Brief sex 06 he is In the next room

Brief sex 06

In the next room.

In principle, I do not like dredging or yield to the advances of women friends. But sometimes circumstances play tricks on us. Her name was Sophie, it was the wife of a friend with whom I had made it part of my studies. Say that Sophie had left me indifferent, no, it would be wrong. I always watched this chick with a lot of desire.

I was happy for my friend Andrew, but hey, be respectful does not prevent having eyes. The plastic Sophie approached perfection. Tall brunette with long hair, her skin was golden tan always perfect. His oval face her large black eyes were dotted with gold the most beautiful effect. A small upturned nose and a mouth that mouth ah, just imagine the look on the delights she could provide.

A body, perfect, muscular enough, arrogant breasts, firm tits to everyone who taunted as soon as she wore a T shirt or blouse a little late. Legs long and slender but mainly a way to cross that frankly made me hard.

We saw it frequently spent weekends together. That time I was not being accompanied by two .. Women .. I had a break and I went to another. It's like that in life. So along with other friends, we had to spend the weekend, it was cold it was winter.

And it was the Olympics in Yugoslavia I have more time in the head 83 or 84. Were all friends and fans reveled. Sophie and me .. were it a little attention .. and me not at all. Everyone was bawling watching TV, I helped Sophie to clear the table.

"Pffff what it's painful the sport! "I said

"They like that. But right now they overdose, oh yes! "Said Sophie

I looked at her hands in the sink just finishing a cup of washing. She was bending, lift her short skirt, we saw the top of her stockings. I do not know why .. I had a sudden urge, I wanted her. I have a hard on ..
I approached and stuck me against it. My hand rested on his thigh, soft coated silk.

"But ... what happened to you .. "Sophie said, turning his head toward me.

She had reacted, but had kept secret, no did not try to get away from me. Instead she had a little more tense her ass to me

"I want you .. that's all .. "I said.

"And you think ... I feel like? "She said, turning to face me.

She was always tight against me .. water flowing into the sink.

"I do not know .. but you do not run away quickly .. no? "I said

My hand slipped under her skirt, I find his thigh, still fresh, I go back up .. her skin is softer than its bottom. I go back, I expect to find panties, but I think his skin .. a hairless slit ..

"Ohhhhh pig .. you know they are next .. "Sophie said with a grin.

"Yes ... but I want you too .. and you too .. judging .. by humidity than I feel here .. "I said

She takes my head between her hands still wet, puts his lips on mine, it presses against me rubbing her belly taut against my sex

I pass my hands under her buttocks. I raise it and put it on the kitchen table. In the play the other side is meant to marvel at the athletes. I package her skirt. Her pussy hairless appears to me in all its splendor. Pink, barely fringed with tiny lips. Beauty is already wet.
I pull out my cock and without further preamble I sink into it. I take on this table. His eyes are glowing. We are not talking .. Needless we want from each other. Want to enjoy desire to possess each other.

It is short, on the sly but strong for her and for me. It is a pleasure tenfold by the situation, every moment has to know you can enter gives us wings. When I'm about to enjoy .. I said softly. I withdraw. She leaves fall from the table .. Kneeling she takes my cock in her mouth and let me come on her tongue. It's silk, this mouth. She is hot. She sucks all my juices. It's good ..

Suddenly someone comes noise. Sophie in her skirt flap recovering standing. I hastily packed up my tail.
It was her husband who just look for beers.
"Hey you two .. Come with us! You stand there going to be bored, "he says.

I then noticed that Sophie at the corner of the lips a lovely trace of semen. I'm pretty freaked out. Even when he remarked André track suspicious.

"My darling .. you still have yogurt at the corner of the lips, "he says.

Sophie wipes nimbly with her cloth.

Andre looked at me and said

"Ah, if it was not you who was with her .. I might be asked .. "And he went out laughing.

Sophie and I are throwing a glance and we laughed our turn.

Okay I admit, I subsequently revised Sophie several times, it's pretty fun. Then she got pregnant. We stopped to see us. But I always asked the question on the baby. Because she and Andre were divorced a few years after birth because he had learned that he was not the father.
Sophie never told me whether or not it was me.
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6 months ago
Does you so stupid and never mre asked Sophie about her and your making baby.... you aren`t quiet man or father!?
2 years ago