01 brief sex - oral sex and masturbation at night

01 brief sex - oral sex and masturbation at night
Brief sex .. 1

A small guy .. that sucks .. and disappears

On the move .. professional .. in the capital, that night I had a compelling desire sex .. actually more just empty my balls .. with a guy like everywhere now in the hotel wi-fi is present .. My laptop allowed me to start looking for an adventure .. fast enough I plugged a guy who liked to play balls in the gaps in public places. It happens a quick phone .. appointment is made .. I look at my suit is three pieces of good quality. The guy is more leather jeans .. a little thug .. a priori young .. he told me 18 and a half .. but the cam .. Finally, sometimes.
I find a place to park my car. I hope my big sedan will not attract too much greed but the neighborhood is not dodgy .. I easily found the brewery .. the appointment. In the light .. the guy seems young .. But I am hard-on .. emo style .. androgynous I can branch to death. One moment I expect him to ask me some money .. honestly .. I wanted so badly he would have had. I pay him a drink .. I took a tape .. him a mineral water .. It seems in a hurry ..

"Pressed? "I said
"Yes .. want to suck you .. serious, "he says by planting her blue eyes into mine

Ok. or you go?

"Come ... I am .. "

We go out .. I'm .. turning the corner .. He beckons me to enter .. to enter .. a building under construction. We pass through a first piece to arrive in another away and that receives light of a sign above it.

He comes up to me .. I put his hand between her thighs .. mug me the package .. and said

"Quick, give me the .. fuck my mouth ... "

I leave my tail, he kneels .. I plant my cock in her mouth .. .. It sucks like a queen ..

"Here .. Chow me the tail .. bitch! go suck .. little bitch .. you love here .. "I say ..

I pump like crazy .. but with art .. My swollen cock .. trembles in her mouth .. I'm so excited, I'm about to squirt all ..

"You want to eat everything ... I'll squirt .. little slut! "I asked

he nods without stopping to suck me ..

I feel that my k**neys are growing .. I plant my cock in her throat .. and holding her head that squirts .. I all .. a large saccades. Damn it's good .. I love it! He drinks and swallows ..

It was brief .. but violent .. It is .. wiping his mouth from the hand .. I attr ** e by an arm .. and my hand between her legs feel a raised tail .. good sized .. that's just waiting to be disgorged ..

"Come, I'll suck .. you want .. "I said

He shakes his head .. and pretend to go
"But still a little .. I want to make you go "I said

"Okay. motion then me .. "He said

I left his tail .. turning it based on me .. my arms around him I frigged her stiff cock .. while my hand was digging his body .. smooth skin .. the waist .. small firm buttocks .. a little girl .. I felt rising in me the desire to take it .. of the kiss really .. They writhed in my arms .. I frigged, gently décalottant gift acorn .. he groaned .. undulated under my caress .. Now after a few minutes .. I felt the moisture grow at the end of his tail .. wetting the he .. I love it here .. My cock was hard again ..
He arched his back .. screamed .. and the semen gushes falling on the slab .. wholesale floc .. I heard perfectly .. He stood for a moment abandoned in my arms .. my cock in her hand .. it just disbanded .. I was tempted to continue ..

He straightened .. shut his fly .. I looked for a moment .. smiled at me .. put his hand on my cheek ..

"Thank you .. it was great "he said ..

Then he went quickly .. I called him but he turned .. no ..

I stayed .. there in the darkness .. tail in the air ..

I frigged ... by returning the film the last few minutes .. I giclais like crazy .. where he himself had left his mark ..

I returned .. to my hotel. Even more excited than when I was gone .. this little guy was fucking fire to my night .. I could not find sl**p after two or three masturbation .. I am stuck to the skin .. I had to take a shower before bed .. finally .. dream ..
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2 years ago
wtf! im not usually a hater but this was just awfull.
2 years ago