Brief sex 008 In the cemetery at night

Brief sex 008

In the cemetery at night.

Ah the summer holidays when we were young, what memorable moments. This is the time when one awakens to love. In fact we think of nothing but ass girls much more than studying. That was my case, I sought every means to draw any passing petticoat. I must say that in my youth I feel that the fair were less shy. I think I've lived in good years.

I had just turned 17, but other times other manners at that age I was going on vacation with my parents. Oh it was not a hassle but they had too much on the back sometimes. That year we went to my maternal grandparents in a small village in the countryside. The kind of corn or cows outnumber the people, there is not much to do. So I was gone for at least 3 weeks of struggling. With 200 inhabitants per meter, the hometown was not silly. So I opted for reading and resting. But already at that time I was well into my sex life with a mature woman who had initiated (See First emotions). Since I managed to be able to release my impulses with girlfriends rather than masturbating me, several times a day.

But sometimes desperate situations offer compensation. In the largest farm hometown, shortly after my arrival, a city girl came very opportunely. It was almost f***ed vacation for me to come and see grandpa, granny. Only difference, her parents remained on the weekend before returning to town. Simplifying we were the only two young, other k**s were either under 14 or adults. Finally there was not a guy of 20 years but it was the retarded from the corner, not bad but boring especially when at age 17.

The new girl a little over 16 years was quite pretty, a fiery redhead with long curly hair that cascaded over his shoulder. A milk skin, freckles, but those that enhance the beauty. A small heart-shaped mouth. A little wrapped, and a pair of breasts that made me a lot of effects. We easily close our solitudes. Me with an idea in mind, I did not know it. But we got along very well. One could walk no one really watching us. They smoked in secret what fun! I knew my parents but I did not smoke in their presence. My father and mother were arrested a few years before. My only concern was my b*****r 10 years who was bored too, so sometimes I was tracking.

Her name was Elizabeth but for me it was always Lisa. Fairly quickly they began to flirt, I loved her kisses his mouth was sweet and perfumed her skin soft. We often walked the night often until midnight. It was a hot day then at night we took advantage of the softness. We spent our time laughing at everything, making fun of bumpkins. Several times I had the pleasure of giving a helping hand to the farm to help my girlfriend. We loved to tease the cows, calves. Innocent pleasures. But I had not really innocent desires.

This was not exactly one week we were friends. I knew she had a boyfriend in town but I felt that it was not an obstacle. Especially since we had pushed far enough flirting and enjoying my experience, I brought my beautiful not far from the explosion with my fingers. There was no doubt that I would achieve. Always it is that each time I passed the day with her at night I was typing a masturbation session memorable.

It was a Saturday night, determined to make it yield to my advances I had a great idea. There was a public place without light at night, except the lamppost on the street, it was the cemetery. Lisa was a little scared but wildly excited by the idea of ​​going to the cemetery at night. It was fun. The large creaking door. Our footsteps on the gravel. Lisa stood tight against me, and I did not fail to ensnare him. She wore a dress any slight pale yellow button front, I saw that she had no bra and the top buttons were unfastened me leaving an opening on this really beautiful pair of breasts. My hand kept stroking her hip and buttock.

"Pig .. you do not stop me fiddling! It is in a cemetery! "Said Lisa

"Yes .. so what? You are afraid that they look at us? "I say, laughing.

"You are stupid!! But i adore you, "she said giving me a kiss.

Lisa bragged but it was not quiet. She trembled a little. The farther we advanced towards the end of the cemetery over the shade over there becoming thick and there were tall trees rustling in the slight breeze in the evening. The sounds of our footsteps awoke an echo. Occasionally an owl ululait. This is postcard I know .. but here the campaign. The bell rang 11 hours.

"Ahhhh! there! to move it! What is it! "Cried Lisa

"Just look at what is a rabbit" I say pointing to the little maglite that I had in my pocket on the rabbit.

"Oh he's cute .. 'll save you the rabbit! "said Lisa shaking hands before the a****l captivated by the light.

I was pointing the beam at the face of Lisa.

"You're pretty, you know? Very nice .... "I said

"Ah ... tssst! And what? You want to do? "Said Lisa

It does not lower her eyes and looked at me with a little mischievous. At first she had the idea to let me tumble.

"Yes .. of course .. come on, "I said, taking his size to put my mouth on hers.

A big kiss, a rolling shovel a beautiful nutcracker. I rubbed against her. She could feel that my desire and she felt her.
From a little bit of k**ney she sent her pussy rubbing against mine completely bandaged in my pants

"Ouppps I think you have something in your pocket .. This is your lamp? "Said Lisa laughed.

"Come and take it ... my lamp .. will touch here "I said amused.

Lisa put her hand on the bump and held my cock, squeezing, gently waving her hand.
My hands rested on her breasts, before dropping another button which allowed me to bring out his chest to her little dress. Oh the beautiful pair of breasts, round and firm, small pink nipples tiny but so cute. They loved my tongue and I licked her nipples wetting his skin.
I was pushing the last button to open her dress.

"What are you doing?" Said Lisa

"Who do you think? Do you want it dressed? "I said

"No. .. But not here anyway? "Said Lisa

"Why not. It is quiet. You are afraid that a skeleton tickle you? "I said while the pelotant.

"Oh no, but it is not well in a cemetery! you is crazy! "she said.

I had my hand between her thighs and I stroked his cock through his pants. Which was largely pushed into its slot. Lisa was responding to my touch.

"Go Lisa let yourself go. Settles down there "I say pushing a tombstone.

"Ohhhhh t is crazy, but it's good oh oh hmmm your fingers. Ouhh it's cold! "Lisa murmured, sinking upon the marble.

The last button of her dress had fallen. She had only her panties which was actually inserted into its slot so it was rather that string panties. Oh it was lovely Lisa. Since I love, filled shapes, a plump pussy. A small curly fleece and detail which is important of hair at armpits. The full shaving and waxing were not the rule. Finally I could go out all the stops Lisa had left her dress, which served merely to preserve a bit of cold stone. I knelt between her thighs, her legs falling away and I did yawning gender. Oh it was beautiful. I approached my lips.

"You going to lick me? You know I just took my shower is morning. I'm not clean, "says Lisa

For answer I plaquais my mouth on her sex, rose to my nostrils the smell of a delicious sex which is not bricked, polished past soap and deodorant. She felt the woman, a little sweat pungent spices. My tongue plunged into the conch offered pulling a groan to Lisa who took my head between her hands and pulled me against her sex.

"Oohhhhhhhh not do this ... not ohh this is good ... orii ouiii "she murmured.

My tongue was searching her pussy. Lisa was very wet. I love to wade through a flooded pussy. I went up was her clitoris. Very small, he was hypersensitive. The direct attack made him scream with pleasure. It did not take 1 minute in this game It was too much. I had to turn around without touching the coax really

"How good it is .. oh this is good .. gently .. Gently ouuuhhh too loud "she screamed.

She walked erect, strutted. And she has on my tongue, the devil flowed like a fountain. It was sinking between her buttocks and tried her dress.

I wanted more .. my swollen cock was still pressed into my underwear. Lisa was abandoned still quivering from her orgasm. I put myself at ease and would lie on her, sliding my cock in it easily. I knew she was a virgin anymore her boyfriend had the scoop. Damn she was hot and tight. My cock went into a furnace. I could not hold out for long. My excitement peaked at the time of orgasm. I floundered in its wet and I did not detain him long. Lisa felt that I was enjoying myself.

"No not in it ..." she whispered

I had barely time to get my tail shiny and stretched to the limit. I enjoy rubbing my my balls against her pubes pressing against her wet pussy. Giclées flooded her belly, her breasts and one of them reached his mouth.
Surprise she gave a little cry which had the effect that dropping my sperm on her tongue.

We basically spent a great time both. Most of our time to make love like a****ls. I introduced Lisa to a lot of things that Mireille had taught me my initiator. I was happy when she told me that the cemetery was the first time she had an orgasm she had not given his fingers.
And Lisa learned to suck well as a few drops of semen that I had dropped on his mouth when we first had not disgusted as she imagined. At the end of the holiday Lisa was pumping me as a great and made me cum in her mouth. The little girl she had become a girl.

I have never seen, it was written some time and life has separated us.
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great to bad you did not see each other again