Brief sex 05 Masturbation in Sex Shop

Brief sex 05

Masturbation in Sex Shop

I do not know if like me you went to sex shops .. but I rather liked especially at a time that one of those that I attended was run by a friend .. France was a friend .. with her boyfriend who participated in our events .. naughty .. She had not come across in this area .. She loved the ass .. it was a livelihood and a pleasure. I can not count how many times we took advantage of a hollow .. kiss for a lull in the shop .. and believe me, kiss in the middle of dildos videos and sexy clothes is not bad .. I went to see her when I had time .. we could talk sometimes .. the day .. in general .. here ended the evening party 3 or 4 that I was alone or not.

France told me several times also good moves .. customers or clients who had his shop ..

We chatted quietly when she whispered in my ear ..

"Here the customer who has just returned .. it's a crazy handjob for .. he loves, he once asked me if I had customers that it could be interested .. You not want? "She said with a smile ..

"Why .. you wants to watch? "I said ..

I knew France .. voyeur unrepentant .. I knew that these projection booths she could watch them .. finally .. she could watch .. and do not in deprived ..

"You're ok, I will arrange here .. "She said.

Why not .. the guy looked pretty cool .. a few near my age .. suit and tie like me .. France speaks to him .. the guy throws me a glance smiled .. And he nods ..

France comes back to me .. It was agreed .. She explains that his thing .. it's mutual masturbation .. he has enjoyed the fact enjoy .. is repeated until you have the balls empty ..
The bitch! she knew it was more than just a handjob .. but a long distance race ..

We glue it in a cab .. larger than the other .. We considerate it passes hangers for our clothes to be free ..

The cabin is dark .. Strip off .. we mutually in us feeling the tail .. Rather end the guy seems to have a tail of hell .. not like me .. but here does not seem to bother .. I'm back against the wall .. launched in the stomach before .. I polish the tail of a strong grip .. it is my right .. I feel his cock against my thigh ..

The bastard he knows how to .. I massage the package in his other hand .. I scalped to death .. going even further than necessary .. It kicks .. shakes my rod .. oh the cow .. I have the balls back to me in the stomach .. I shake my legs .. and glare .. I squirt like crazy .. between his fingers .. he insisted after the last drop .. damn it hurts .. but I love it!

It's my turn .. its tail is long thick .. but his penis seems smaller than mine .. I squeeze his cock .. it is less steep than mine .. But sweet .. It reacts to my touch .. I'm going much slower than him .. him as he ground balls .. His tail does not harden up .. band but it does not seem to reach an intense power like me .. Yet I feel he likes .. nothing is said. Just now I just groaned.

I know that France is watching .. I know enough to know it by hand in her panties and she masturbates.
He arches .. her thighs quiver .. he trembles on his legs .. And he shoots .. thick .. abundant .. it flows more than it squirts .. because they are my fingers that take the bulk of the sauce ..

We change the role .. again .. I almost did not unstrung .. I mug and again .. f *** in th .. painful at first .. I pace back and enjoy .. I guess France nose on his monitor wetting their fingers in subduing us ..
Chills .. then again .. I squirted it's hard .. I give shots k**neys .. he insists .. I think for a moment that not going to stop ... But if he changes position ..

It lasts .. lasts .. I'm more excited .. here is 5 times that I squirt like crazy .. of course it is less abundant .. but more and stronger ..

I back the guy .. in hand .. I motion .. thoroughly this time .. he whines .. He squirms .. tail seems softer .. This lasts for a while normally it should have from ..

It stops me .. "I take it anymore! "He said ..
I'm hard .. I tape like crazy .. I do not want to stop ..

"Finish me ... anyway .. "I said to the guy ..

Without saying anything he grabs me .. me and shakes his tail with f *** e .. I was pressing the balls back .. it even makes me cry this time .. My glans is hypersensitive .. I tremble like a leaf .. my legs are struggling to carry me .. Finally .. I put a shout .. an orgasm .. almost dry .. has just a little squirt .. but it is very .. I cling to him not to fall .. He insists .. continued .. before my release .. I no longer feel my tail .. but I'm sure that if he continued .. I enjoyed again.

Without a word, we ressape .. You leave the cabin. The shop is empty ... the guy salutes and goes ..

France to the red cheeks .. She smiled at me ..

"What a sight! Look at my pants are soaked .. "Said she, tucking .. Indeed it is wet ..

"You do not want? I close the shop .. and ... "She said ..

"I promise not to fuck you .. "I said," but at least a little cunnilingus okay? "

In the end .. I went .. an hour and a half .. to make love to her .. but I have not flooded much but I took my foot two faith
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