how she started cheating - our real story

This is not about giving you an erotic story,
I'm not good at writing cheesy details.

It's just how she cheated the first time.

It was 3 years ago, just two months after we got married, I was away for a few weeks for work reasons. It happened just a week after I left, at that time she was working as a waitress, and that night one of the clients was flattering her with compliments.

When she finished her work around 1am she saw him waiting outside the restaurant, so she stopped just by the exit and wasn't sure if his intentions, he then approached her and offered to take her home, and she, feeling very tired, agreed.

They talked briefly during those 5 minutes, and she agreed to meet him for a coffee the next day.

They decided to meet in the afternoon, after meeting they proceeded to walk to cafeteria where they started to talk about work, life, and then, about 30 minutes into conversation he leaned over the table and gave her a kiss, it as sudden and unexpected, so she quickly told him that she is married, and that he shouldn't do that ever again. He sat back and continued chat like if nothing ever happened.
They spent few ours just chatting, walking down the beach, chilling out, and later around 7pm he told her he would like to pick a jacket from his hotel room, so they went there and she was waiting outside as he went in to pick the jacket, but he came back empty handed and asked id she would like to see photos from his travels that he was telling her about. She agreed to see the photos, she followed him to his hotel room, where they sat at his bed and he began to showing her photos on his camera.
She said that it took just 3 minutes before she noticed he is getting closer and closer to her while explaining stories behind photos, and at one point he put camera aside, looked her in the eyes and asked:
- "Do you love your husband?"
- "Yes, I love him very much" she replied with confidence.
to which he responded with throwing himself over her petite body and kissing her over her neck and proceed to her lips.

....she didn't know what to do, but didn't resist.

AS he was kissing her she felt his dick getting harder and harder, and very soon he lifted himself up, stood by the edge of the bed, asked her to sit down, and he quickly unzipped his pants and immediately took the cock out and put it against Nelly's lips..... she knew it was wrong so she told him all that shouldn't happen, but he just grabbed her head and pushed his dick inside her mouth....

While she was sucking his dick he started taking her clothes off, and when she was left with only panties he lay down on the bed ans asked her to suck his balls, she complied and kept doing it for next 20 minutes, maybe more...

She said he was very excited and making a lot of noise while she was sucking him, she felt like it was too much, like maybe he was exaggerating.

But that didn't matter, he grabbed her and lay her down on he bed on her back, and put his body over hers, looking in her eyes as he opened and penetrated her with his dick.

She was overwhelmed with that... she knew it was wrong... but she felt so good and excited, all she could think about is to lay down and let him do his thing.

But he wasn't about it let her be this way, he lifted her up, lay down himself, and told her to mount his cock, said that he wants to see how she is doing the job, how she is fucking herself with his dick. She complied.

As she was riding her cock he looked in her eyes again, and asked:
- "do you like riding my cock?"
- "yes" she replied

he paused for a moment and then asked another question:
- "do you love your husband?"
- Nelly hesitated with answer but finally she said "yes I love him"
and as she said that he started moving faster, pounding her pussy
- " you know you are a cheating whore" he said while pounding her hard
- she hesitated again but finally moaned out "yes"

at this point he couldn't hold it any longer and he burst the lad inside her, screaming of pleasure and laughing soon after.

Nelly felt satisfied, but she remained quiet as he tried to talk to her.
On the way home she mostly just replied 'yes' and 'no' as he was trying to talk to her .... as they arrived there she just walked quickly into the house and straight into the shower.

She sat and cried. she knew what she has done.

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2 years ago
That sounds hot. I wanna meet her.
2 years ago
As long as she wont do it again, i guess that's fine.. everybody makes a mistake.. love the story.. Cheers!
2 years ago
Love the first time cheating story Chris.
2 years ago
Good story.
2 years ago
2 years ago
So I take it he was black since this is the interracial post? Was this her first BBc, or just the first after marriage?
2 years ago
that story hit real close to home. If i was like you I would still be married but at the same time i would still be married to a drunk and thats not good for the kids. as i have gotten older i have become a little more open but my new girlfriend is not. on a happier note, you have a beautiful wife.
2 years ago
some of her photos here, so you van relate face to the story
2 years ago
Hi everyone, and thank you for nice comments.

I just wanna tell you guys, since there is so many "true" fantasy stories here, that what I wrote here is how it really happened the first time she cheated.

She did it few more times before I found out about it, and I tell you it wasn't easy or exciting at all. At that time I still thought and felt about us as regular couple, so it was devastating.

With time, long time, I eventually learned to turn all that bad part of our relationship into something positive, and now instead of fighting her desires I let her do her thing, but I watch or ask her to tell me how it was and what the guy did to her, every little detail of it.

Enjoy her pictures in our profile.

If you send invite, send it along with some message, cause we get too many of plain invites that we just mass-delete.
And yes I do see now all the errors in writing, I was writing it spur of the moment late at night, and now it won't allow me to edit it.
2 years ago
Very hot indeed',yes ,sex is sex,,and we all need it...thanks
2 years ago
I think that was a very hot story, even tho it was real, and I don't approve of cheating, , unless it's approved by both spouses
2 years ago
sex is sex
2 years ago
nice i hope you continue