cock was much thicker. He began by furiously fingering me but that stopped rather quickly as he wanted to show me I was his bitch. “Your gonna take my cock in that pussy of yours and your gonna beg for more. Tell me you want it…do it. Tell me” I told him what he wanted in a probably semi convincing manner. “I wanna feel that thick cock inside me, give it to me please” He didn’t waste anytime. He pushed into me without caution and I let out a loud yelp and with every thrust I gave a whimper. I tried to hold it back but couldn’t. I could tell this turned him on. After a couple minutes he flipped me over and said, “bitches cum first.”

I was almost fully hard but the pain prevented it. Out of view of the others, he took my cock into his mouth and sucked it for a good minute. I was hard in no time and had to fight to not cum in his mouth which I knew would be trouble. With one finger he entered my ass and jerked my dick, lubing with his saliva. I was ready and started to tense as I was about to cum but he stopped. “Your not getting off that easy. You need to get it like a slut.” He pulled my legs up in the air and began to frantically beat my cock as it was pointed right at my own mouth. I couldn’t hold back and came harded than ever before inside my own mouth and all over my face. He must have really got off on that because flipped me right over thrusted no more than a dozen times and dumped the second load of cum into my ass.

I was stood up and shown to the other three men who were still in full swing. Face full of my own cum and my ass filled by a stranger who bent me over for all to see. Brett was getting double-teamed on the bed now and someone had obviously blew a huge load on his face, it was covered. I was told to sit and look pretty while the guy who just fucked my brains walked toward the bathroom. Then I hear, “No, why use the toilet when I have two perfect holes to piss in right here.” “Get on your back slut. Open your mouth and spread your hole.” I looked at him with hesitation and he slapped me in the face not very hard but enough to know not to second guess him again. I did as he said, with two fingers I widened my sore hole, opened my mouth and shut my eyes.

He shot piss inside my ass and mouth and told me I better not make a mess of the bed because we aren’t finished here by a long shot. He f***ed me to swallow what had not already fallen out of my mouth or been shot inside my ass. I was covered in piss and was almost jealous of my friends. But I did not realize that Brett was 10”deep with craigs cock and being f***ed to swallow the others load. He was near tears as Craigs cock pumped him like a jackhammer before losing his load inside Brett. He just collapsed on the couch each of his holes running with cum. Sean was getting his too but seemed to be enjoying it again, he jerked his own cock as he was getting fucked with his legs behind his head, then squirted all over his chest. This was followed by Sean sucking the cock that was just in his and all of are asses, until it exploded in his mouth. He swallowed it all and the man kissed him on the forehead.

Each of us were fucked, in every hole and filled from end to end in 4 strangers sweat, spit, cum, and piss. I was sprawled out on the bed strangely enough still with a hard on. Brett had not moved since being fucked face down on the couch, and Sean was lying in bed wiping off his fingers after trying to remove the cum from his freshly pumped hole.

The men cracked a few jokes and told us what sweet little faggots we were. Then said, “enjoy the rest of your trip” and walked out of the room. We said nothing to each other just went to sl**p how they left us; sore, humiliated, and full of 4 strangers cum.

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2 years ago
Great finish hope you write more
3 years ago
I loved it! Thanks baby
3 years ago
Great story thanks for uploading it.