Chapter V Lesbian Love & sodomy

Great Lesbian Love and sodomy
Chapter V --- ---

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After this meeting with Michelle and Mark, we often spent evenings together. Sometimes I came alone or with the elected if it accepted the moment. Throughout this period I confess I papillonnais a girl to another. Finally, rather than admit I had in reserve several lovers, and that depending on the mood I was choosing one or the other. Each may not know the existence of others .. Not necessarily, with some it does not pose a problem while others are more exclusive I had to juggle. Looking back I wonder how it has been possible.

Given the fact that I have not a unique physical, far from it manage to have as many girls always amazed me. Now why complain about a situation? I do not understand and it is true that not understanding what is my pet peeve. I can not stand not to understand. At best I get bored at worst it makes me afraid. But leave that aside.

So the period is more enjoyable if I was young, carefree, life was good, I discovered the perversion, the multiple loves, orgies and I admit that I wallowed in there with delight. So much so that apart from the ass not much interested me and that my actions were often guided by the hope of succumbing another partner. Do not forget that I have met many women who populated my world, Minitel, but also and perhaps more by encounters with swinging friends. So I've always been fortunate to have "subjects" whose concern or the research was also sex .. I'm sure if I had dredged in places normal girls that you come across every day fishing would have been worse .. Yet my first serious love, I just met at a birthday of a good friend.

Sonia, Sonia my ha .. I really liked this woman. Yet it was very tumultuous .. at the beginning .. The first time I saw her was on the anniversary of an old friend Philippe we had our 6th and we were set up tray and after it say .. But our relations were always friendly, no history of girls. He was not aware of my escapades at least not really, but we met often and often I did not have the same companion .... So ..

On this evening, birthday I went alone. I had not wanted to bring one of my friends at the time. And I was right ... I noticed very quickly that pretty girl with short curly hair, blond, very pale skin barely golden, eyes blue-green blades of a limpid lake. And what does not was wasting, a body that seemed to be more than pretty in this fuchsia lace dress, which left guessing against day wonders. It was a friend of the s****r of Philip. I was not the only bachelor who was a priori interested in this pretty little girl .. I managed all the same to get his attention joking and telling stories. She loved to laugh and was amateur funny stories. Soon we were discussing more serious things, and I realized that she was as intelligent and cultured than pretty. I flashed on the beautiful as a matter of plastic but now talking with her, too many things I liked. Luckily the shared interest appeared. We spent most of the time of the festival also has chatting and dancing. And in my arms for a few slow was extremely pleasant. At the end of the evening .. I finally early morning we left, promising to meet again soon. With not a real kiss, but a little kiss on the lips still parted it.

And then we saw pretty quickly, invitation to the restaurant, small gifts, outings .. After a while I realized I was really hooked. I realized also that, contrary to my habit I did not want to rush things and go straight to bed .. Oh of course we had exchanged a first real kiss at the end of our 2nd night .. By leaving neither she nor I have seen actually come .. It came naturally, we were well on it's entwined to say goodbye and then we both broke down, and we exchanged a very very long kiss. I must say from talking with Sonia tardn more we nearly have sex for the first time that night. It felt like both, but was expected of them and many other of this relationship and we were afraid to break the magic. So while it is left exhilarated wisely.

I already knew I was in love, I could only see through it, I had more adventures with other girlfriends who passed me yet regularly blows son. Sonia .. I could not see it and I saw us together for very long. She also was in the same state of mind. We were really in love with both. Sonia was surprised at how quickly she had succumbed to that feeling .. Me too because usually as soon as I felt that I was running away to preserve my tranquility. It must be said also that after a few meetings I found myself in the bed of beautiful passage .. while there we had been staying very wise.

Of course this could not last .. And of course we end up going to bed. I finally discovered the delights of my Sonia, it was really beautiful, her pale blond hair, her skin golden, because it always spent time under UV as soon as the sun was more. She had a few freckles discrete him look girlish. Small upturned nose and always seemed a bit arrogant. His mouth was full lips to lose their heads especially when she used it. She was slender and supple, slender waist long legs, she developed two small inches taller than me. Her breasts were rather small pear slightly, but her tits look great as I love them, long, big and especially hypersensitive, they were visible under his clothes for little she forgets her bra, which was very common as well as her panties. Sonia was little, in fact she liked to be free. Follower of naturism she made me practice and also on balance it's a real pleasure. Her flat stomach, the triangle of her sex barely shaded by her hair blonde and its small lips oh so inappropriate term as it escaped from large to show between her thighs. Her clitoris was hidden at the top of her lips I gobais often with delight. Its pretty big button loved attention, Sonia was especially clitoral even if it does not scorned the rest. But if I wanted to fill it enough for me to slip between her thighs and make her a kitten so that it is in heaven.

Our first time was an explosion of pleasure. I had been wise since we met and she was also very wise on his part. So we had to say very late rattr ** er and our first night was hot .. the first night when I say I am below the truth because in fact we spend the weekend in bed .. our only business was to make love, hug, rest and occasionally snack and drink for us back in shape.

There was an incredible complicity, no need requests, we knew instinctively what the other wanted. No taboos, Sonia was offered to all games with good grace. She had an innate talent for fellatio and made me succumb into his mouth very often. Sometimes they came to us to satisfy ourselves of these caresses, penetration if we worship Him was not inevitable and we were all one and the other satisfied. Exhibitionist undoubtedly Sonia I loved watching her stroke, use of vibrators, dildos. It was a sight to watch her choice of giving pleasure, and orgasms were violent, never simulated. He sometimes does not reach orgasm, while moving without getting near the fullness. She had only ever sorry, this happens infrequently. And in general it was a harbinger of the period or we could make crosswords ..

Sonia is my first true love. She was the woman who would share my life .. Soon we were really a couple, and not two bodies who assembled from time to time. We got along really a marvel, even though we sometimes small spats, I do not have an easy character and she was not a foolproof has flexibility with regard to the character, for the rest It made me ashamed .. sports she was concerned about his appearance which was never the case for me .. Yet still we loved and f *** e and sincerity.

In a relationship there comes a time when there sometimes arises the question .. Is that one really knows .. With Sonia there was a moment that very nearly put everything into question. We have after 5 months of perfect happiness very nearly going to major clash .. and for good reason .. adventure worth telling in detail ..

For my job I happened to be absent sometimes 1 or 2 weeks as part of training. And so I was party Pessac on the outskirts of Bordeaux for 15 days training. Up for a weekend it was very long train and Sonia took the opportunity to visit his parents in Normandy. One and the other one was bored and we spent some time in this history a little closer. So when I learned that ultimately my internship will conclude on Thursday evening, not Friday at noon I jumped at the chance, by changing my tickets from no earlier than Friday morning .. And wanting to surprise I did not speak to Sonia .. never make surprises like that. In general we ca falls on the beak. At that time we had not invented the TGV .. So since passage through Bordeaux with Paris it was to see a dozen dozen hours .. I went on the stroke of 6am and I was arriving around 17:00. Sonia ended early Friday afternoon and returned most often to the apartment around 15:00.

Chap.V Grand Amour Lesbiennes et sodomie --- Chap V --- D'autres histoires vécues a lire : Après cette rencontre avec Michelle et Marc, nous passions souvent des soirées ensembles. Parfois je venais seul ou accompagné de l'élue du moment si elle acceptait. Durant toute cette période j'avoue que je papillonnais d'une fille à l'autre. Enfin admettons plutôt que j'avais en réserve plusieurs amoureuses et que selon l'humeur je choisissais l'une ou l'autre. Chacune ne connaissant pas forcément l'existence des autres.. Pas forcément, avec certaines cela ne posait pas de problème d'autres étant plus exclusives je devais jongler. Quand j'y repense je me demande comment cela à été possible. Compte tenu du fait que je n'ai pas un physique exceptionnel, loin de là réussir à avoir autant de nanas m'a toujours étonné. Maintenant pourquoi se plaindre d'un état de fait? Je ne comprends pas et il est vrai que ne pas comprendre c'est ma bête noire. Je ne supporte pas de ne pas comprendre. Au mieux cela m'ennuie au pire ca me fait peur. Mais laissons cela de côté. Donc période des plus agréable s'il en est, j'étais jeune, insouciant, la vie était belle, je découvrais la perversion, les amours multiples, les partouzes et j'avoue que je me vautrais là dedans avec délice. Au point que à part le cul pas grand chose ne m'intéressais et que souvent mes actions étaient guidées par l'espoir de faire succomber une autre partenaire. N'oublions pas que j'ai rencontré beaucoup de ces femmes qui ont peuplé mon univers, par minitel, mais aussi et sans doute plus par des rencontres avec des amis échangistes. Donc j'ai toujours eu la chance d'avoir des « sujets » dont la préoccupation ou la recherche était également le sexe.. Je suis sur que si j'avais dragué dans les lieux habituelles les filles que l'on croise tous les jours la pêche aurait été moins bonne.. Pourtant mon premier amour sérieux, je l'ai rencontré simplement lors d'un anniversaire d'un bon copain. Sonia, ha ma Sonia.. j'ai vraiment aimé cette femme. Ce fut pourtant très tumultueux.. au début.. La première fois que je l'ai aperçue c'était lors de l'anniversaire de Philippe un vieux copain nous avions fait notre 6eme ensemble et nous avons été jusqu'au bac et après c'est dire.. Pourtant nos relations sont toujours restées amicales, pas d'histoire de nanas. Il n'était pas au courant de mes frasques du moins pas vraiment mais on se rencontrait souvent et souvent je n'avais pas la même compagne.... Donc.. A cette soirée, d'anniversaire j'étais allé seul. Je n'avais pas eu envie d'amener l'une de mes amies du moment. Et j'ai eu raison... Je remarquais très vite cette jolie fille aux cheveux courts et frisés, d'un blond très pale une peau à peine dorée, des yeux bleu-vert pâles d'une limpidité de lac. Et ce qui ne gâchais rien, un corps qui semblait être plus que joli sous cette robe de dentelle fuchsia, qui laissait à contre jour deviner des merveilles. C'était une amie de la sœur de Philippe. Je n'étais pas le seul célibataire qui était à priori intéressé par ce joli brin de fille.. Je réussis toute de même à capter son attention en plaisantant et en racontant des histoires. Elle adorait rire et était amatrice d'histoires drôles. Rapidement nous discutions de choses plus sérieuses, et je me rendis vite compte qu'elle était aussi intelligente et cultivée que jolie. J'avais flashé sur la belle pour une question de plastique mais maintenant en discutant avec elle, beaucoup trop de choses me plaisaient. Par chance l'intérêt semblait partagé. Nous avons passés presque tout le temps de cette fête à bavarder et aussi a danser. Et la tenir dans mes bras pour quelques slow fut extrêmement agréable. A la fin de la soirée.. enfin tôt me matin on se quittait en se promettant de se revoir bien vite. Avec non pas un vrai baiser, mais un petit bisou sur les lèvres tout de même on se séparait. Et puis on se revit assez rapidement , invitation au restaurant, petites attentions, sorties.. Au bout d'un moment je compris que j'étais vraiment accroc. Je me rendis compte également, que contrairement à mon habitude je ne voulais pas brusquer les choses et passer directement au lit.. Ah bien sur on avait échangé un premier vrai baiser au bout de notre 2eme soirée.. En se quittant ni elle ni moi ne l'avons vu venir en fait.. C'est venu naturellement, on était bien on c'est enlacés pour se dire au revoir et là on a craqué tous les deux, et on a échangé un très très long baiser. Je dois dire pour en avoir parlé avec Sonia plus tardn nous avons failli faire l'amour pour la première fois ce soir là. On en avait envie tous les deux, mais on attendait l'un et l'autre beaucoup de cette relation et on a eu peur de casser la magie. Alors tout émoustillés on c'est quitté sagement. Déjà je savais que j'étais amoureux, je ne voyais que par elle, je n'avais plus d'aventures avec d'autres copines qui pourtant me passaient régulièrement des coups de fils. Sonia.. je ne voyais plus qu'elle et je nous voyais ensembles pour très longtemps. Elle aussi était dans le même état d'esprit. On était vraiment amoureux l'un et l'autre. Sonia était surprise de la rapidité avec laquelle elle avait succombé à ce sentiment.. Moi aussi car le plus souvent dés que je ressentais cela je fuyais pour préserver ma tranquillité. Il faut dire également qu'au bout de quelques rencontres je me retrouvais dans le lit des belles de passage.. alors que là on était restés très sages. Bien sûr cela ne pouvais pas durer.. Et on finit naturellement par se retrouver au lit. Je découvrais enfin avec délice ma Sonia, elle était vraiment magnifique, sa blondeur pale, sa peau toujours dorée car elle passait du temps sous les UV dés que le soleil ne se montrait plus. Elle avait quelques petites tâches de rousseur discrètes qui lui donnait un air de petite fille. Son nez petit et retroussé semblait toujours un peu arrogant. Sa bouche aux lèvres pleines était à perdre la tête surtout quand elle s'en servait. Elle était souple et gracile, la taille fine de longues jambes, au point qu'elle avait 2 petits centimètres de plus que moi. Ses seins était plutôt petits légèrement en poire, mais ses tétons étaient superbes comme je les adore, longs, gros et surtout hypersensibles, ils étaient visibles sous ses vêtements pour peu qu'elle oublie son soutient gorge, ce qui était très fréquent de même que sa culotte. Sonia en portait peu, en fait elle aimait être libre. Adepte du naturisme qu'elle me fit pratiquer également et tout compte fait c'est un vrai plaisir. Son ventre plat, le triangle de son sexe a peine ombré par ses poils blonds et ses petites lèvres terme oh combien inapproprié car elle s'échappaient des grandes pour se montrer entre ses cuisses. Son clitoris était caché au haut des ses lèvres que je gobais souvent avec délice. Assez gros son bouton adorait les attentions, Sonia était surtout clitoridienne même si elle ne dédaignais pas le reste. Mais si je voulais la combler il me suffisait de me glisser entre ses cuisses et de lui faire une minette pour qu'elle soit aux anges. Notre première fois fut une explosion de plaisir. J'étais resté sage depuis notre rencontre et elle avait également été très sage de son côté. Nous avions donc disons beaucoup de retard à ratt****r et notre première nuit fut torride.. quand je dis première nuit je suis en dessous de la vérité car en fait nous avons passer le week end au lit.. notre seule activité fut de faire l'amour, se câliner, se reposer et de temps en temps grignoter et boire pour nous remettre en forme. Il y avait une complicité incroyable, pas besoin de demandes, nous savions instinctivement ce que l'autre souhaitait. Aucun tabous, Sonia s'offrait à tous les jeux de bonne grâce. Elle avait un talent inné pour la fellation et me faisait succomber dans sa bouche très souvent. Parfois ils nous arrivait de nous satisfaire de ces caresses, la pénétration si nous l'adorions n'étais pas incontournable et pour autant nous étions l'un et l'autre satisfaits. Exhibitionniste sans aucun doute, Sonia adorait que je la regarde se caresser, utiliser des vibromasseurs, des godemichés. C'était un spectacle de choix de la regarder se donner du plaisir, et ses orgasmes étaient violents, jamais simulés. Il lui arrivait de ne pas atteindre l'orgasme, de passer tout prés sans obtenir la plénitude. Elle n'en était jamais peinée, cela arrivait peu fréquemment. Et en général c'était annonciateur de la période ou nous aurions à faire des mots croisés.. Sonia, est mon premier grand amour véritable. C'était elle la femme qui partagerait ma vie.. Rapidement nous étions vraiment un couple et non plus deux corps qui s'assemblaient de temps en temps. On s'entendait vraiment a merveille, même si nous avions parfois des petites prises de bec, je n'ai pas un caractère facile et elle n'était pas d'une souplesse a toute épreuve en ce qui concerne le caractère, pour le reste elle me faisait honte.. sportive elle était soucieuse de son apparence ce qui n'a jamais été le cas pour moi.. Et pourtant malgré tout on s'aimait et avec f***e et sincérité. Dans une relation il arrive un moment où l'on se pose parfois la question.. est-ce que l'on se connait vraiment.. Avec Sonia il y eut un moment qui faillit bien remettre tout en question. Nous avons au bout de 5 mois de bonheur parfait bien failli aller au clash de grande envergure.. et pour cause.. l'aventure mérite d'être racontée par le menu.. Pour mon job il m'arrivait d'être absent parfois 1 ou 2 semaines dans le cadre de formations. Et donc j'étais parti a Pessac dans la banlieue de Bordeaux pour 15 jours de formation. Remonter pour un WE c'était bien long en train et Sonia en profita pour aller voir ses parents en Normandie. L'un et l'autre on s'ennuyait ferme et on passait pas mal de temps au tel histoire de se rapprocher un peu. Donc quand on m'appris qu'en fin de compte mon stage se terminerai le jeudi soir et non le vendredi à midi je sautais sur l'occasion, faisant changer mes billets pour partir au plus tôt le vendredi matin.. Et voulant faire la surprise je n'en parlais pas a Sonia.. ne faites jamais de surprises comme çà. En général ca nous retombe sur le bec. A cette époque on n'avais pas encore inventé le TGV.. donc depuis Bordeaux avec passage par Paris c'était une dizaine voir douzaine d'heure.. Je partais sur le coup de 6h du matin et je devais arriver autour de 17h00. Sonia terminait de bonne heure le vendredi après-midi et était rentré le plus souvent vers 15h00 à l'appartement.
After an unpleasant trip, by train it's always like that .. I hate the train. Finally I arrive .. My car was waiting for me wisely .. again at that time need not pay a parking meter there were a place of self stood there and basta .. Now we are left with a bill that puts a bad mood .. see when arriving later I almost did not get my car .. all being more or less closed!

In short .. finally back .. I jump in my car and the apartment management. I drop my bag in the lobby .. No Sonia .. flute for once she is not there? Yet if .. his shoes are neatly arranged in this entry .. Then I hear a noise, a sort of moaning, of little cry .. I took a glance through the corridor in each room .. In retrospect I wonder why I have not called .. probably want to make a surprise .. but here it is I who would get it .. There remains only the room where this time I hear moans, she I would recognize from miles on the heart beats, the brain works has a hundred miles an hour .. it is there, not only .. one end, it loses it .. I open the door violently to see Sonia in bed, between her thighs and another woman a brunette. They cry out and instinctively cover with the cloth. I am angry, unhappy, ready to break everything but mostly stunned .. I can not make a sound .. I slam the door. I can not see anything, I have tears in their eyes. I do not understand. I love it and am wrong with a woman. It hurts when we see here is not known why, one wonders how this can happen .. I head for the door. I go it's over. I put my hand on the handle. I'll turn when I feel you pull me back ..

"You go away, sorry, still, I love you"

I turn around there is Sonia has hooked me in tears, defeat, I have rarely seen a look as begging .. I admit for a moment I raised my hand and I ran out of the strike under the influence of emotion .. She saw me watching and I felt as if I was hitting it but I accept it'd break everything forever .. I removed my hand down the side of the door handle.

She throws herself at my neck "Sorry, sorry sorry please do." It's especially hard when you love to remain deaf to this appeal.

The only thing I can say is

"But why? "

Sonia, I train in the living room, she sobs, she is really bad. I am also totally clueless .. I am struck, standing KO.

Sitting on the couch I still can not speak. She collapsed in front of me, kneeling, his cheek against my thigh she cries, grabbing my legs. Shaken with hiccups it has barely speak again. I feel that we remained silent for so long, it is probably very subjective. I finally put my hand on her head, she looked up and I could really see the distress of the world in her eyes wet. I felt very bad, I wanted to meet I did not see as well at my feet, but she refused to leave this position. I felt she wanted to stay and to atone, to mortify me what she had to endure. For my part, I still find it difficult to analyze now how I felt at that moment. Anger at having been so deceived? Humiliation as it was by another woman? Not because there is no more humiliating to be a woman or a man. The surprise is probably the feeling that overwhelmed me the most .. I could have imagined everything but that.

After a moment Sonia began to tell me she had always been bisexual, she loved women and men for love games, but she could not conceive of living without men. It was the woman in foreplay she appreciated. Sonia at our meeting, as I felt we had two it would be more than a passing relationship. There were more than a physical attraction between us. She had at that time was afraid if she confessed her bisexuality that I do not accept it or I do not understand it. She hid this facet of his personality. She assured me with tears streaming down and sobs full voice she loved me, I counted more than anything for her. She asked forgiveness, I have hidden these things and especially for taking advantage of my absence to satisfy her desire with her friend Sandy.

My anger fell, the storm passed, the surprise surge, we had to find a solution. I stood on either having been deceived, and ultimately we threw everything at bat .. Or I understood, I tried to find a way out that would be satisfactory for everyone and maybe we could go on .. Love is often a succession of obstacles, it crosses the two, if one is reluctant and does not cross any breaks. I did not want to stop seeing our adventure so quickly. I was in love, Sonia also we had to go ahead and find a solution.

Of course I had a woman in front of me that I had thought about. It was obvious that much shadow there. I was not at rest with respect to the shadow, I had not told me any either. I did not talk about my adventures with couples, I affectionnais parties before meeting her. Certainly in love with her I had bought a pipe and I did not see fit to tell him. Now the deal had changed. I had to come clean.

I will always remember this moment. I took her chin forcing her to look into my eyes. It made me really upset and I struggled not to cry with her. I said, "It is forgotten, I forgive you, we'll talk I love you" I saw then as an interior light that illuminated her face. In a flash, relief, joy, shame, happiness passed over this adorable little face. As an imp she fell on my neck and pressed me against her, snuggling her face into my neck, inundating me with tears. She began to cry but this time she would be relieved .. She was shivering, she was naked, I would wrap the plaid which covered the back of the couch. Sonya seemed to return to my life. For now there was little we had talked that we can talk about anything here. I realized that his partner had to be still there in the apartment unless the person has become eclipsed. Sonia called. She entered the room, naked and wrapped. She remained, terrified, afraid of what might happen. Sandrine then had followed the whole scene. She apologized for his indiscretion, I could not help replying that it was not his indiscretion she has to apologize .. Note foolish on my part but it certainly had to come out. And dialogue instaura little by little. Sonia explained that Sandrine and it was a special friendship of long standing. Already in college they were friends from the same region, Sandrine had married a soldier who by the purest chance it was found posted on the air base nearby. Of course it was a godsend to find his lifelong friend. So I learned that his lover let's call it that was married. Throughout the discussion, I learned that Sonia and Sandra had their first sexual experience together. Then she had experienced each of the boys, but they found much pleasure in their plays lesbians from time to time. This explanation calmed me anyway. I understood that it was for fun, want something else from time to time she had this relationship, coupled with a friendship unparalleled. As we talked, Sonia did not let go of me, curled up against me she gave me all the signs of love she could, so that Sandrine finally said that we were very cute together and she was wanted to stir up trouble. Sonia said that if we were in this situation it was because of it .. I wanted information about whether her husband had put Sandrine aware .. Of course not .. he was in the same situation as me actually, except that he knew nothing.

After cordially detested this Sandrine there was hardly more than an hour, she seemed more friendly and given the attachment that existed between Sonia and her, I never bothered people not to talk.

I just had to talk about my experiences more than one, by simple honesty. And then an idea had germinated in my head .. Oh no .. not take advantage of the situation and the relationship between Sonia and Sandrine. I simply explained that I had a lot of couples and relationships that I had loved. For my part now that I was aware, when Sonia and Sandra would want to splurge I agreed to let them now so they took advantage.

Both were really surprised by this proposal. But they were delighted .. a time. Sonia then said it was really sweet for me, but she could not ask me that. She blamed herself too much of this surprises me that she had done. Sandrine saved the situation, she thought that having a relationship with Sonia relationship she would not give up, that Sonia was with me and she had spent her time to say great things about me .. and for my part I had some experience dealing with many .. Why all three can not we have fun .. The second surprise of the day ..

We looked at all three .. Sandrine laughed at our mine aback, saying she was not joking .. She took her foot with Sonia, on the other hand it was a bit curious to know if my lick was as good as that of a woman .. what she seemed to doubt .. I not displeasing to her .. Why not take advantage of the windfall? Sonia told him that if her husband was learning ... What Sandrine replied that if he learned it would be for me and she thought that neither Sonia nor I would go talk .. She was not wrong ..

Sonia appeared quite agree and even eager to adopt this solution .. She even added that it would be nice to meet my friends. I did not ask for much. But I must say that the prospect of finding some in the company of Sonia seemed very attractive. It remained to see how I'd live to see the fact in the company of another. This was the position I had a few hours before and I had not appreciated .. but it was within the scope of the surprise.

The situation is contrived, but the blow was really hard, total surprise .. I could not doubt the sincerity and I could not blame him. She should tell me about his attraction to women. If we had discussed before, I probably would have suggested we slum it with a few of my old friends.

Sonia sniffed a bit much, but it was better and it was calm. Sandrine on balance was better supported the incident, she had been afraid that just as in anger me to do something stupid. I still bankrupt, Sonia had avoided the slap of a hair. I would have liked and I think it would put an end to our adventure. I am sincerely one of those who sincerely believe that beating a woman is abnormal and should never happen .. You will understand later the whole meaning of it.

Sonia now that we had evacuated the incident, became affectionate. She was still naked and slid the blanket that covered. Around my neck her arms she rubbed against me. I could not res **** r and naturally I went through his body with my hands. She took my mouth into a long, deep kiss. She stopped and invited Sandrine to join us. This one dropped the cloth and revealed to me his body. Sonia was as dark as blonde, Sandrine had not the shadow of down between his thighs and apricot was bounced. A beautiful bust a little heavy, a little round belly, full hips Sandrine was coarser than Sonia but had a certain charm. Her brown eyes were sparkling with mischief. She came and she began to kiss Sonia before me, a real kiss, and they loved that. How to keep wood before such a spectacle?

I was on my knees two beautiful creatures who rolled a shovel and languidly caressing. What do other than get my hands on their hips and caress my turn. They were sweet, hot, I felt rising desire. I felt good cramped in my pants now. Sonia slipped on the floor, kneeling, followed closely by Sandrine whose eyes sparkled with mischief. I felt she savored the moment. Sonia also had a glimmer murkier still. She now had the assurance to continue our adventure, without losing its relationship with Sandrine and openly. My two were naughty it seems very excited by this new situation. Sonia began to put me at ease with the help of Sandrine. And in a moment she had dropped my pants jumping, dare I say greedily on my cock? Yes .. may be more This minute I'm not about to forget .. For the first time I was with two women who expected to share me. Sonia hostess was the first to put his mouth on my penis, but Sandrine came immediately to seek a small place, so they passed and repassed me sucking my cock alternately. My arms were all too short to caress anything other than their shoulders. But I assure you, having two women as well to pet it's delicious .. There is a small side mogul, with both odalisques subject to my desires .. in fact it is rather I who am more submissive and passive, for f *** e .. because it leaves me no choice.

Sonia took me down her throat as she knew so well do it while sucking me Sandrine balls while kneading them with great conviction. It was a little painful but it was so good. It was clear now for my two naughty I wanted a more active role ..

Sonia pushed Sandrine on the back, and spreading it widely thighs says "Eat well there as you do to me" I never did not pray and plunged my face between Sandra's thighs. It smelled good .. bounced her pussy was appetizing. Sonia parted the labia of his lover to give me easier access to the tabernacle. The girls watched intently watching each on the face of the other's feelings, reactions inspired by the situation. The moment my tongue made contact with the quivering flesh and a pearly pink pussy of this offer, Sandrine shuddered and gave a little feulement pussy. Sonia looked at me with a smile, holding that sex largely torn that moistened growing under my licks. "Oh that's good moaning Sandrine".

I saw the face of Sonia change in prey has obvious pleasure. I saw that Sandrine had her hand between her thighs Sonia and without a doubt that he dug his fingers pussy. Sandrine thoroughly wet, but his little button was hard, he rolled under my tongue I aspired. And each press or lick the body was tense Sandrine. She launched her belly forward to meet my face. She uttered little cries like Sonia who now literally impaled on the fingers of her friend, giving thrusts fingers to penetrate further into it. My cock ached so I hard-on, I was terribly excited to the point where I felt my rod up in the few drops that precede orgasm .. Yet I did not intend to leave immediately. Sandrine began a screaming, writhing clawing the sheets, she was ready to enjoy .. His pleasure surged sharply, filling her pussy gaping of the espresso that I smeared chin .. She enjoyed like crazy .. dropping a****l cries, which added to my excitement. Sonia excited, the red cheeks, took me by the neck, kissed me licking the juice of his girlfriend on my lips.

She said in a hoarse voice, "Take this kiss there I wanna see you take it"

I got up and grabbing me Sandrine confirmed that Sonia had just wondering .. "Kiss me quick .. "She said. I was tense, my swollen cock Sonia put her hand on my member and guided me in the sex dripping with Sandrine .. I sank into it slowly, inch by inch dripping penetration .. All the time I entered her, her throat let out a grunt. It was hot, soft as silk, I love the feeling tempered. I began to take her and her stomach fluttered. His cock was closing on my tail, trying to prevent it from escaping. Opening when it was sinking in, Sandrine had a cat quite narrow and shallow, I stumbled against her uterus that every time he drew groans. While I limais slowly, I did not enjoy right away .. Sandrine attracted to Sonia snaps was astride his face .. Licking her pussy with application .. The location was beautiful, my darling getting their pussy by her friend was facing me. I saw his face on the sensations that the language of Sandrine was born. I plunged into the sex of this almost unknown a few hours ago .. I held not to squirt inside her .. Sonya seemed about to cum, she began to shout, grabbing her shoulders and kissing me. I felt chills all who were born in his belly and broadcast in his body. His face crispais, sometimes giving the impression of great pain, yet it was only fun. She tensed like a bow .. digging her nails into my shoulders .. it enjoyed on the lips of Sandrine, I could not go .. it was now that I'm free in my turn .. Sonia had released Sandrine's face and his mouth had just drip on all the fun that had flooded the lips .. Sandrine had her cheeks and lips glistening with wet .. Sonia licked his lips .. She saw that I would enjoy. She pulled me by the arm .. "Come .. just .. enjoy on us .. "I knew she wanted me to enjoy on their faces .. I left the burning cauldron of sex Sandrine. I went up to their face has straddled the breasts of Sandrine's balls brushed against me .. She had both cheek against cheek .. mouth open .. until I squirted on them .. This was the trigger the two faces, two women waiting for my sperm as an offering .. I giclais like crazy .. Sandrine squeezing my balls and squeezing my cock Sonia .. shaking me to make me squirt more .. I felt empty to me. It was an explosion on my knees I was shaking, spasms, restless, I could not leave their eyes face that burst after burst began to drip sperm .. They were everywhere, on the lips, mouth and cheek hair, same eyes .. We were all three in an indescribable state. Sonia and Sandra licking the cast of cum on their faces .. No longer .. I joined in the feast, licking their faces also for cleaning .. The taste of my semen there was a long time that I knew. This Sandrine surprised, but not Sonia who was accustomed to seeing me do this stuff .. We exchanged kisses triangular .. I finally lie down between my two companions .. cajolaient me. You can imagine what a delight it may be that having two women against one. This is the fantasy of many men .. and I admit this is a nice setup, although it is exhausting ..

As usual, despite a total enjoyment, I stood erect. Sandrine was surprised, and I took the cock in her hand. She felt as soon as my erection was harder. She looked at Sonia over me and said, "It's always like that? "Sonia said yes .. Without saying anything more Sandrine I stepped over and sat on me impaling herself on my cock facing me. After a few go back, she emerged and my cock gently with her fingers she pushed against his anus. Slowly she sank down on my cock, I felt her anus grip my engine. She made me enter to the hilt before rising slowly. She climbed down gently. I saw her pussy wide open and still wet, my hands on her waist has helped him up and down. Sonia did not want to sit on the sidelines. She stood over my face giving me her pussy to eat. She was also dripping, my tongue has started the search button from his anus which left open easily. Its smell was strong, heady, musky blend that I loved smelling. Her button was full of bl**d drawn, the drawing sucked it squeaks. I had lost sight Sandrine but I felt that my two babes kissing caressing. Sandrine maintained a slow pace, taking me to the hilt and going almost entirely to let me out before I dive back into her ass.

After a while Sandrine wanted to change position, getting in 69 with Sonia she showed her ass. She still wanted me to take from behind but while Sonia and she ate pussy. I plunged into her ass with ease, it was still very open. Sonia's pussy licked eagerly Sandrine, licking my balls too at times. Very excited I gave blow k**ney, Sandrine was pushing a little cry every time, but suffocated because his mouth was buried in the sex of Sonia ..

I felt a finger creeping into my anus, Sonia knew I liked this caress and there .. I loved .. She had a knack for finding the place that would put me in a trance and again she found the right angle and began to massage my prostate while I besognais Sandrine's ass. Instantly I felt, well up the little spring that press the shutter at home this massage, I emptied slowly drip into the anus welcoming prelude to the explosion that should soon .. I think we achieved something rare all three orgasm at the same time .. It was only screams, groans and I felt my seed flow into the narrow openings that I was trying to destroy it. I retired, Sandrine was largely torn anus and my cum began to slide down, running down her soaking wet pussy that Sonia and she was always lapped up the rain on his lips, drinking from the same source. Almost Dantesque spectacle, we were all three in an excited state rather uncommon. Sandrine had shiny buttocks and inside her thighs. Sonia's face smeared with semen, wet breathing was short because she enjoys it too violently. And I was like still excited and still bandaged tail, red, veins protruding almost purplish glans.

Sandrine was returned and saw me still erect cried to the attention of Sonia "It's not true! How did he do? "It gave a little smile and said" This is my man .. He loves here "They were exciting as hell, dirty from all sides, moist, sweaty skin. It floated into the room an odor, that of heated bodies, sweat is a very sweet aphrodisiac. They were excellent, both now entwined .. is bécotant .. I could not help but caress me .. I masturbate watching them .. Sonia and Sandra watched me .. bright eyes .. "You can still enjoy said Sandrine? "

"Oh yes says Sonia, I love the look when he jerks off on me .. we share .. my darling? "

I continued to polish frankly it began to be painful, but the tension was so strong that I was still absolutely enjoy what I wanted to appease me. They were sitting against the couch, me kneeling before them, my cock hard as a stick, also nodosa .. I was more excited over inflated bl**d veins. It was impossible to recaloter the glans, Sonia reiterated that my gender was not wet enough she took me in her mouth covering it with saliva .. I failed to enjoy good in his mouth .. She let me keep my masturbation .. reaching out she took a nipple between his fingers, rolling, pinching it .. Sandrine was saying while taking the other .. It was a shock, the signal from me .. and under their caresses and my hand I squirted on their body already wet, glare, my head was spinning, this time it was hard .. I pushed a scream that lasted a long while I emptied jerks. My head was spinning I plopped down on them curled up against my two lovers embracing each other.

We remained silent for a moment .. before Sandrine not always talkative exclaims .. "What up my darlings .. "

The evening was not over .. provided ..

It was time for us to spend in the bathroom .. This time the shower was needed and what's more fun than a shower together ... What a pleasure to fondle, soap lingering on the tip of one breast, on the inside of a thigh, a sex, a brushing clit just waiting to be stroked. Sandra and Sonia played the game, making me the favor, stroking me and soaping me in every corner .. Of course this game. I found myself quickly erect to the surprise of Sandrine "But you have not been any bands you quite yet! "Sonia, who was accustomed explained that I was like that and that could last a long time .. ca Sandrine always mischievous and playful thought Sonia was exaggerating. "Come on darling he made a nice little pipe, we'll see if it works" And suiting the action to the word, Sandrine knelt taking my own cock now all in her mouth. She massaged my balls, she urged them liked to play with sometimes a little abrupt but I liked this place. Sonia would not be outdone and we are in the bathroom, the two beautiful kneeling in front of me to pump the knot carefully. Even with closed eyes I should have recognized their mouths. Sonia was soft and applied while Sandrine was more voracious more abrupt as if she was in a hurry to reach the goal. The alternation of mouths, the vision of my fair companions, this all contributed to my excitement .. Sonia has again slipped his hand between my cheeks and tried to slide his finger in my anus .. Sandrine realized the maneuver .. "He likes here? "She says .. Sonia nodded and gave way to Sandrine's hand .. that work has started, with some fingering then she explained that her husband loved here also. Meanwhile I felt his finger that invested my ass, and she knew she found there to the sweet spot .. Immediately I felt a shiver go up and I felt my tail along the straw that was beading at the end of my glans. Sandrine watched this pearl transparent form. She collected this big tasted the tip of the tongue. Her finger was busy making up even more even more liquor .. After a few moments, my cock dripped long filaments translucent. Sandrine was surprised at the abundance of this fluid "He wets a girl like you man, it's great! "Sonia said that she also caressed me. My cock was again swollen and tense. Sonia shook my base with her fingers ring adding to the natural pressure. I knew she loved when my cock was knotted with veins stood out. She was spoiled. I found it hard to control myself and now I was shaking in my legs. The prostate massage added to the pumping of my two wives had brought me to the limits of what I could bear .. And in a flash I emptied into the mouth of Sandrine who was extremely surprised at the amount and consistency of what giclais in her mouth .. She could not keep everything besides Sonia and wine to the rescue which was sinking snap out of his mouth .. My legs carried me over and I plopped down almost sitting on the floor while the two furies pumped me eagerly .. This time I was struck .. Yet Sandrine and noticed I put a good 10 minutes well disband.

Sandrine I was great, she had never seen a guy who does not débandais soon after enjoying. I understood why this girl Sonia adored him, it was a small bomb an electric battery, was always ready to party, wild. Friday evening started badly by the discovery of the deception of Sonia, but frankly .. was that bad? I think it was a bargain .. After taking over a shower we had finally reached out and get dressed .. I invited the whole world at the restaurant, thinking even the husband of Sandra told him that I could call to get a couple at the restaurant .. But he was alert and could not leave the base. Sandrine and to add .. that unless Sonia and I wanted to be alone she was a starter to finish the evening with us .. And she pointed out that the girls had fun behind me ...

The girls descended once a beauty. Sonia took me aside, asked me if I was okay if not heard in was not angry. She asked me how I liked her friend. I could not answer that in terms of sex, and I really liked. Sonia as Sandrine was without taboo, playful, pleasure-loving and without headaches .. All this was confirmed during the meal.

It was fun to get these two pretty girls .. Sandrine and naturally took the arm that Sonia left free. I had to do quite envious of that day. A blonde and a brunette paradise.

We were ready to get into a car when Sandrine with a mischievous exclaimed, "Oh I forgot to put panties! "And Sonya said, laughing .. "Well, well .. ben me either I have not ".. I could not help but laugh and wonder if it was true .. In perfect unison, my two naughty lifted their skirts to prove it to me .. the risk of heart attack and cause accidents because we were on a boulevard longer that way. I even remember the eye in a way that threw granny on the pavement opposite who had seen the scene.

In the car my two rascals did not stop talking about our antics .. Sandrine gave me lots of compliments, she loved my tongue and said that no man ever had licked well. She thought I licked a girl as well. Sonia was quite agrees and confessed that she just wanted to keep me here. I say a little strongly that they would manage well both .. But they protested, saying that girls is super good but it's better than a man .. Sonia and added "If it's a man like you .. oh yes "While giving me a pat on the neck .. which was followed by another .. I saw that Sandrine was up to me. Luckily my girlfriend is not jealous .. but I love how you make love .. and I hope we will start .. "Yes darling, you sl**p at home do not forget," said Sonia .. "sl**p? T 'is crazy! one will put his knees. "

At the restaurant, we were finally able to talk almost seriously, much as we can when two beautiful women tease you under the table with their toes .. What was surreal was that from time to time one or the other made me kisses. Needless to say, some other guests had the restaurant looks a little upon us. Sandrine exuberant and talkative, more than Sonia spoke loudly and sometimes much longer and intimate .. When Sonia remarked to him that there was a bit much invariable response was "I do what I want with my ass, if there are disgruntled it's frustrated, I'm having fun! "

Discussion continued around me. Sandrine could not understand was how I was to stay in shape after having enjoyed. I explained that if they let me quiet a while my erection slowly disappeared. But if I was a little stimulated, by caresses or by what may happen in the room I had a hard time finding a normal state. She worried about how many times it was possible. Sonia said that for now she had not managed to push me to the end and yet there were instances when we make love 8 or 10 times a night at least between the hours of the morning and slept.

We also discussed other things, and I ended up realizing that Sandrine was intelligent, sensitive funny I tell Sonia that I could fall in love with a girl like her .. Which earned me a slap, but a big smile of Sandrine and Sonia took her by the neck to make him a kiss, saying that now I understood why they were friends. I enchainais asking them if they were not deep love with each other. They were not very safe nature of the feelings they felt for each other. They were some of the physical attraction and attachment, the deep friendship that united them. One thing was certain, the scene of Friday had been salutary. Sonia was especially unhappy to have to hide her friend .. Now she was relieved, happy and it made me feel, displaying treasures of coaxing ..

They made me talk about my experiences with several friends. And they had really seem to want to embark on such adventures. For them too tonight was the first one and loved the fact they had to share a lover, they imagined that having fun with another couple could be really full of surprise and pleasure.

I was rather surprised when Sonia learned that Mark was bisexual she asked me if I tried. I answered no and that I had no intention of trying it seemed a little disappointed .. She had wanted to see me with a man? It is quite true that I have enjoyed playing some games and Sonia loved putting more than a little finger in my anus .. I loved it and put it .. but you will not find in so long.

They were unsustainable, excited like schoolgirls. For dessert they had approached their chairs and we were three elbow to elbow, which allowed under the table hand games more than rogues. In fact all three of us we were ready to jump on a hard on me I like a donkey, what they had seen in the dark and they both were wet as I could see from their fingertips they had me gets licked after making a turn between their thighs. We ended up leaving the restaurant under the eye of the boss quite amused that I knew, but with looks in through a pair of old pimbêches, whose husbands would have preferred to be in my place and I would not have change either.

Arm in arm we go back to my car parked not far away. It was a bit in the dark, and Sonia took the opportunity to roll me a bowl which she had the secret, rubbing against me. I was still going strong. Sandrine is approached us with this and impish grin that never left her for she said Sonia .. "And I can? "Sonia drew back a little and said" Yes we share everything we two "and Sandrine takes my mouth but instead to rub against me it leaves his hand down between my legs and close on my tail. "But you strip piggy! "I could not say no it was the object of crime in his hand and frankly I did not feel like she let go. Sandrine stopped the kiss and turned to Sonia said, "If they made him a treat immediately, he needs it, it is hard" Sonia nodded and helping Sandrine slid the closure of my pants. We were in a corner not too bright but in a car park near the cathedral and the city center so pretty passenger.

I find myself behind my car, tail in air with two beautiful women sucking me in turn having fun like little crazy. They suck me hard, émoustillées the situation, can be a little intoxicated by what we drank at the restaurant also .. I let myself be leaning against the car because my legs are unsteady just as the caress is strong. I feel the storm rising, I let out a hoarse cry when I sprayed the two beautiful jostling to get into their mouths the most juice. In fact they took it in everywhere and it will require a little cleaning ..

It was fast but very hard for me. Sandrine had fun hitting me on the glans hoping to lower his head.

"You are too strong, you never stop to bandage! "Sonia said Sandrine and replicate" It is here that I love! "

Then we could finally get into a car and go home, my two beautiful, found nothing better than to ride in the back every two to cuddle. Not easy to conduct when we hear the moans and wet sounds .. or licking fingers in wet pussies. The only retro sent me a small glimpse of the bacchanal in the back seat .. But of course I had a hard time concentrating and of course I 'had stayed the tail in the air .. Got home my two rascals were 69 in the back seat and they were so close to the pleasure I expected stroking the rump of Sonia and my tail with your other hand until they both enjoy what happened Sandrine first followed by Sonia .. I was really excited and I almost threw myself on her to take it I really had a wild desire .. I should wait a bit.

You end up in the apartment, they had a look a little fishy my two beautiful, the pretty face a little defeated, disheveled, makeup party in Flap especially Sonia who had the distinction of often shed a few tears when she took pleasure. Add a half they were stripped naked, rolled up. We have crossed someone in the hallway or elevator happily .. especially on the landing of the apartment or there after a few minutes in the cab I had the tail to air his shirt open my belt too. A two-story loan, she ****d me.

It was finally in the apartment, the girls began to feel comfortable right away, dropping their clothes in the hallway laughing. Then she stared me in the neck and began to undress me which did not take long. It is true that I like to walk naked in general I feel at ease with nothing on me. While there I had sex always tense, which amused and impressed Sandrine at the highest point. We caressed, kissed by going to the salon. I suggested we open a bottle, he was thirsty as they say .. They applauded with both hands .. offer champagne to a woman she rarely refuses. I always had two or three bottles in a cool one and I broughtest 3 cups. I could not res **** r schoolboy pleasure in asking the bottle on ice nipples Sonia and Sandra .. no reason that I am the only one bend.

I thought it was better to push back a little later in the frolicking for a chat. We laughed a good heart, thinking back to how it all began, that I had very nearly slapped Sonia, and I seized that moment to ask for forgiveness before Sandrine who had been afraid that I do something stupid. I gladly accepted that found in bed with Sandrine had made me very badly, but especially surprised. I did not understand why she was here. Now it was explained, had been given the right reasons and we were within hours became best friends. I loved Sonia can be even more, I really liked Sandrine and not just for somersaults. The girls had found the love of many, and here was great. Sandra regretted her husband is a little too rigid and not very connected to this kind of thing, more concerned about his racing career. They had enjoyed the freedom to make love to me, it really motivated them knowing that the show was very exciting for me. Sandrine had enjoyed my attitude to it, because javais able to give him pleasure but as the difference between her and Sonia. I was not quite the same, without being booked, I left him to express his desires. But what haunted Sandrine this day was that I hard-on for a hat that ca not lasted long. She compared with her husband who disbanded soon after enjoying. I told him that I had always been like that, I had more than one sex of a size quite average and I did nothing special. It was not his opinion .. She thought she had not met many men who had both the delicacy, tact, imagination and passion that I déployais. It was in compliment compliment they did not seem so deserved that here only acting naturally without forcing myself. I realized later that so many guys only think about their pleasure that I was and still is the difference with the majority. I do not care if I've had fun and enjoyed if my partner takes pleasure. To see me enjoy the other is more important than my thrill for me, I could always have it, thinking back to my partner masturbating me. But a woman to lose control when she enjoys is the most delectable performances. So surely if I'm closer to fun on the other I'm a little different. But women also may be different. Sonia was very attentive to my delight, she was a bit like me could be forgotten as long as I had fun and she loved watching my expressions my pleasure. Sandrine was more expeditious and particularly liked when I cried, still something that I differ from a lot of men, Sandrine told me that when I began to shout, see if it's really hard and I can literally scream I s voice that carries. She said then she has had chills. Yet how much have I seen men who have not even a grunt. Probably do not know they expect that the pressure is at its height. Wait it is true to some of the consequences .. I sometimes enjoy no other caresses than I give to my partner or simply the enjoyment of his vision. It is curious to see his cock waving and feeling his liquor up slowly because usually it's more a flow that ejaculation but it is very hard because it lasts longer.

But ignored his digressions back to our evening ..

The champagne was fresh, naked girls comfortable in this outfit. Sandra and Sonia was beside me has a has a right to left. We simply stroking while talking, kissing occasionally. Sometimes she came to kiss my face and see their mouths open, their tongues mingling was really exciting. As ever I had the hard cock and for a while. No risk I disbands between our subjects discussed, the situation and the caresses lavished me my two companions I could not have .. And I even began to feel some pain, and feel my balls swelling that seemed increasingly heavy and sensitive. For my part I caressed one breast, one thigh, one back I love the neck gently with fingertips caress their necks. I played also had to put my fingers on their lips and they sucked my finger in a simulated fellatio exciting.

At one point Sonia took the tip of my breast in his hand and said Sandrine has to do the same on the other side. I literally cambrais, tweaking my nipples makes me a monstrous effect, if it lasts long, so it is very strong this leads me to the enjoyment, only setback is that my nipples are hypersensitive to the point some time later to annoy me when they rub on my shirt.

Each of them pinched my nipple and their hands were sharing my cock.

They both watched me hungrily. Sandrine did not leave me eye.

She whispered encouragement, as the junk style

"All right, you bastard band, let yourself go, you will squirt, you make me wet"

Sonia also did the same she knew me better and know what words made me soar

"You like that bitch your motion you eh? You're glad you two bitches there "

then softly in her ear she said

"You wants me to take you? "

The prompt was clear. Sonia and I had already experienced this kind of games and I loved it take me with a dildo, it had acquired a beautiful model in latex, not too too with whom she made me take off playing with my prostate.

"Do you mind not to Sandrine? "Sonia whispered again

No it was a nuisance to me not quite to the contrary before another woman that I excitais.

"Keep the heat my dear, you will see we will have fun" says Sonia to Sandrine before disappearing.

"You are hard darling, I love your cock, you want to enjoy? "Asked Sandrine

"No not expect right now" I replied

Sonia came back she had put the strap back and a little gel. Seeing well equipped Sandrine thought it was for her ..

"Ouhh darling never tried to be here! Awesome, "she says

"It's not your ass that's my beautiful for him," said Sonia giving me a wink.

"No! It's not true! You are my love too! I love I always wanted to see here! "

"Go up darling, it's you who will be the little bitch now. "Sonia knew that I loved her to call me like that.

I started four paw, Sandrine remained on the couch sitting cross-legged, which would open the flower well. Sonia came into my hand between her buttocks, I shuddered, I cambrais, she lubrifiais extensively, putting on his finger so I drew a groan.

My tail was tense, my balls painful. I felt the glans against my ass, she rubs it without trying to penetrate. I waited impatiently she decides. I love it here I admit it. Now I felt the pressure against my ass. I was relaxing now accustomed to pushing up slightly open for me. Sonia had her hands on my hips, I knew when she would pull back slightly is that she was ready and let me ultimately impaling me at my own pace. It would be after it would start kicking back.

Sandrine did not lose a crumb of the show, while caressing her pussy.

I felt the acorn open my anus, I was going down slowly, the dildo penetrated me as ever he had done.

"Slowly my darling," said Sonia a bit surprised at the ease with which I opened.

I swallowed the acorn now I let myself go back, I felt all the rough edges of the dildo. My cock hardened even more tense she touched my belly. I could stand it no more and a jerk I finished m 'impaled and moaning with pleasure. I also felt up my liquor down my sex. This feeling is great you can feel it gently rose sharply which will hatch after the glans, and finally into a long filament translucent.

Sandrine saw clearly the pearl to form before casting.

"Oh darling it wets your man is a real slut," she says.

Sonia began to move back and forth in small strokes at the beginning and then it increased the amplitude. I felt the plastic tail search me ass. Each pass over my prostate was up a little more liquor. My balls were retracted at the base of my cock. My penis was swollen and totally scalped oozed more. I had my hands grasped the thigh of Sonia and I rythmais penetration. I moaned, I felt wide open, I took the dildo along its entire length it was the first time, but I was really in a state of indescribable excitement.

Now Sonia took me like crazy, too excited she was sharper than it had ever been but it was great. Sandrine on the couch thighs were wide apart and frigged as a k**, fingers buried in a cat has sticky desire. She watched mesmerized as the odd couple that moved in front of her. After a moment she could no longer reach us wine slipped under me, offering me a 69 dripping pussy to eat as I felt her lips close on my tail.

I plunged my mouth into that pit burning, her clit is hard my fingers slide easily in it and within seconds a thick milky juice begins to flow back and between his buttocks. I love that. I lap wood lick the nectar ever flowing. Sandrine is gaping, pump it to me like a queen, Sonia fuck me as I deserve. Sandrine begins to enjoy violently, releasing even more small jets of urine in addition to all of its whey. A blow k**ney Sonia makes me cum in the mouth of Sandrine, I totally pours from his lips, I'm almost at his throat when I loose the biggest spurts .. I am devastated by orgasm. My anus is dilated exciting as I've never been .. Sonia withdraws .. And I feel the fingers that caress my washer Sandrine open. I spring from the mouth of Sandrine tail lustrous, the mouth full and swallow a small sip of what I just drop off.

Sonia pulls the belt, throwing her to the ground and throws himself on the back of the thighs sofas open. Darling is dripping, excited. Her breasts are stretched, disheveled, her eyes almost rolled back masturbating wildly. She calls for "Come on darling come quickly, kiss me I'm enjoying my little" Fortunately I'm still tight, I throw myself on her back and literally leaving Sandrine I penetrate Sonia. Presumptuous of me because my tail is painful, I'm pretty sure I'm not as fast to enjoy with her, but I think I can satisfy it.

No sooner am I in me that she encloses her legs, crying that the fuck you get high. I suddenly while hardly takes 5 minutes before it clings to my neck in an orgasm which repels the eyes impressively, she drools, she gasps I've never seen like that. We get wet, it flooded my belly, the sofa the carpet. Dante is the word.

Sandrine came to her side to cuddle my two darlings, gently caress. Both just get a kick .. Me too but still erect hyper excited I must still happen to have a thrill. I masturbate furiously on my two wives, she look at me and encourages me. They hope to expect once again my liquor. Against all odds and in a loud, thrill and painfully, I end up ejaculating, little spurts several thick and crashing almost transparent on their breasts and faces. Before I literally collapsed on my exhausted lovers like me ..

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