him again :)

Since my roommate has moved out Ive taken it upon myself to begin exploring my Transgender tendencies. I shaved my legs, cock, chest everything. As I walked through work the first day, just feeling my jeans against my smooth shaven skin was a huge turn on, I felt my little sissy clit getting harder and harder as the day went on, tugging my panties tighter and tighter against my little bitty pussy ass, as they get stretched out. Its so erotic knowing that I am such a slut, that underneath my dirty grungy work clothes is a sexy soft girly sissy begging to be abused by cocks. mmmm. Spending all day at work turned on, coming home to check my emails and see if I will have any luck finding a play partner, only to be dissapointed by flakes and wierdo's with no imagination. I decided to run out for some lube, and maybe a new set of lingerie, and of course cruise the local bookstore while Im there. I walked in and shopped around in the lingerie, I f***ed myself to not be afraid of the looks I get browsing through all of the deliciously sexy outfits and toys. I noticed one gentleman in particular. I had met him here before, in the back. He was very appreciative of the killer deep throat blow job I gave him on our last meeting. and remembered that he loved to have his balls and taint licked while he finishes and blows his nut all over my face. I wanted to make this happen again, and by the hungry look in his eyes I could tell that he fetl the same. I make my way to the counter with my loot and make my purchases, a cute purple set and a big bottle of astroglide. I prefer astroglide over the usual anal lubes as they usually have a desensitizing creme and I would prefer to feel every inch of whatever is fucking my ass pussy. It felt so empowering and sexy to just walk up there with these things, without fear and with almost pride. I also purchased a card for the booths, I had to take my things to the car before going back to the booths tho she said and I obliged.

I went back to the booths on my return to the store, as I made my way to my favorite room I glanced over and him to see if he noticed me through all of the other trolls crusing the back, he did. :) I entered the room and removed my pants so that my pantied ass and clit were exposed for all to see who opened my door, and there he was. he came up behind me as I was putting my pants on the seat, he placed his hand on my ass and complimented me on how smooth and sexy my legs and ass were, as I turned around he dropped his pants and there was his geourgious 7 inch cock. He sat down and I was mesmerised I dropped to my knees and started licking the length of his shaft and kissing the head of his cock. he moaned with pleasure when I finally got him rigid and took all of his delicious cock in my mouth. I felt it against the back of my throat and f***ed my way down to the base, almost having to swallow his cock head to do it. it felt so good! I felt like such an accomplished fucking slut deepthroating this beautiful 7 inch cock. I worked his shaft for about 15 minutes sucking, and licking and straight fucking him with my mouth. I turned to look up at him, cocking my head to the side a bit so his dick pushed my cheek out and he could see it fucking the inside of my mouth. he asked me if I liked his cock, I moaned in pleasure. I hadn't realized I had began finger fucking my ass as I sucked his cock, but I didnt care, it felt so good. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to lick his balls, so I did, I licked on them, and pulled each one in my mo0uth a few times before making my way down, he furiously jacked and rubbed his cock against my stubble and cheek, untl he was ready to cum, I managed to blurt out, in my mouth baby!" and he took my head and shoved it down on his dickhead, until his cock was IN my throat, I f***ed back the reflex to gag, knowing I might not be able to do this, his head is IN my throat, and going to cum! omg.. I wanted to cum right there, and even trickled out a little precum without touching my cock when he first started pumping his nut into his new fuckhole. I just started swallowing, I think it even pulled his cock further in my throat, I couldnt believe I was doing this, i felt his cum launch into my throat, washing the inside of my throat with his cum. very little made it into my mouth as I felt each blast of hot sticky seed go into my throat every time I made a swallow movement. i backed off when I finally couldnt take anymore, and sucked his cock completely clean, he took a deep breath and told me that was the hardest hes came in years. I was full of pride, and cum. and It felt so good. I went home and rode my 8 inch dildo until I blew all over the floor hands free I was so turned on. I hope to see him again, and if I do, i want to see if we can make this happen more often :)
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3 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
very nice i often suck some cock at my adult store i love swallowing cock and cum , i wearing panties too i love how they squeeze my balls and ride up my ass , i cant wait till i get home and show my huge butt plug up my ass , i jack off huge load of cum n the table , so i can eat my cum
3 years ago
You are one hot cock sucking lady thanks for the story
3 years ago
Super hot!!!!!! I'm dripping!
3 years ago
nice story