Flash--Electric Crucifixion

Since he’d reached puberty, Greg had enjoyed fantasies of being tied to a cross and subjected to prolonged electrical torture. He’d gotten the idea from an episode of Flash Gordon in which the evil Ming had condemned Flash to the same torment. In the black and white episode, Flash had been stripped to the waist and fastened to an electric cross. While he hung there writhing in pain, flashing lights denoting high amp current exploded all around him. This electric crucifixion seemed very exciting to Greg, and he fantasized about it all the time.

So when he saw Mistress Lucy’s website, which proclaimed “I specialize in electrical torments!” Greg knew he was close to realizing his fantasy.

Greg sent off an e-mail which went like this:

Dear Mistress Lucy, my fantasy is to be stripped naked, tied to a cross, and subjected to prolonged electric torture of my cock and balls.”

A few days later, Greg received a reply:

Dear greg, thank you for your e-mail expressing interest in making an appointment to see me. I know just what you want. I am free next Tuesday, any time after 12:00 Noon. My rates for this type of work are $200 cash or credit. When you write me back to confirm, I’ll tell you the address of my studio.”

Greg wrote back and said he’d show up at Noon on Tuesday.

Mistress Lucy greeted him at the door wearing a Japanese kimono. She had dark black hair, very red lips and she looked beautiful. She quickly e****ted him into a special room.

“I hope you are looking forward to your electric crucifixion,” she said. “I know that I am.”

She pointed to the middle of the room, “Take off all your clothes, put them in a neat pile over on that chair, and then kneel in the center of the room with your hands behind your back, facing the door, until I come back,” she said.

When Mistress Lucy returned, she had taken off the robe. She had quite a lot to show off. She was wearing red high heels, no stockings, a red thong, and a red push-up bra. She let him admire her briefly, and then approached her kneeling prey.

“You look like you take care of yourself,” she said, “I like the way you’ve trimmed all the hair off your cock and balls. That will make the electrical contacts so much better. Come over here to the cross. ”

Mistress Lucy strapped Greg to the cross by attaching tight canvas straps with buckles around his ankles, just above his knees, and around his stomach. Then she did the same with the straps around his wrists and above his elbows. While all this was going on, Greg couldn’t help peering down at her lovely, smooth breasts.

“I’m glad you like looking at me.”

There were several small control boxes on the floor. Greg stood there strapped to the cross while Mistress Lucy arranged things. She took a bottle of water with a squeeze top and sprayed his cock and balls and his thighs with water.

Mistress Lucy attached a set of electric clamps to Greg’s cock. One was black and the other red. They were like jumper cables for a car, only smaller. She attached one to the base of his cock and the other right beneath his glans.

“Now I’m going to play with your cock,” Mistress Lucy said. She held a TENS unit about the size of a cell phone in hand and began adjusting several dials. Greg heard them click, and then he felt a tiny, far off, even remote tingling in his cock.

Mistress Lucy looked at Greg a moment. “Let me turn the current up a bit.”

The tingling grew more powerful, but Greg found he could still endure it. He felt proud he could tolerate the pain. He was just like Flash Gordon now. Only Dale Arden was torturing him, not Ming.

“Lots of men think that the most intense pain occurs when I twist all the dials to the top. But that isn’t really so. Sometimes a slow pulse can be much more agonizing. Let me demonstrate. I’ll start up high and then reduce the pulse rate.”

Greg felt the high continuous stinging in his cock begin to relent and then reorganize itself into short, sudden stabs which got worse as they became slower. In no time at all he was grunting like an a****l.

“See what I mean?” Mistress Lucy said. “It’s like getting kicked, isn’t it? Of course, I’ve only got the current at 6 and the dial goes up to 12, so this is just a hint of what you’ll be experiencing later.

“Pulse width is another thing, “Mistress Lucy continued. “At the low end, it can be tiny pin pricks of pain repeated endlessly.

Mistress Lucy smiled as she saw Greg begin to experience the pain. “Pin pricks for your prick.”

Greg felt the tingling, burning race of the current through his cock

“But when I turn the juice up, the pin pricks get faster and faster. It’s like I’m drilling into your cock.”

“Oh. Oh. Ouch. I mean. I’m sorry,” Greg panted.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Greg. You’ll be saying much worse and sounding much worse before we’re through playing today.”

Mistress Lucy stopped for a second. Then she continued her explanation. “Of course, if I increase the pulse width, it can be like I’m actually banging on your cock with a hammer. Big blasts of pain.”

Mistress Lucy adjusted the dials to illustrate her comments. Greg felt a series of jolting bangs from one end of his cock to the other.

“Greg, please Look at me when you’re being tortured.”

Panting and groaning, Greg looked up at the provocatively costumed woman as the electricity tore into his cock.

Then Mistress Lucy turned off the current and set her TENS unit down. “You behaved quite well during my little orientation,” said Mistress Lucy. She came up close to Greg and dug the fingernails of both her hands into his chest. She kneaded his nipples with her thumbs and fingers, pinching harder and harder until Greg gasped.

“I’ve actually got three sets of electric clamps. We’ll keep those two on your pretty little cock. You know what that’s like. And, then, I’m going to put a new contact on each of your balls. Like this. How pretty.

“Now, where shall I put this set?” Mistress Lucy said. Holding an electric clamp in each hand, Mistress Lucy came at Greg like a banderillo approaching a condemned bull. She carefully attached each clamp to the sensitive purple glans at the tip of his cock. “This pain will be very intense,” she said.

“So, I’ve got your balls, your cock, and your cock head. Aren’t you a lucky boy? Greg, I’m going to make love to you with electricity. I’m going to fuck you with a very steady very powerful low amp current. I’m going to screw your nerves and ganglia. I’m going to shock your cock and balls as long and as hard as I want. And you’re going to take it.”

“Let’s start with your poor, neglected balls,” Mistress Lucy said.

Greg felt a slight tingling which gradually grew more intense. Soon, steady spasmodic bursts of current were stabbing through his balls. It was like he was being kicked from inside. By adjusting his breathing and panting at regular intervals, Greg was able to bear the pain.

“Greg, I’m impressed with your endurance,” Mistress Lucy said. “Now for your cock. From my little introduction, you’re used to this kind of play, so I’m going to turn up the current a bit. I’ll start at 6 and then turn it all the way up……. ”

It felt like she was scr****g the inside of his cock with a rat tailed file. Greg closed his eyes and felt hot purple flashes of light jolt through his penis. It was like hundreds of knives were slicing into his cock.

“God. Oh. Please stop,” Greg pleaded. “I’ve had enough. I can’t take any more.”

Mistress Lucy turned her dials down a bit and then looked at Greg. “You paid for an hour, and you’re going to get an hour.”

“It’s OK. I’ve had my money’s worth. The introduction was great. But I think I’ve had enough. Please stop.”

“Greg, be quiet.” Mistress Lucy paused a moment, and then she said, “Listen, have you ever had sex with a real virgin? The more she protests, the more excited you get. If she’s real tight and experiences a lot of pain when you thrust into her, it gets you excited right? If she cries out or protests, you’re not going to stop. You like hearing her cries of agony. It makes you feel powerful and sexy. Well, that’s what I’m going to do to you. “

“I could use a leather flogger and whip your cock until you cried and winced. I could kick you in the balls with my high heels until you jumped like a rabbit. I could slap your cock with my bare hand until your pre-cum sprayed all over the room. But none of that would be as effective as electricity. Electricity provides continuous, fresh pain that doesn’t relent. You never get used to it.”

“But, since this is your first time, I am going to help you.” Mistress Lucy walked over to a nearby table, picked up and item and returned. She held a sturdy looking red ball gag in her hand.

Mistress Lucy kissed the red ball and made sure Greg could see her tongue make contact with the ball. “Now, open your mouth.”

Mistress Lucy returned to her TENS unit and began working the dials. It was like she was calling a friend. Maybe calling lots of friends.

As soon as Mistress Lucy looked up at him, Greg felt a burning, stabbing pain that shot right through his balls. It was like they were being smashed again and again.

Burning current raced from the base of his cock to the tip.

The head of his penis felt like it was about to explode. Hot tingling jolts of pain shot through him like bursts of machine gun fire.

Then, Mistress Lucy adjusted another dial, and Greg felt like she was scr****g fine sandpaper back and forth on the tip of his cock.

With another adjustment to her dials, Mistress Lucy sent a big blast of current shot from the base of Greg’s cock to the tip. It felt like a bowling ball was trying to squeeze out the slit at the top of his penis. It happed again. The continuous repetition was awful. There was no way to overcome the pain. It was unrelenting.

“Greg, you are so handsome hanging there naked, with your muscular arms and chest. But it doesn’t do you any good. I’m going to fuck your cock and balls over and over again with this current.”

It felt like his balls were getting so hot that they should begin to glow.

Greg struggled and sobbed beneath the gag. He was drooling.

Mistress Lucy came up to him with a wet cloth. She wiped his chin and underneath his nose.

“Here, Greg. Let me clean you up a bit. You know, you’re not here to enjoy this, Greg. You’re here to endure it. I’m the one who gets the pleasure. I want you to surrender your body to me. I actually enjoy watching you suffer. Do you understand? The baseball doesn’t get to complain about being hit. That’s what it’s there for. To be hit. And you’re here to be tortured. I want you to give up, totally submit to me, and just let me rip into your body with electric shocks.

“I’m not hurting your body at all. There won’t be any permanent damage or marks. All the pain is mental. Just give up. Accept the pain. Scream, cry, shout, and yell. I love it.”

Mistress Lucy went back to her TENS unit. The hammering in the tip of Greg’s cock got more intense. The rapid shocks coalesced into a steady battering. It felt like his cock was shaking uncontrollably, but when Greg looked down his cock wasn’t moving at all.

Mistress Lucy moved up close to him and bent over, pretending to look at the electric clamps, but actually to let Greg admire her breasts. Her hair brushed against his abdomen.

Behind the gag, Greg was screaming for pity and release. Mistress Lucy read his mind.

“Greg, I’m not going to stop.”

Mistress Lucy twisted the dials and, sure enough, the pain became so great that Greg could only pant and scream.

“Now, that’s better. How do your balls feel now?”

Mistress Lucy let Greg’s torment continue for a while. Then she turned of the current.

She looked at him and said, “Have you been catheterized before?” Without waiting for an answer, she continued, “It doesn’t matter. Be very still.” She removed the electric clamps from his cock and balls. For a moment, Greg thought he was going to be released.

But then, Mistress Lucy took a very thin plastic tube, carefully inserted it in the slit at the top of his cock and slowly shoved it down like she was replacing the dipstick in her car’s engine. “This will be fun,” she promised, hooking the leads from the harness and the “sparkler” to her trusty TENS unit. She adjusted the dials.

Greg felt like he was cumming. The current shot up his cock like a rush of harsh, jagged semen. It was the most painful and agonizing ejaculation he had ever experienced. But he wasn’t cumming. It was just the continuous jolting rampage of electricity back and forth inside his helpless cock.

Despite the restraints that held his legs and arms, Greg thrashed against the wooden cross. She was r****g his cock with electricity. She was fucking his penis with pain.

The throbbing became more intense, and he felt like his cock was vibrating so hard that it would fall off. He looked up at Mistress Lucy.

“Please, Mistress Lucy.” He tried to say through the gag. “Please. Please Please stop.”

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