Sorority Auction Continued-- Male Slaves

One of the women who had helped drag Perry back into the waiting room looked at the rest of the men.

“Don’t worry about your friend, he’s going to be fine. His back will heal up in 6-7 days. Honestly. I’ve seen much worse.”

“6-7 days?” someone asked. “You totally destroyed his back. There are purple welts all over his back and shoulders. Some of the welts are still bleeding.”

“Well,” the woman responded, “At least he’s automatically admitted to the fraternity. He’s got that going for him.”

“Some deal.”

Then the woman demanded, “Who’s the next male slave to be auctioned?”

“That’d be me,” said Craig, standing up and removing his shorts.

“Come out with me, then, you lucky boy.”

When Craig got outside he saw 20 women arranged in a circle about 12 feet in diameter. He was in the middle. The women were wearing tank tops and shorts. Some were in sandals, some were in running shoes, and others were wearing high heels.

“Nice cock,” someone yelled.

"Let's play kick ball," someone else shouted.

Two women came towards Craig. One attached a blindfold over his eyes. It was a good one; he could see nothing. The other woman cinched a cock-ring tightly around his balls.

“Now,” another woman’s voice said. “Here are the rules. The slave stands naked in the center of the circle, with his hands behind his back. He is not allowed to defend himself in any way.”

“Put your hands behind your back,” she ordered. When Craig obeyed, she spun him around three or four times, so he no longer remembered in which direction he was facing.

“Who’s going to be first?” the same woman asked. She kept her hands on his chest, pinching his nipples, so he got excited even though he was scared and didn’t really know what to expect.

Craig heard a woman move towards him, maybe two. It was hard to tell.

The first woman kept pinching his nipples. Like it was her job to keep him distracted, so he couldn’t prepare for the kick that was coming.

Then Craig heard a quick step, a slight grunt, and he was kicked in the balls. It was a light, tentative kick, that hit just as much of his thigh as his balls, so it really didn’t hurt that much.

“Yeah, let’s get this game of kick ball started,” someone shouted.

“Keep your hands behind your back, wimp.”

Craig heard more steps, and then he felt another quick kick, more accurate this time, that stunned him.

Craig kept his hands behind his back. He was blindfolded and twenty women were taking turns kicking him in the balls.

Then he heard another few steps, another grunt, and another woman’s foot slapped hard into his balls. The impact of the bare foot against Craig’s naked, bound balls sent a slightly liquid “smack” echoing across the room. Craig dropped to his knees, writhing in agony, and then slumped to the floor. He felt like he was going to vomit.

“All right, Jasmine,” someone said. “You really dropped him.”

“Someone get that bastard standing up again.”

Two women helped Craig stand up.

“Get up,” they said. “Or we’ll kick the shit out of you while you’re down on the floor.”

Craig slowly stood up. His balls ached. His heart was beating very fast.

“Hands behind your back!”

Craig obeyed.

And he waited.

Craig heard more steps.

Then someone surprised him by kicking him from behind with so much power that it lifted him off the floor. There was that sickening liquid slapping sound of smashed testicles. His balls exploded in pain. Almost instantaneously, Craig was hit from the front by another shocking kick to his balls.

Craig dropped to the floor, trying to catch his breath. His aching balls felt like they were being viciously sucked down a black hole.

“Don’t you dare hold your balls.”

“Don’t attempt to protect your balls.”

“Get up, wimp. Or we’ll kick your balls even harder.”

Hands gripped Craig by the shoulders and attempted to left him, but he was so devastated by the kicks that he had no strength left.

“All right. Get up on your hands and knees at least.”

Craig obeyed.

He felt a pair of legs lock around his head. Someone pulled his knees apart.

Then another woman slammed her foot into his sagging balls. Craig felt the arch of her foot blast into his testicles and he felt her toes stab into his cock. The legs locking his head prevented him from moving.

“Kick him some more!”

“Who’s next?”

Craig was kicked again. And again. Some kicks were more accurate than others. Sometimes a woman’s toes hit his balls. Sometimes a woman’s arched foot hit his balls. Sometimes there was a soccer-style kick from the side. But all of the kicks were devastating. His balls throbbed and burned and he kept feeling like he was going to throw up.

“Get him on his feet again.”

“I want to finish him off when he’s standing up.”

Several women tugged at Craig until he was standing. He felt two women holding him by the arms. Two others must have been kneeling by his ankles, to keep his legs from folding underneath him.

The room was quiet, except for Craig’s nervous, exhausted breathing.

There were setting him up for the kill.
While he was held there, Craig felt a soft, tentative kick, then another. It was like some woman, or several women, were toying with him, taking practice shots at his ruined balls.

He almost felt like he was going to survive.

Then, a final kick, delivered from in front, pulverized his wrecked balls. As if on cue, the women holding his arms and legs gracefully let go of him and Craig dropped to the floor. He tucked his knees to his chest and clutched his balls with his hands, trying to stop the pain.

“I’ll pay $200 for him.” One woman said. “But I’ll need some help getting him up to my room.”

“Who’s the next male slave to be auctioned?”

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3 years ago
The ladies take pleasure in the bought slaves on a traditional manner too hopefully.
3 years ago
Auction me