My First Time

Introduction *** ***

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Unnecessary and presumptuous, that's what I would have thought of the idea of ​​talking about myself, or worse, write a bit of my story. Yet if you read this far, I would have taken the plunge.

I do not party of the rich, nor powerful, nor even of those who were lucky enough to have an unusual life.

My life has nothing interesting except for the various loves, dating, passion I have known. This is my field of adventure for me, no need to go into the jungle, the steppes, I ventured into alcoves, silk sheets or layers sometimes much more basic. I did not win a battle or fighting other than to succumb to a pleasure or a partner.

I will not recount in detail all my conquests, it would be tedious and not very fun. Only by relying on my memory that I will track these meetings, sometimes too short, too cruel, too. The war leaves scars, mine are not visible. Yet more wounds are not healed and will never heal. Do I want to heal, I'm not so on.

Who will read these lines? Person can be .. or privileged few. I do not even know if I would go after this story. Would I have the f *** e? Would I want? I'll have to back things sometimes buried deep in the unspoken, sometimes denial. It's a striptease has put a naked that I could not divulge to my f****y for sure. I will deliver things that sometimes I hardly dare tell me, then down on paper will I do?

Some think that love and sex are inseparable, this is heresy. There is no need to have feelings for a satisfactory physical relationship at all points of view. Conversely one can love without having carnal knowledge. But if you combine the two, the mixture is explosive, corrosive, loving soul and body of the other that is both heaven and damnation. I almost always partitioned my relationships, separating the fun that can be a physical relationship and commitment that comes a more complete with another being. Feelings are a trap that imprisons us. You just accept being a prisoner of these feelings. I delivered bound hand and foot several times. I have always suffered at one time or another. But I believe that suffering is the price to pay for incomparable moments that you live when you're in love. For once the price is exorbitant and we continue to pay all his life. Sometimes you can not afford it. A try to separate the genres we burn a little, I would not deny that sometimes relationships that can only be in the toys, it almost turned into more serious relationships. In this case no solution if the leak. Unable to reason with the feelings it must either be folded or put away from you the object of these feelings.

In reading what follows, you may be think that sometimes I do not think much of the other. Not true, although I have had affairs or the plastic that had more or less perfect for my partner. I always look fondly. Even if I do not like the woman with whom I make love I still have a soft spot. It can not be mad with love for one that lets us play with her body. Without relegating it to an object for our pleasure. We must stop thinking that only men are fond of such adventures. I have known more than one woman out of boredom, out of envy or even game simply gave himself for an hour, for one day or more. We left good friends after, we saw her, sometimes or never. Would you be shocked if I told you that some of those that we shared moments of intimacy with me I was never given their names or even their first names. They are shadows, pleasant moments that populated a point in my life. To simply satisfy our senses, give and receive pleasure and then leave.

I'm curious but I can be like that and the circumstances and chance is that I multiplied these adventures. To those who know me I would say I have never understood what my conquests could well find me .. I'm neither athletic nor handsome, nor rich ... so what? I honestly do not know it's a mystery. I love women, I love to laugh, I love the life I do not take the head it may be the secret here and then do not believe all they say yes ... I wiped number of refusals, disappointments. Ousted most of the time nicely, but sometimes it was bitter and humiliating. I quickly forgot this is probably the best attitude. But still the number of yes has always amazed me.

I was always gentle in nature. I always preferred the pleasure of my partner before passing it my pleasure and my own desires. Be violent is not really my nature, yet in what follows I have done things that most people would be repugnant. If I'm not totally at peace with these facts, I do not deny nor regret them, what I've done as hard and horrible as it may seem to always been in perfect agreement with my partners, it n 'There has never been any coercion and everything has always been not only accepted but wanted very much. Everyone can judge me, find me cynical or crazy I do not care. If these games in some haunt me. If I regret having attained a certain desire disorders. I fully accept this responsibility that is between me and my conscience and believe me you would probably be more forgiving than me.

I did not want to make a sanitized narrative and not in the subject, my loves. It's not only my feelings but all my feelings. If we can make love without feeling you can not tell, in my view, a love story and what it produces as sensations without going through the description of love games and this one feels like a particular moment. Tell a love story between two people and ignore the fact that they have sex, breasts mouths and hands that are the agents of their love is a bit like telling a gangster story without mentioning the holdups ..

My first love is far away, now closer to retirement than college are old memories. I sometimes revives the turning of a conversation with that I can call son or b*****r instead. It's rare for me to confide in but sometimes you meet someone with whom one feels that one can speak he must speak. It will recognize if he reads his lines. No doubt he has contributed to the fact that I am always there to write. In good times and the worst I've always had this friendly ear, the understanding of things, without trial. It is also the only person other than my various lovers, who have seen me crying one day. I regret nothing I have no shame. Besides my love is probably one of the person who counted most in my life. You have probably realized that I also have some attraction to men, by game early and did not die stupid. Then by choice when the desire was felt that the circumstances or helped him. That said I've never fallen in love with a boy, my relationships were always sue the physical and entertaining. I never conceived of amorous feelings for women. And yet I rarely fell in love in its fullest sense. I had a companion when I was well on feelings towards them but that did nothing further than the next alluring panties that I coveted. I must say that I cared for a long time to find partners who do not would hang my skirts. Married women I adore you, unfaithful women you have been my most constant companions for many years. What security of knowing that I had that moment of grace and not the horrors of life in common .. What a pleasure it is to arrive at these mistresses, waited, cherished by those who wanted me the pleasure and caresses. Married with a mistress, no need for detours, we are there to lie on the bed and do what her husband hurt, or not at all. At least they think it is better with a lover, I'm not sure I was always far more eager or more talented than their husbands, but were persuaded and that's the main thing.

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To my defense, (some would say already ...) I cut my teeth on the battlefield of love at the age of just over 15 years .. I can not conceive any pride,

I admit it's not really me who wanted it but rather that it is served. I did not find fault, and after all, the beginning I was probably given a good foundation for further and taste of women older than me also.

I of course started in a while to feel the appeal of sex, and I do not loupais an opportunity to watch a pair of panties, a nipple or other windfall. We all have COMMECA this age and we all easily slip in hand. Masturbation has always been natural to me a long time and this habit has persisted until now. Even when I was a partner I have always been times lonely, my imagination did the rest. I love the feeling of being master of his pleasure, to modulate it, let it come to discretion. Probably a need for domination, and what a pleasure it is to have the same grip on the pleasure of another.

Returning to my first lover. I was 15 I think it's 30 or so I remember. No need to go far this was the mother of a classmate and also a neighbor of our building, adding that it was also a friend of my mother and she still does not know what it is passed between us. The more fun being a few years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting my parents see my first mistress. Needless to say, the surprise was equal on both sides and also the inconvenience. But back then in my 15 years.

At this age any petticoat and was tempting enough to put us in all our states. Needless to say this afternoon of August and I met my first wife, remained almost intact in my memory. So it was a beautiful afternoon that naively going to get my boyfriend I came across his mother alone at home, lightly dressed, a light blouse and nothing underneath. It must be said that every time I went to this dude, I could not help but watch her mother. It must be said she had always sexy outfits. It was a very pretty woman, redhead flamboyant, a milky skin dotted with freckles. She had a mouth that always made me dream makeup and beautiful gray eyes. I do not loupais every morsel of the spectacle it offered little by crossing your legs or leaning forward. My eyes crossed hers sometimes but I thought in that k** could not have a clue what I had in mind. In fact I found out after she had understood that I wanted to see more of her .. And she would show me more, more than I could have never dreamed that many more women in their husbands watch.

That afternoon while her son was not there when she made me even enter the apartment. I was not homesick, too intimidated or having had many opportunities to find me. She asked if I wanted to drink something cool, it was stiflingly hot, stormy weather. She served us a chilled glass of Coke each. And she made me sit on the chair, taking place on the sofa. I realized after the trap was being set up. When she sat down, I saw that she had nothing under her blouse, already when she leaned over to me, I saw in her breasts cut open and heavy, and when she sat down and crossed her legs slowly I Screw the pink gash of her pussy and red fleece. Needless to say, in one second I felt my cock swell, red mount to my cheek. I did not know me or put. But on the other hand I blessed the God of heaven or the consumers to have as much luck. With a smile she uncrossed her legs and spread your wide, this time I think my sex will explode, I felt oddly cramped, this face has offered sex. I will never forget this image, the instant I saw this sex which opened out, crowned with a red fleece instead provided, it was not the time of hair removal jersey and this aspect Nature had its charm . And I was under the spell, unable to utter a word, unable to leave the eye that was offered me. I feel that this moment lasted several minutes while he basically had to be fairly brief. But in my memory ca is a long time. It had to happen, let's call it Mireille, opened his mouth.


Tell me you seem like very much what I watch.

I was naturally unable to align two words but I still managed to convey to my charming hostess that I enjoyed the show greatly.


Yes I think you love here, with the bump that you have in your pants .. Looks like you ca have impressed.

Say here is a k** of 15 who did not see that pussy on glossy paper and all of a sudden he is in a beautiful tray is a bit of pushing to the crime. Ah yes I ca a hard on. And then some. I had a burning desire to put my hand on my tail, but I was paralyzed.

Never again after I was impressed in this way, even though each time I still heart beats a little faster when I see the bare skin of my partner.

Mireille and she reveled in the spectacle was much amused, looking back I always thought that I was not the first nor the last, I confess to my shame I've always wondered if n ' had not had the same attitude with his son. I never know.

Meanwhile in my pants tight my cock throbbed. Mireille's legs were always open to a few feet from me. Slowly she unbuttoned her blouse to escape leaving two heavy breasts with large areolas all roses. A great pair of breasts, lovely, milky and a desire studded with freckles. The skin was so white with thin blue veins stressed that whiteness. I am surprised to remember if precisely those moments but I was so marked. I still feel her perfume, I see this fine line of sweat running between her breasts, her gray eyes sparkle and her red mouth ajar with this little bit of language that comes and goes constantly. Mine does pussy with a plate of cream .. I'm the cream .. and this time I would have given my place for anything.


Come near me said Mireille patting the sofa beside her.

Always able to say in a word, I stood there frozen as if I had not heard anything.


Come on you is not scared anyway?

You doubt that I will not hurt you ... you is not stupid you know what I want. Thou has done?

No it's pretty much what I managed to stammer when I got up the chair

I get up but I stay there without moving. Mireille looks, takes my hand and draws me near her. I'm like a zombie, divided between amazement, fear, happiness to be there I think I will wake up but no .. A woman is a few inches of me, naked and she seems determined to go further.

Now standing near the sofa, I feel her perfume, she let go of my hand and looked into my eyes she puts her fingers on my thigh and slowly approach the bump that I can not hide as it is big, I confess I have no desire to hide. His fingers touch my penis through the fabric and will close on my tail. At that moment I thought I would enjoy. My heart started to beat this, it's amazing how this contact has propelled me into a new world .. in fact one of the great .. I have a little cry, which was insanely fun. She takes my hand moving away from my cock and guided me towards her breasts.


Will you caress me I think your ca envy?

Yes .. I find I am emboldened to speak, but like all primary sensations I feel at this instant.

Her breasts and her sweet hot, they pulsate in my hand, I caress their curves down towards the nipple that I ended up hitting it and where is the catch. I see when I brush the tip of her breast she half-opened lips and lets out a small sigh. I start this game, I caress, and I finish the point of the breast starts to harden and stand up. Mireille seems to enjoy the game


You have soft hands caress me again you do it well, I take the tip between your fingers

I obeyed and took the small piece of flesh between my thumb and index finger gently. Mireille's eyes are half closed and she appreciates. The instinct may or symmetry I run my other hand to attack the other breast, lavishing the same caresses. Meanwhile it has launched its new hand between my thighs this time massaging my balls and cock. Sometimes she squeezes my balls, this is new to me but this manipulation had its effect and I band more if possible .. Mireille spends his other hand behind my neck and drew my face near his, becoming closer I feel her breath on my lips. I let myself go our lips touch, his mouth opens, his tongue touch my lips, draws them. The instinct my lips part and my tongue seeking hers. This is really crazy this feeling a real kiss .. I had many girlfriends necked few of my age but nothing compares. That first kiss will be like one of the best of my life. It is at this moment that I "thawed" I think I was too shocked to react but this time I have a little regained control. I was no longer passive but active. My language pourchassais his, pushing into her mouth. A kiss that lasted a long time and Mireille surprised, she said later. In the meantime I become more passionate kneading her breasts pinching the nipples. During this time she stroked my cock. I am now almost lying on it. Suddenly she emerges, in my head I think it's over I made a mistake, I turn to the door. Seeing my crestfallen, Mireille smiled at me and taking me by the hand she said in a soft voice, "Come, heavy beta" and it leads me into the room.

My heart is pounding, already quite excited actually totally dropped now I know that my beautiful friend leads me to the bed that the adventure is just beginning. Mireille removes her blouse and I see her totally nude. For me at this point there can be more beautiful woman. Her hips are wide, full thighs, her breasts heavy yet firm, her areolas are as big as saucer, pink spikes his small but tense. My caresses achieved their goal it seems. She approached me and removed my shirt, caressing my shoulders. Then she unbuttons my pants dropping at my feet. She gently places her lips on my mouth, and slips covering my chest with kisses, the browsing of the tip of the tongue. She lingers on my nipples gently sucks it making me feel strange sensations that run through my belly and focus in my vagina that swells a little more. She slowly slips her warm me haline term belly. She slid my briefs letting out my vagina swollen. At this point I do not know where I am, my cheeks are burning, my head is spinning a little. I'm just a hard cock, swollen ready to explode. Mireille was an expert, has this moment I think if she had not had much tact I would have squirted like crazy. The touch of her fingers on my cock looked to me a boost .. I felt my cum boil ready to squirt. She pressed the base of my penis hard, it was almost painful, I felt a tremor at this instant I did not know what happened (after she showed me) but I let out a large pearl clear that Mireille's recovery after the language. Before letting slip his mouth on my penis. How wonderful, you feel his lips slowly swallow the glans, then go down while the tongue cajoles, wraps around the hyper sensitive glans. I felt my cock twitching in this humid and hot sheath. I thought again that I was going to ejaculate, she managed not again to stop the rise. I could not keep on my legs .. I was shaky, I was sweating. While keeping me in her mouth she spun around and pushed me gently on the bed. I let myself go. She stopped her oral sex, looking at me with a languishing look she said "Is it good? you like here? "What do you respond? I nodded stupidly head, unable to say a word or to take any initiative ... which of course could have?

I let myself be guided, she explained to me without a word. My tail was tense at that age, I could bend it for hours at a little change even if I admit .. though ..

On the back, tail high, with a woman that found the best there is, I was really lucky I can not believe my luck. Yet there she was near me Mireille had to lie down and she was guiding me towards sex, my hands in hers she guided me to her sex, soon I began kneeling on the bed, the first movement that had not arouse my mistress. I let my hands caress the slot that attracted me like a magnet, it was warm wet, red hair enhanced the whiteness of her skin the pink gash yawned when she moved her thighs. She guided my fingers and showed me how to tear apart the flower of flesh. Gently I finally saw my eyes opened this woman's sex. The pictures I saw did not render thanks to the beauty of this jewel and I have not changed since that day I have boundless admiration for the beauty of the female sex. This is my ever-spectacular. To be tasted, used and abused this miracle of nature I can not ensure that twice I have found the same thing, taste, smell, texture heat everything is renewed, the sex of the woman is unique. I never tire of admiring. Even today I can spend long periods has coax a cat, make her cry was throbbing, I eat, pacifier, penetrates with delight. My partners are often surprises the care I put little, little time I spend playing with the jewels, and so far no one has been disappointed, not one of my partners had failed to benefit under my tongue. This is the biggest of my ego, but see no serious bragging, it's not my words, they are the ones .. And believe me too near their sex and with a little practice no question of simulating an orgasm. I did not can be made to enjoy my partners each time taking them. But it took their pleasure under my tongue ..

But it was the first time, I was amazed and impressed, my penis was still tense. I écartelais that sex and slowly I approached my mouth, I was intoxicated by the heady scent mingled with the acrid smell of sweat. I admit I had some fears as I approached, but I did not regret, I loved that smell, I placed a kiss on the petals wet, now I know why she was so wet, I always have this in my head image of what sex I opened a large, transparent with these filaments that lined the opening of her pussy, the throbbing pit hypnotized me. I realized at that time that Mireille moaned softly, like a cat purring. And then I dared, I wanted to taste, I dardais my tongue, recovering a little of what lined the lips dipped the tip of my tongue, I gouttais first taste of a wet pussy. I was packed and I enhardissais drawing some groans and shivers that Mireille has encouraged myself. "Yes it's good, yes there still, gently" She guided me more and more I licked her pussy was wet, my saliva certainly would add to flooding but I do not drooling as that. And I was nothing to do with the appearance of this thick milky liquid which began to run off the bottom of her vagina throbbing. I had no hesitation to taste this new nectar to taste strong, sweetish, slightly salty hard to find a comparison. But I loved it here was certain.

Mireille pulled me toward her and said "Come on darling, take me" She did not need to explain I was sinking on it, my sex stumbled for a moment on the edge of her pussy and I engloutissais in it. Frankly I would never forget the feeling of softness, of moist heat. No hand no mouth can not reproduce that feeling. I felt his cock throb shake me like a vice to relax, then I snap back. I came and went slowly into it, no need to explain to me in his legs crossed on my back the slow pace required. She stroked my chest, and she repeated slowly mad when his thumbs began to touch my nipples at first I was surprised, I let myself go and this caress me crazy effects, but nothing like when she took the spikes between her fingers by rolling. It was dazzling, I lacked air my heart beating like crazy, my bl**d has beat my temples, I felt my cock throb. My balls were hard, I contracted, I plunged into it thoroughly. His fingers pinched a little harder I pushed my nipples and a cry when I felt the tide of v******e that was going up my sperm in my vagina. A glare, a revelation ecstasy .. I barely heard me say "Yes just enjoy my little darling, it's good, yes it is still" I collapsed against her, devastated emptied of fun. She hugged me bécotant forehead, more like a mother than a lover. I stood long against it, enjoying my new status as a man .... I was proud, happy and fulfilled.

This was my first time and how first time!

During the rest of the summer I spent at least a dozen of the afternoon with Mireille. From her I learned everything almost. She taught me how to intelligently use of my tongue and how to make her come, how to prolong the pleasure, it also made me experience the pleasure of licking an anus, and sodomy. Then one day in late summer she told me it was over that I should not go back, now that I was going to find friends of my age. It made me more of a compliment, and ended by telling me she had loved much, that I did enjoy several times that I was sweet and I would do a lot of happy. She gave me one last kiss, I would not swear to anything but I always thought they saw tears in his eyes. Mine were not of feints I had a heavy heart, I was a little in love with her for sure. But I was lucid enough to know that this could be ephemeral.

Until my last moments I could never forget. She passed away some time ago and when I knew I was not able to stop myself from crying. I think I owe him a lot and all my partners if they have enjoyed myself greatly indebted to him. If all men were lucky to have such an initiation, I remain convinced that women would be less disappointed with the benefit of my fellows.
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