Just a Few More

The woman I knew as “Mistress Rebecca” helped me into the back seat of the van and then put a blindfold over my eyes. She wrapped the seatbelt around my shoulders and waist, and then I heard her get into the driver’s seat. There was soft jazz music on the stereo. She didn’t say anything. We drove for what seemed like an hour.

We turned off the main road and Mistress Rebecca said, “It’s going to be bumpy for a while.”

Finally, we stopped. I heard her say "Hi” to someone outside. The sliding door beside me was opened.

“Jacqui, this is chris. He’s our special guest tonight.”

“I hope chris is tougher than the last one,” Jacqui said. Then, she helped me out of the seat. I was still blindfolded. They gave me a heavy suitcase to carry.

“Straight ahead to my ‘studio,’” I heard Rebecca say. She had her hand behind me and was pushing me towards wherever we were going.

“I can’t believe you get to rent it for $50 a month,” said Jacqui.

We walked maybe twenty steps. Then one of them slid open a metal door. They walked me inside. They took off the blindfold, and by the moonlight I saw that we were in what looked like an abandoned warehouse. Both women were wearing boots, jeans, and dark tops. They were both very good looking, but tonight wasn’t going to be about glamour.

“Let me turn on the stage lighting,” said Rebecca hitting a switch which controlled a single fluorescent tube near the ceiling. “Now, let’s take his clothes off him.”

I stood still while the two women quite skillfully removed my clothes. Their hands, and especially their fingernails, lingered on my chest and ass. If I hadn’t been so nervous, the evening temperature would have really seemed quite pleasant.

“He looks quite nice now that he’s naked.”

“We’ll leave his clothes there on the ground.” Rebecca said, “Now, help me put his wrists in these cuffs.”

When the cuffs were snugly fastened, the two women e****ted me to the center of the warehouse where a cable hung from the ceiling. In no time at all, my hands were stretched high over my head, my legs were spread, and my ankles were tied to metal rings in the floor. I stood there naked and spread-eagled, an easy target for them.

“This is a no mercy session,” Rebecca reminded Jacqui. “We can beat him as long as we like.”

“But before we start,” Jacqui said,” We can’t have his cock sticking up at us like that.”

She came up to me with some thin rope. She kneeled down and wound it very tightly around my cock and balls, binding the cords extra tight around my balls so they were bright purple. Then, she cinched and tied the cords even more tightly along the length of my strangled cock--it looked like I had a rope erection. She made sure the binding hurt. Then she tied the end of rope to a ring in the floor.

“That’ll keep him from moving around too much,” Jacqui said.

Then Jacqui walked over and unzipped the case they’d made me carry. She pulled out a flogger and handed another one to Rebecca.

“I remember you like this special cat, don’t you? The one with the little Turk’s head knots on the ends.”

Rebecca took the cat and walked over in front of me. Jacqui went around behind me. Although it was dark, the full moon made it easy enough to see them. After a few warm-up strokes, the two women began to work on me. Evidently, they didn’t care about the noise their leather whips made on my body.

Rebecca smiled as she aimed her whip at my chest. She concentrated on making the hard leather knots sting and bite my nipples. I tried to count the strokes. It seemed like she’d do about thirty on one side, and then switch and do thirty more on my other side. For a while I tried to enjoy it. Then the leather knots started to get really painful. I heard myself grunting with each stroke of the whip.

On my back, Jacqui’s whip was very heavy--bull hide, I guessed. After about ten hard thuds, every time she lashed me, it felt like she was dragging a broken coke bottle across my back and shoulders. She worked on my ass, too. I could feel the heavy falls stinging my ass cheeks. I heard myself groaning “Oh” or “Ouch” with each stroke. I was trying to keep control of myself, but I knew it was only going to get worse.

Sometimes they hit me at the same time. Sometimes Jacqui would hit my back hard, and while I was recovering from the blow, Rebecca would attack my chest with the knotted cat. They’d keep doing that. I was always off balance.

They continued whipping me for what seemed like a long time.

Finally, Rebecca said, “Maybe it’s time for a change of pace.”

Yes, Jacqui said, “Let’s work on his cock and balls.”

They went back to the open case and took out more whips. I foolishly hoped these whips would be lighter.

With menacing looks in their eyes, the two women stood in front of me and began taking turns whipping my tightly bound cock and balls. They especially seemed to like hitting me hard enough to make my genitals bounce up and down.

“That’s it, Jacqui. Whip his cock really hard.”

“Watch me use just the tips to really sting him.”

“Make him dance.”

“Make his little purple cock bounce.”

They were so eager that sometimes their whips caught each other in mid-flight and slammed into me with re-doubled f***e. In a short time, I was whimpering and crying out after each blow.

While Rebecca worked on my cock, Jacqui went over to the case, selected another whip and said “Let’s try this one.” She walked over in front of me, smiled mischievously, and pulled the braided leather tails of the new whip through her hands a few times. Then she faced me sideways and snapped the whip right at my balls.

“Aaagh” I cried. It hurt horribly. I was jerking against the ropes that held my wrists and ankles and the rope tugging my genitals to the ground. I looked down and saw a huge welt on my tightly bound balls.

“Aaagh.” She struck at my balls again. The jolt of pain rushed from my cock to my ass and up my spine.

“Aaagh.” She snapped the whip at the exposed tip of cock. It felt like a lightning bolt had struck my penis.

I was grunting and gagging from the spasms of pain.

“This is fun,” Jacqui said, “Rebecca, why don’t you try this whip?”

When they had me wheezing and gasping for breath, they finally stopped. I could feel rivulets of sweat trickling down my back and from my arm pits.

Then I heard Rebecca say something which terrified me.

“ Let’s switch sides and see who can make him bleed first.”

“You keep that cat you’ve been using,” said Jacqui, but I’m going to get my snake-whip.

When both women had selected their weapons of choice, Rebecca began flogging my back, while Jacqui carefully flicked her thin, ferociously painful snake-whip at my chest. The sharp thud of Rebecca’s cat on my back alternated with the knifelike slice of Jacqui’s single-tail across my chest.

“I’m going to cut him first,” Jacqui boasted. She snapped the whip at my chest so that the popper at the end exploded when it struck me. It felt like she had a razor on the end. When I dared to look down, I could see red stripes running down my chest like chevrons.

“These knots will tear up his back pretty quickly,” Rebecca answered from behind me. Her whip clawed across my shoulders. She began striking me more quickly, and I could hear her breathing get rougher.

Hanging there naked, unable to move except when the f***e of their whips stuck me, my body was the playing field for their game.

“Beat him,” Rebecca shouted as she thrashed my back harder and harder. I could imagine the thick red welts her cat must be raising on my back.

“Make him bleed,” Jacqui said, snapping her finely braided single-tail at my chest so it whistled and popped when it struck.

My grunts quickly turned into whining cries. “Oh, please stop. Mercy, Mistress. Please stop.”

“No way.” Rebecca said.

It felt like the two women were punching and stabbing me at the same time. The braided cat sc****d like rough sandpaper. The snake whip stung and cut, but without making me bleed.

Then, when I could stand it no more, and as if on cue, both women stopped. I thought my prayers had been answered. They were done whipping me.

Jacqui, who was in front of me, took a deep breath and looked at Rebecca who was standing behind me. She said, “Let’s switch sides one last time.”

She poked me teasingly with the end of her whip. Rebecca came up behind me until I could feel her breath on my shoulder. Jacqui advanced and stood so close to me that I could have brushed my abused chest against her lovely figure.

“He’ll have lovely marks tomorrow, won’t he?” Jacqui said, dragging her coiled whip across my chest.

Like polite tennis players, they switched sides. I felt like an a****l they were preparing to skin alive.

As they resumed their work, I gasped and cried out in a high-pitched voice I’d never heard come from me before. I wondered why it seemed to be requiring so much pain before I’d start bleeding. I kept hoping I’d pass out and they’d stop.

Rebecca applied the cat on my chest relentlessly, so that both the braids and the knots hurt savagely. Jacqui flicked the single-tail like I was some horse she was racing.

I was gasping, and yelling out loud, and crying real tears all at the same time. I hung there sobbing helplessly while they whipped me.

I couldn’t believe they would continue whipping me that long. Rebecca kept working on my chest with her braided cat. Jacqui made me cry every time her snake-whip lashed my back.

As I hung there, like a human target, I saw the two eager women assaulting me with their whips. I heard them encouraging each other. I felt their punishing whips hit me again and again. I saw my body twitch in spasms with each blow. But, they couldn’t hurt my body anymore. A strange kind of joy sang in my veins. Somehow, despite the pain, I was now floating above the agonized scene beneath me. I watched it, but I was no longer part of it.

“Whip him some more,” I thought.

Jacqui’s single-tail soon converted the long purple welts on my back into bleeding cuts. And the brutal Turk’s head knots on Rebecca’s cat tore at the fine red stripes on my chest until they overflowed into bright trickles of bl**d.

Rebecca’s eyes sparkled brightly. I imagined Jacqui’s did the same.

“Just a few more,” I heard Jacqui say.

“He turned out OK, didn’t he?”

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3 years ago
Ouch! Those two Mistresses play rough. Well-written, though.
3 years ago
He's hoping they pick him up again and whip him some more.
3 years ago
he went into "subspace" magic :)