Brief sex 009 A slave to the phone

Brief sex 009

A slave to the phone.

I have often said I was a hard user of Minitel in the big time, I paid bills outlandish elsewhere. I do not regret my money, I have made so many meetings. My wife herself is met is initially for a roll in the air that has lasted 25 years. But I had other good luck and sometimes it was not easy because we contacted the rascals who lived far away unfortunately.

Sometimes it happened that make love on the phone. Oh I know it's been a lot of people smile. Yes make love to it's distance from masturbation I quite agree, but honestly try after you tell me if you prefer to masturbate alone in your corner or with a chick who does the same.

That night I could not connect to a girl who is close enough to consider me for one night live. It was late and I wanted to enjoy, have fun. As the hours the contacts change happened in the heart of the night there are more contacts ... say strange requests harder. That evening I contacted a woman whose nickname "slave of all trades" concerns me. It is true that under such pseudonyms hid often men who fantasized, we discussed a bit and they disappeared. There I began a discussion polite, interesting that focuses more on the SM why, how the boundaries, mutual respect, rather than the will to get excited. And the right chemistry between her and me. As is often to avoid fruitless discussions with a lure, I give my phone number and explaining that I can receive calls without problem. If contact is false it does not call in the other case we can continue the discussion in person. She said she called in 5 minutes.

Five minutes later the phone rings. I pick and a pleasant female voice tells me
"Hi I'm the slave of all trades. I listen to you, we can continue our discussion. "

A voice asked, in which I feel a total serenity, not a shred of emotion. The voice of a young woman sure of her. We are talking of what she likes, what I like. She is no novice as a subject and is seriously looking for a dominant man. It does not seek a permanent home or a life together. His expectation is another. Actually it to impulses, moments or she needs to be submitted sexually. But it does not primarily a research report permanent slave master. Its bid is a game This is all the more difficult to find the right person for those with experience are not legions while there are lots of men to see women who think they want and indecisive able to dominate but do not dare and especially do not know.
Nadine is her name written in our discussion that I found fit enough to research it. But we are apart of 200km is a bit late tonight. But she intends to play to obey my orders over the phone, which will feel better about our affinities and that will give pleasure and that's me I confess to have burned a little action.

It prepares the toys I asked him to put to her. Pliers, a candle, a whip, dildos and vibrators.

"Well Nadine, you describe in detail," I asked

"I'm blonde, my hair is mid length, I'm short, muscular athletic enough, my breasts are jolis90c, my nipples are very sharp, inflated hypersensitive. I shaved, not shaved. My cat is rather small, very rounded. My clitoris is large enough and very sensitive. "She said

"Well you is how you installed?" Questioned - I

"I'm in the lounge, I'm kneeling on the floor legs spread. I'm naked, I have a collar around the neck. "She said.

"Finish your sentences by Master" I said

"Yes Master" she said

"I'll call now slave. Tell me what thy slave security word? "I say

I would quickly see if it was paid in SM games

"Verboten, that's the word, Master," she says without hesitation.

"You told me earlier that you bear to your limits were much further. On the phone it will be difficult and it is you who must apply the punishment. "I said

"Yes Master, I am used to punish me alone." She said.

"Well, you start by putting slaps to the thighs, five on each thigh on the inside" I ordonnais

I heard his hand down on her thighs, the snap led to speculation that the bitch was not pretending. I also heard his breath and small groan.

"Your thighs start to blush?" I said

"Yes master, I see the marks that appear," she says

"You love slave? Things are heating up? "I kept

"Yes Master it burns me a little"

"Well now Slave takes clothespins, puts one on each of your nipples will soon" I said

I hear it move, then a small sigh when the first clamp closes on the nipple, then the other new small sigh.

"It's done Master," she says

"Now pull on the pliers, pull covers your nipples one after the other," I said

"Yes master it hurts," she says

I hear the friction of its movements and sighs that excite me. My tail is swollen and tense, I gently caress with one hand.

"Continue slave, you make me bend, go ahead shoot the clamps pull until they jump" ordonnais I

Nadine moan, I hear distinctly the movements, I visualize, I imagine her knees pulling the clip with her nipples stretching upward. And suddenly I hear

"Hummm Hummmm Clack! Ohhhh it hurts is the clamp part Master "says Nadine

She has just rip the first clip, I know it is painful enough but not excessive.

"The second now going gets shot .. I want to hear "I said, shaking me a little harder.

"CLACC! ohhh she left master, "she says

"You like? Say it? "I asked

"Yes Master I like that. Yet? "She asks

"No, put your hand between your thighs, touch your pussy is wet you?" I questioned

"Yes Master very wet, you want to hear?" She asks

"Yes I do listen," I say

I hear the rustle of her phone up near her sex, and soon the noise of wet fingers into her vagina. And her little moan in the background. Nadine definitely plays the game and I am more and more excited.

"You heard Master?" She asks

"Yes continues to caress you, pushes you finger fuck yourself with your fingers slave," I asked

I could hear the breath of Nadine, becoming progressively shorter as rode his excitement. Although she held the phone near his ear, I heard the sound of her fingers into her wet sex. At first she was really wet.

"Stop it .. Watch your fingers .. Slave .. how they are? "I say

"All wet with a little cream over white master," she said breathlessly.

"Lick your fingers, sucks bitch!" I asked

Immediately the sound was consistent with what I had asked. Nadine was literally what I asked.

"Takes a licking dildo and shoves it in your pussy." I said

"Ohhh Ouiii hummmm it is in Master," she says

"Well take the swifts, fucks you well and you strike 5 times on each buttock" I ordonnais

"Yes Master ...... Schlaccc ... Schlaccc .. Oh .. have ... Schlacc ..... "I heard

The blows fell and Nadine was not pretending, she struck hard. She was moaning in pain but mostly fun.

"Slave Continues ... strikes again .. you love this ... "I said

"Yes Master punish me ... yet! "she implored

"Go now you will hit your breasts and strong! I wanna hear you scream! "

"Yes Master. CLACC! Aieeee CLACC Arrhhhgg ahhhh strongest Master? "She should ask

"Yes very strongest .. do you evil bitch! "I say

My cock was now fully extended, the glans scalped, has strength to polish my fingers were wet. I began to wet me too seriously.

"Ohhhhh Arggghhh Aiiieee flac flac flac" I heard

Nadine is seriously corrected. I frigged and the rhythm of the blows and screams were coming.

"Stop it! Slave, tell me how you are? "I wondered

"I'm all red marked, I have plenty of traces oh it was great." She said

"With whom?" I say

"Oh Lord .. Master forgiveness ... "she said contritely.

"To punish you hard you hit 3 times on each breast with the handle of the hammer" I ordonnais

"Pafff Pafff oghhhhh it hurts Pfffaff aiieeeee clack" I heard shots down the sound duller, his breathing was gasping. Nadine was hitting hard on his chest.

"Sniffff done Master sniffs" she said

"Are you crying? It makes you so badly? "I wondered

"Yes Master badly I have big red marks that swell," she says

She sniffed and really crying for good. What excited me the highest degree. I asked her dildo a while it compensates for pain by pleasure. Nadine groaned with pleasure as she défonçait pussy.

"Now is the candle Slave" I asked "then let the lighter burn for a while"

"You know what I'm going to ask? 'll Answer quickly, "I questioned

"Yes Master .. I know, "she told the white voice

"You like?" I asked

Silence .. long enough ..

"So? answer bitch! "I said

"It scares me ...." she said

"You never did?" I was worried

"If Master but I've always been afraid .. and never alone. "she said

"You say the word if you like .." I proposais

"No. .. I'll try to master, "she says

I felt the tension provoquais this candle. Yet this is not rocket science but in the head on fire, a flame can trigger fear, for others it will be pointed or sharp things.

"Go look up, take out the chest, tilt the candle above your breasts. Look at the drop it will fall. Go bitch sprinkles you wax "I said

"Have .... have .. oohhh ouhhhh have .. it flows Master, have .. have! "she cried

"Go anywhere in dishes everywhere ... Now remains above your nipples .. let it flow. "I said

"Ouhhhh AIEE AIEEE IAIA oh it burns it burns," she says

"It burns that?" I say in a loud voice

"Ohh Lord. Master or forgiveness .. "she said

"To punish you, remove the wax from your nipples and starts to sink in!" I said

"Yes Master. AIEEE AIEEE ouhhhh "she cried again

"Down .. approach the candle! this is your punishment! "I ordonnais

"Arhhhhhh aieeeeeeeeeeee ahhhhhhh!" She began screaming

"Stop that's enough .. but keeps the candle burning .. "I said

"Yes Master. oh it burns quite so close .. "she said

I was excited like crazy. My tail flowed more and more enjoyment was a matter of minutes.

I felt that Nadine also was excited despite the pain it inflicted. His heavy breathing and the noise and throbbing wet .. She went up and down on the dildo.

"You wet slave?" I wondered

"Yes master very wet .. it runs down my thighs .. "she said

"Stretch yourself on the back, spreads her thighs, licking off your dildo .."

I heard him lie down, then licked her dildo. She was breathing so chopped

"Put the phone against your ear with one hand you gonna jerk off .. I want you to enjoy .. on the other you do pour the wax on your pussy .. go bitch! "ordonnais I was Nadine.

I could hear his fingers, the rustle of her movement masturbation, her heavy breathing, moans. She shook well and strong. Then she began to meow when the drops of wax pattern has fallen on her sex. She cried .. moaned .. I imagined him writhing on the floor under the burning drops that rained down on her pussy .. on his fingers ..

"You going to enjoy your Master ... I band I sink .. slave .. you want me gicles on you ... "I said

"Or so I'd like to master here! ouche it burns. "says Nadine.

"I'll cum slut! 'll enjoy it! flowing! inundates your pussy! "

I felt that Nadine was bordering on orgasm .. her cries of pleasure mingled with the cries of pain as burning wax that I had tasted nectar ..

I felt my cum up .. I was going to squirt ... my cock was soaking my hand slipped on like velvet.
"Ahhhh fuck! I squirted! you make me enjoy bitch! enjoy you too! "

The fact that I enjoy orgasm triggered by Nadine .. she began to cry like a lost .. while I heard a loud noise of water .. valve .. I thought to know what it was! ..

"Bitch! extinguish the candle in your pussy! the threaded! fast! plunges you into the candle .. "

I felt a moment's hesitation .. breathing and a continuous moan was the only sounds I heard .. and then ... a very loud scream!

"Ouarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ale ale ale ale!!"

"I jouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissss ouiiiiiii Arhhhhhhh ah" shouted Nadine

Then a sob .. then silence for a moment.

My cum had spurted on my bed .. on me .. I licked the fingers.

"Nadine?" I asked

Silence, then a rustle.

"Ouiii ... I'm here ... sniff "she said, sniffling.

"Are you okay?" I said

"Or yes .. but the candle .. oohhh it's hard! oh it hurts ... "she said

"You turned it in your pussy?"

"Yes ... this is the first time .. ouhhhh it's hard! but I enjoy like crazy! "she said

"Uh .. you are a woman fountain? I heard many rumors wet .. "I was questioning

"Yes ... I flooded the whole room ouuffff it was really well .. "says Nadine

"Hmm I too have been around ..." I said

"It would be better in real life ... I'd like .. You guided me really well loved here .. even if the candle is very strong .. I burned myself I hesitated before putting it at the entrance that I'm not burned inside .. I was too wet .. "says Nadine

"Yes I'll see you next weekend? This time I would not hesitate with the candle. "I said luis

Actually the weekend I found her at home .. And it was a sacred moment .. Nadine .. a slave to do everything ... oh yes .. I reparlerais her .. and this weekend

Ultimately they discussed all night. Even until dawn. And she and I still enjoy a couple of times before morning.

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