Sorority Slave Auction

Sorority Slave Auction

The procedure for the sorority initiation was always the same. Twenty attractive young women arrived at the neighboring frat house, and they were locked in a room and then they voluntarily stripped down to their bra and panties. Then, they waited while the noise in the next room got louder and louder. In the next room, 40 frat boys gathered, drank beer, and waited for the slave auction to begin. At 8:00PM, raunchy music would start and the first girl would come out. She would strip naked during the first song. During the next song, she would strike sexy poses, while the men yelled out their bids for how much they were willing to offer to purchase the girl’s sexual services for the next twelve hours until 8:00AM the following morning. The president of the fraternity conducted the bidding. There was a gentlemen’s agreement that the bidding stayed between $200 and $400. The higher the “bid,” the more likely it was that the girl would get into the sorority. Of course, the money went directly to the sorority, the girls didn’t get any of it. The female leaders of the sorority would look at the bids, count the money, and decide whom to accept into their club.

Inside the “staging room” next to the stripping or auction platform, the young women could hear the men shouting for the action to start.

Erin, a pretty, petite redhead with shoulder length hair was the first girl out. The d***ken men stepped back to let her get through them and they yelled at her as she stepped onto the “stage,” which was actually an 8 foot in diameter table, with the legs cut down to about a foot. The fraternity b*****rs closed ranks around the table and watched while Erin stripped to the music. When Erin unfastened her bra and tossed it to the floor, they cheered. Erin had nice large, well-shaped tits that swayed when she gyrated to the music. When she stripped off her panties, the b*****rs began pounding the table. She looked good naked. From the dancing and the hot excited atmosphere of the auction room, her body glistened with an attractive glow of perspiration. Every man in the room wanted to fuck her.

“I bid $200 for the bitch,” someone called out, coming to the edge of the stage and grabbing at Erin’s ankles.

“Do I hear $250? Anyone else want to bid on Erin?” the president asked. “Going once for $200. Going twice. Sold for $200.”

Erin’s new owner pushed his way to the edge of the stage and tried to help the frightened, naked woman step down from the dance floor. Erin’s owner for the next twelve hours was a short, chubby young man, with a faint scuffy beard and lots of black hair on his arms. As if on cue, as soon as Erin’s feet were on the floor, some guy next to her pinned her hands behind her back, while her new owner grabbed her tits and began mauling them roughly. Erin’s owner slapped her face hard with each hand, gave her a rough kiss on the mouth, and then shoved his right hand into her pussy. They guy behind her kept Erin’s arms pinned behind her back so her tits jutted forward.

“I can’t wait to start fucking you, bitch,” Erin’s owner said.

“You bought her,” the president said, “Now take her to your room. Just bring her back alive by 8:00AM.”

When Erin’s owner got her upstairs, he quickly walked her down the hall and into his room. Once inside, he threw her down on a mattress on the floor and used four straps to tie her spread-eagled on the “bed.” Bound naked, with her arms and legs stretched out to the corners of the mattress, Erin was helpless. Her owner took off his clothes, sat on Erin’s face and rubbed his cock over her mouth, nose and cheeks until his cock began to get hard. His balls rested comfortably on her chin. Excited by the bound girl’s struggles, it didn’t take long for him to get really hard.

“Suck my cock, you bitch!” He said. “Suck my cock until you choke on it.”

He jammed his cock deep into Erin’s mouth, plunging it back and forth and from side to side. It was way too early to cum. He just wanted to show her who was boss.

Erin struggled, gasped and choked. He didn’t care.

When he got tired of ramming his cock into her moist, warm mouth, he changed position, kneeled between her legs, and shoved his cock into her wet pussy.

“You’re tight, bitch!” I’m going to loosen you up a bit.

Back downstairs, the next girl to strip and be auctioned was Taylor, a tall busty blonde with her hair in a ponytail. Now that the first girl had been auctioned and bought, the crowd was more enthusiastic. With 39 men bidding and only 19 girls left to buy, half of the men would leave unsatisfied if their bids were not successful. And the girls needed to be purchased for a high enough price so that they’d be accepted into the sorority. For $200, Erin might have to endure an entire night of rough fucking, and then still find out that she hadn’t made enough money to be accepted into the sorority. Then, she’d have to go through the whole process again next semester if she wanted to get in.

Taylor knew she had to get a high price when she began to dance. She was wearing a sexy black lingerie outfit, a push up bra that emphasized her tits, and a very tiny thong bikini panties. She came close to the edge of the stage and shook her tits at the d***ken men, daring them to bid. When she took her panties off, someone shouted, “$300.” Immediately, someone else yelled “$350 for the cunt.”

“$350 going once,” the president called out. “Any more bids? $350 twice. Taylor is sold for $350.”

Taylor had been bought by David, a handsome, well-dressed young man with long black hair swept behind his ears. But as soon as he helped her down from the stage, two guys who hadn’t even bid on Taylor grabbed her. One put her in quick full nelson, and the other began slapping her tits, so her breasts bounced back and forth.

“Hey guys,” David said. “Hands off. You want a girl, make a bid.”

The guy who had been slapping Taylor’s tits looked over at him. “I don’t mean any harm. Just warming Taylor up for you is all.” He punctuated this statement by slapping Taylor’s tits harder enough so that they began to turn bright red.

David pulled the naked Taylor away from her two assailants and walked her towards the door out of the room. As if he’d been given an idea by Taylor’s two tit-slapping assailants, her held her hands behind her back as the e****ted her out of the room. With her hands held behind her back, Taylor was fair game for a few horny guys who reached out and groped her before David got her out of the room. David actually liked the fact that he’d bought a girl that everyone wanted to fuck. When he got Taylor outside, he pushed her against the wall and roughly mauled her breasts. Inside his pants, his cock was rock hard, and he rubbed it against Taylor as he held her to the wall.

David walked Taylor upstairs, unlocked his room and then relocked the door. He’d made some changes in the room in anticipation of the slave auction.

“Let’s get started,” David said. He quickly bound Taylor’s hands together with leather cuffs, strung a rope through them and raised her hands to the ceiling. Standing there, with her arms arched over her head, and her fine tits totally vulnerable, Taylor looked very frightened.

“Hey,” Taylor protested, twisiting against the cuffs so that her breasts looked even more attractive. “What kind of sex is this?”

“Never mind,” David said, attaching a spreader bar between her feet. “I bought you. I can do anything I want to you now.”

Next, David took out several 6 foot lengths of clothesline. He made a loop and then cinched the looped rope around Taylor’s right breast. He tightened the loop slowly so the rope squeezed her tit almost like a tourniquet. He did the same thing to Taylor’s other breast. By the time he was done, both her bound breasts were bright purple.

David took off his shirt, removed his belt, pulled down his pants, and tugged off his underwear. Once he was naked, he stood facing Taylor and he slowly rubbed the leather belt across her bound breasts.

“Now, the fun begins,” David said.

Then, he began slapping her tits with the leather end of the belt. Softly at first, then harder.

“I’m going to beat your tits with this belt until I’ve put bruises on you. You'll walk around for at least a week with bruised tits, and everyone will know I put those marks on you.

Each time he hit her with the belt, it made a sharp, satisfying smack, and Taylor's breasts shook with the f***e of the impact.

She gasped and started to cry.

David hit her harder.

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2 years ago
very nice story
if somebody bid that much for me
please continue
3 years ago
Brillint story - i don't like David :(