02 brief sex - Defloration of Francoise

02 brief sex - Defloration of Francoise
Brief sex 02

Françoise deflowering in the gym.

Françoise was in the same class as me .. I was 16 .. it a little less .. I had for a while because my classes love .. with a woman much older than me .. (See the first stirrings in my stories). I had a crush on Françoise .. a tiny girl .. brown hair cut short .. a pair of boobs that made him think all the guys .. an ass hell ..

Francoise had a bad reputation .. of "layers married down there." I must say it did nothing to silence the rumor .. She even played.

That day we met with no activity .. It's gym class was canceled .. me my French teacher absent. The end of the year arrived and it was the release for some time .. Francoise is flirting with for a while .. We had already given each other the pleasure .. but I never had .. owned .. You'll think I'm a macho .. horrible .. but I am never satisfied until I have not had a woman .. that's how I can do anything .. I'm pretty bad if I orgy several times with friends .. and I have not had .. I'm missing here ..

As the gym was free for lack of progress .. I finally convince Frances to go and hide the bottom .. and have fun .. She was always ready .. Francoise was actually very hot ...

We were stashed in a closet or piled on the floor mat .. it was not very sweet .. a little dusty .. but I did not care much .. also. Hardly had the door closed .. she jumped at the neck for a shovel she had the secret .. Usually it was fondling our clothes .. always ready to carve .. But there .. we mutually désapés .. She was naked before me .. for the first time and I like it before. She was pretty .. a little chubby .. but her breasts .. oh my god! I knew how lucky I was to have as your girlfriend .. I envied ..
I began to caress her .. kiss her tits .. then his stomach .. I made her lie down on a pile of carpets .. It says nothing .. that I pushed her thighs .. and as I plunged my head into her pussy. I still remember the feeling of hair on my nose .. the smell of her slit .. It was the first time I licked .. before my fingers had enough .. but she enjoy.
The putting into practice all the science that Mireille had sent me .. I would broutais pussy .. as it should .. Francoise and began to moan so expressive .. quickly tempered my saliva had sex .. but also the wet .. it was a delight to dart my tongue in it ..
At the time .. there was little talk .. we watched .. but we did that in the silence .. we did not dare actually ..
Francoise .. is writhing under my tongue flicks .. holding onto the carpet .. I dug her little clit and made her suffer the last outrages .. She cried .. arched .. and enjoy on my lips ..

My tail was stretched to the extreme .. I wonder how I had not dropped everything because of my excitement.

She was still very evanescent .. within the scope of this orgasm .. which was very strong .. (After she confessed to me) I looked .. installing me between her thighs .. my cock tense .. rubbing against her mound flooded .. From a small nod she gave me permission .. she gave me her sex .. His hands had taken my forearm and pulled me towards her.

My tail came up against the mound .. too high .. a little bit of k**ney Francoise put me in position and I indulged in it .. I stumbled again .. I was thinking .. in the wrong place .. I did not understand that at that time .. the gift she gave me ..
I looked into his eyes .. She smiled at me .. and closed his eyes .. Pulling me back to it. I felt the resistance give way at once ... she had a small grin .. opened his eyes .. that seemed full of sunshine .. I entered into it .. I knew it was the first .. time .. my heart was beating .. it also .. The slipped my hand between our bodies .. and found her clit .. I was going to come in the caressing .. I was sweet .. the mildest possible ..
Her hips were rolling .. her stomach had to meet the mine .. She was so wet .. I slid .. easily .. I had a heck .. to hold me back .. She was moaning under me .. our mouths were .. is soldered .. And then it was .. suddenly .. She arched while I surprised .. I let go my sperm into her womb .. I retreated quickly .. ending on the mound to enjoy .. and thighs .. Francoise did not care really. Everything has its fun .. because she had just taken his foot for the second time .. Then I saw .. her dilated .. billowing .. my sperm .. rosi but by his bl**d .. and then I saw it also ... sex reddened

Françoise had become .. woman .. and even long after it has always fond memories .. me too .. because I have not often experienced virgins ..

With Françoise many years later (I'll see you again) .. we have often talked about .. his first time .. she always says she has been very lucky with me .. And she has twice which always leaves me skeptical .. I enjoyed it under my tongue flicks here for sure. The second time I've always thought that was for flattering me .. make me happy ..

I would never know she keeps .. that's true .. And then .. who cares ..
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