Brief sex 03 - Sex on the circuit

Brief sex 03 - Sex on the circuit
3 brief sex

Quick fuck on the circuit

I love cars, speed and motorsport. When I was younger I would run a few rallies, but mostly hill climbs and then came the great era of fol'car races on dirt, not the stock not matter competitors to type .. it goes f *** e sometimes but never direct attack .. is of the race .. speed.

As in other disciplines .. a lot of women come to see .. I know they like the atmosphere that are the guys to battle it's amazing but true .. and a lot of pretty girls roam the stands. This weekend's a pretty little brunette .. twenties hanging around our stand very interested .. At the time we would run into VW Golf GTI 16S. And the girl was really in our legs.
My buddy tells me Gaston .. "You have a big ticket with the brunette I swear! "

I was not convinced .. it was covered over with grease .. we were in shorts .. shirtless .. has prepared the car .. not enough to frighten a girl ..
I thought she loved the car .. so I started talking to him mechanically, explaining what I was doing .. She seemed to drink in my words .. Squatting next to me .. her skirt had risen, and me lying under the body .. I had a view on this skirt when I turned my head .. her panties seemed very small .. at least it was pressed between his lips .. few downy hairs exceeded .. I met his gaze .. when I had to take a look between her legs .. I immediately understood that the jade was not fooled ..
She smiled at me .. and slipped .. "You like it? If you want to see more .. you have a quiet corner? "
It was just one corner to get dressed and come in to clear .. a canvas hiding a little .. no more .. Gaston me eyeing the corner of my eye .. He motioned to me that he took care of everything .. because it must be said .. our wives were there ..

I spent the other side .. the girl had stolen her clothes .. finding themselves naked in two seconds .. beautiful girl .. small breasts hard and sharp .. a small fleece .. a small waist .. flexible .. I wanted to wash my hands ..

"No. .. just .. I want too .. "She said.

Kneeling in the grass she pulled my shorts .. then took my cock in her mouth .. oh well it was pumping! in two minutes .. I had the tail in the air .. That's when I heard the Annie .. yes Gaston's wife and mine are the same first name.

Instead of a problem .. I was even more like the girl .. I made her put a 4 foot .. And without further ado .. I took her doggy style .. my hands traveling her body .. her firm breasts .. then I'm not a gougeât .. I found the button .. and titillais .. I felt her shudder .. under my touch .. She began to moan .. strong enough ..

"There is the world? The behind? "Said the wife of Gaston ..

"No. .. no .. is on the other side .. "Gaston said ..

That seemed to suffice .. I placed my hand on the face of the girl seeking her mouth .. she let me put two fingers she sucked and bit for not making a sound ..
She arched .. I squeezed his cock .. .. She bit my fingers ... I lay down on it .. said in the ear .. "I will enjoy .. I just .. "

She jumped .. locally like a cat .. turning. She gobbled my cock at the time .. I giclais .. I swallowed the bitch .. totally .. I took my foot .. beautiful way ..

"Hmm .. it was good "She said .. then "tell your boyfriend has to come .. "

I put my shorts .. back and forth across our tent .. I tapped on the shoulder of Gaston .. motioned him to miss .. His round face lit up with a big smile ... and disappeared ..

Oh .. Claire .. the girl .. we often saw her again .. She lay on the races but mostly it was part of the f****y quickly .. a recruit for our parties ...
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