Caught Watching: Strange Relationship Version X Ch

An invitation to dinner – even if it is an invitation to dinner with the boyfriend you’re not sl**ping with and the son that you are – is an excuse to buy a new outfit, and whilst I’m not quite the trend whore that some people are it’s still nice to look good and make an effort, don’t you think? There’s a huge shopping centre near me, and although most of the time it seems like exactly the same shops as everywhere else (honestly, don’t you think every high street in every town is just like every other?) there are a couple of places where you can get some really nice stuff. After an enjoyable couple of hours cruising for bargains – I am so the Great White Bargain Hunter – I noticed that time was drawing on. After a quick cappuccino to revivify myself, I headed for the car park.

The car parks are huge, and because I’d elected to go in the evening all the closest spots to the exits were full. This meant I’d had to park near the cinema entrance, which was several minutes walk from where I was. The path took me away from the main car parks and round an altogether nicer area along the canal. Happy at the thought of a nice dinner party, and the unlikelihood of any bizarre sexual shenanigans whilst Richard was with me, I was almost skipping along as the last remnants of the sun painted red rivulets across the sky.

I was about to round the last little copse of trees that separated me from my car when I heard the noises. It was a girl’s voice, or rather, a girl making the noises. My first thought was one of panic – this secluded spot would be the perfect place for a mugging, or even ****.

Caught between screaming for help and simply running away, I stood petrified by my own indecision. When my legs became my own again I had the presence of mind to dart into the clump of trees immediately to my left, seeking a vantage point from which I could make an informed decision. I’d already snapped open my phone to make the call when I saw them.

She was young, 19 or 20 I guess. He had her pinned back against a car and was holding her arms above her head, preventing her from struggling. And he was massive, simply huge, a great black bear of a man. From so close, around thirty or forty feet away I estimated, I could pick out the muscles in his back and arms, clearly defined against nervous fabric that threatened to give out at any time, dark skin standing in contrast to the tight white tee he had on. He kept leaning in, trying to kiss her, and I raised my phone ready to dial the first 9. She managed to wrest one hand free and for a split-second I paused, thinking that she’d be able to extricate herself from his bear hug.

Her face came into view and I was struck by how pretty she was. Her skin was porcelain and untainted, her make-up simple and flawless, blue-black hair cascading to her shoulders. It was only after a moment spent thinking about how attractive she was that I realised her mouth was unobstructed, yet she didn’t call for help. The noises she made did not derive from terror, but from anticipation. His hand was underneath her vest top, pulling it up to give him room to massage her left breast and revealing an attractive pale blue bra. She coiled her right leg around his left and her denim micro-skirt slid up her thigh. There was no question at all that she was complicit in this liaison.

She reached up and yanked off his baseball cap, throwing it to the floor and revealing a head shaved to the skull. He was nuzzling her neck and her mouth, frozen in an ‘O’, belied the pleasure she derived from this simple action. Roughly, he pulled away the cup of her bra and even from where I was I could see how hard her nipples were. Anxious, I pressed myself against the tree in front of me. I felt amazingly self-conscious considering I wasn’t the one getting pawed in public, a feeling I couldn’t quite understand.

His hand was between her legs; hers was pulling up his tee. Exasperated by her failing attempts she must have said something to him, because he disengaged and pulled his shirt off himself. His back was a morass of Celtic designs and religious iconography, black-inked lines on dark skin. For her part she too threw off her top, squealing with excitement as she did so. With her micro-mini now riding so high it was practically a belt, from my foliage-based hiding place I could see a triangle of pale blue to match her bra. She was hot, both between her legs and in this observer’s opinion.

She had both arms around his back, clawing at well-defined muscles with exquisitely manicured fingernails, tongues meeting with full intention. His hands too were not idle, for seconds later a similar squeal accompanied the blue bra landing beside the vest top. She was biting his ear, at least trying to, dwarfed as she was by him. As he was kissing her neck she opened her eyes wide in surprise and at that point caught me staring at her.

Frozen with shock, I could do nothing but continue to stare at her. Without even breaking stride she smiled at me, and I realised that for them, the risk – even the act – of being observed was part of the ritual, part of the attraction. At this time of night, in this part of the car park, I’d say there was a fifty-fifty chance of them being observed. I guess I represented the jackpot for them.

The quandary on my part was what to do next. Leaving was out of the question, because they were only two cars away from mine and I would have to walk past them to go to it – not to mention putting the bags down, fumbling for my keys, loading the bags into the boot, and so on. If I left, I would have to keep coming back periodically to check that they were finished. I doubted there was a book of etiquette for this situation, or if there were, it was not on the shelves of any library I visited.

I took a step back from the tree that had served as a hiding place, and looked around. I don’t know what I was looking for, but when I looked back at the girl I could see she thought I was making to leave. She frowned a little and mouthed ‘no’ to me, changing to a pleading smile very quickly. In fact, I had pins and needles in one arm, but it was nice to feel wanted! Feeling that something very intimate and s****rly had passed between us, I resolved to stay and therefore settled back against a conveniently angled tree. She smiled at me, and for the first time I smiled back. As far as I know, beefcake still had no idea that I was there.

She lifted her hands to his shoulders and exerted just a little downwards pressure. Obediently (oh, that all men were like that!) he started to kiss his way down her body, between her breasts, until he was kneeling in front of her. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of those tiny blue panties and shimmied her way out of them. Standing naked before her man in just her heels, painted red by the setting sun – that was sexy on a level I hardly knew existed. She glanced up at me again through her fringe, and gave me an innocent little smile, which I did my best to return.

Suddenly, she hoisted her right leg up onto his left shoulder. His face was just inches away from her, and he needed no second invitation to tuck in. Instantly her face contorted as he dispensed with finesse and went right for the money. She grabbed his head with both hands, simultaneously trying to pull him closer and control his movements.

He was pursuing his own agenda, and I could see him lapping at her hole with broad strokes – he was a painter who used broad strokes rather than one who laboured over fine details. Clearly he was simply making her as wet as possible to facilitate his entrance, rather than concentrating on her arousal. The end effect, as far as I could tell, was going to be the same anyway. Her breathing was rapid and erratic, stilted and interrupted by noises of pleasure. His hands had been on her thighs, but now he slid them towards her honey pot and used his thumbs to stretch her lips as far apart as possible. He pulled his head back to admire her, and I suddenly realised I had been inching further forward to get a better angle. My new friend saw this and didn’t complain, and the man mountain still hadn’t noticed. I was close enough to see the bright gash of pink, and I envied her for having a man open enough to want to admire her beautiful pussy. Diving back in, for a few minutes he concentrated on long, slow brush strokes that began at the bottom of her pussy and ended on her clit. Each stroke was finalised with a squeal on her part.

Deciding he needed more, he rose and lifted his arms, the signal to his girl to release him. I was desperate to see him, because if he was in proportion… I crept forward another few inches to try and gain a better view. She was fiddling with his crotch, and seconds later his jeans were yanked down with little recourse to ceremony. His ass was simply carved out of ebony, and I could imagine trying to dig my nails into it. She obviously had the same thoughts, and her hands were all over it as she pulled him close for a kiss that was as much a wrestle as it was an act of love.

Then, a burst of activity as he led her to the front of the car. His giant paws almost encircled her waist as he effortlessly lifted her onto the car’s bonnet. Lifting her knees and parting her legs, she presented herself for him. He took his time to appreciate the view, pulling at his cock with an easy, languid action, before plunging in. It was clear that this was a quickie, with a reluctance to spend too much longer naked in the car park at the forefront of their thoughts. Accordingly from the off his action was a direct pumping style, the full length of his cock thrusting in and out causing her to slide about on the bonnet. I cursed again as their changed position meant my viewpoint was obscured. Shuffling about, I settled into a new spot where I could put my bags down and watch at ease. With my hands now free they needed to be put to some other use, and when a moment later I saw her look round for me again, I think she was rather pleased to see that I had a hand up my skirt, inside my knickers. I couldn’t help it though, they just looked so gorgeous as they were, and I’d wager that there wasn’t a man or woman alive that didn’t find this hot. He still hadn’t noticed me, even though I was now within twenty feet or so of them.

She lay on the bonnet, one hand working at her clit as he banged away at her. There was a pleading look on her face which took me some time to translate, but I suddenly realised meant that she wanted to see more. Hesitantly I inched my knee length skirt up until it was around my waist, and the black of my knickers could clearly be seen. I was nervous at the prospect of raising my skirt so high that you could see my knickers, which seemed churlish when my new friend was only wearing high heels! The look of encouragement flitted across her face again, which I interpreted – guessed at, this was all a new game to me – to mean that she was after a little more reciprocity.

I stroked myself, gentle little dabs in the vague direction of my pussy. She smiled, so, emboldened, I began to masturbate in earnest, through the silkiness of my underwear. A feeling something like liberation juddered through me, because this was as close to being watched ‘performing’ as I’d ever got! The bonus was that this couple were complete strangers, and did not come with the possibility of awkwardness later. I determined therefore to enjoy myself, I pulled my lingerie to one side and began to finger myself intently. I sought out my aching little clitty with the tip of my index finger, and rolled it around slowly. When I just need an orgasm I rub it and let the friction do the work, but when I want/need it to last, I take my time and do it like this.

Quickly my left wrist began to ache from holding my knickers, and the simplest remedy was to remove them. Stepping out of my knickers was an incredible feeling, and when I hoisted my skirt back up and my new friend saw my hot, wet hole, she smiled with scintillating eyes. I resumed my clit-based endeavours with renewed urgency. My friend was not just rubbing her button, she was practically slapping it in her excitement. Too soon, my orgasm was coming towards me apace, although for some reason decorum dictated I should be waiting for them, to somehow ensure our orgasms coincided.

Beefcake seemed to have other plans. Yanking her to her feet, he spun her round and tried to f***e her to bend over, to take her from behind. She broke free of his grasp and skipped away, and for a moment he looked mad. All she did was scamper to the far side of the car, where she bent over with her bum in the air. The upshot of this was that she now faced me directly and she looked up at me, grinning wildly. She wiggled her bum in anticipation and when beefcake was reticent in assuming the position – strangely he seemed more interested in fiddling with himself – she spanked her own ass, pouting at him. I liked this girl, she knew what she wanted!

From behind he rubbed his cock up and down her slit, slowly. She squirmed, enjoying the momentary postponement of pleasure. In a surprise move he sunk his cock into her bum, causing her to lose all looks of pleasure from her face. She reached behind to slow him down, stop him from simply tearing her in two with his massive penis. When she could accommodate him, she relaxed and her breathing returned to normal. In deference he slowed down his strokes, instead taking pleasure in withdrawing his cock as far as possible, before slowly pushing it in to the hilt, filling her up. Even though she was spread-eagled across the bonnet his huge black frame still towered above her, and every stroke was a combination of inward and downwards movements.

I’d slowed my masturbating to keep pace with her, but now I took up anew. Her arms were stretched out in front across the bonnet and it took me some time to register that she was actually beckoning to me towards her, not just trying to cope with the fucking she was receiving. She wanted me to approach, and now I froze, unsure of how to proceed. Being a clandestine voyeur had been fun; sharing a s****rly experience with the beautiful young stranger was similarly arousing. Was I prepared to join in a sexual liaison with two people I’d only just met?

If nothing, I was a pragmatist, and seeing as how ’sexual liaison with two people I’d only just met’ seemed to sum up my week it will come as no surprise to you, cherished reader, when I say that seconds later (after carefully hiding my shopping under a shrub!) I found myself nervously approaching the edge of the tarmac area. The girl’s eyes grew wide and she smiled, a smile that was pure and expressive. I’d have taken her for a sweet little angel were it not for the mammoth black cock stretching her anus apart! With trepidation I watched, having no idea how to play this game. It seemed rude not to wait for a formal invitation and I stood waiting coyly, legs crossed and arms behind my back. She beckoned me forth again and for the first time her stud became aware of me. At first he was impassive, but soon broke into a huge naughty schoolboy grin that alone would have made him attractive without consideration for the tripod-like arrangement of his lower portions.

Almost on tiptoes I tripped forward to join their tryst. In comparison to her delighted little squeals and his caveman grunting I was silent, almost unable to breathe. With an inclination of his head he ordered me round to where he stood and whilst I did so he made his girlfriend gasp by withdrawing his erection from her bum. Watching closely, I saw a name tattooed on her bum in cursive script – Vikki – and assumed it was her name. It was then also I realised he’d been applying a condom, not simply wanking over his girlfriend’s bum. Vikki jumped up from the bonnet and threw her arms around his neck, kissing him with intensity and a lot of noise. Her kisses worked their way down his body until she was not in front of him, simultaneously worshipping and fellating him. I was still unsure of my role until I caught his glare, at which Vikki looked up with a mouthful of black rod. Taking hold of my right hand she pulled me onto my knees and released him from her mouth, presumably so we could share.

Being on the right she started licking the left side of his erection. Up close it looked scarily large, large enough to make any woman nervous, even ones that were only printed in magazines. I followed her example and gingerly ran my tongue down his shaft. I still tasted a little of the condom, so I allowed my attentions to wander past the base of his cock, down to his balls. Gently I started to lick and suck at his right testicle, appreciating how tenderly they should be treated. This he seemed to like, placing a hand on the back of our heads, and I grew bolder, able to perform with more confidence.

Vikki leaned back to watch, and I took advantage of this to take the head in my mouth. I heard her giggle excitedly but I was too busy wondering what the hell I’d taken on. Once I’d taken a few inches in my mouth I found there was hardly room for my tongue to play! Nevertheless I sucked and caressed gamely, actually enjoying myself. Vikki was enjoying the view, and she turned to her left to attend to me. A tiny hand moved lightly up my thigh, seeking out my clitoris which she massaged sweetly with the tip of her middle finger whilst kissing my neck. She fiddled around trying to find something for her left hand to do. In the end she moved behind me, reaching around with her right hand to masturbate me whilst her left pulled my top up so she could have access to my boobs, tonguing my neck the whole time.

My first threesome with a man and woman, I thought, completing my hat trick of threesomes. This one I could really grow to like, with the advantage of being attended to be someone who understood my needs whilst still being able to receive a good fucking. We continued as we were for a couple of minutes, as she tried to bring me to orgasm and I tried to milk her boyfriend’s cock. I could already taste the sweet, salty liquid and wondered whether it would be rude to pull away before he came in my mouth. Does everybody panic about this sort of consideration, or is it just me?

Vikki, tiring of giving and not receiving, lay on the tarmac between two cars. She parted her legs and smiled, and, more confident of going down on a girl since I’d managed to bring a bona fide lady lover to orgasm, I smiled at the prospect and tried to manoeuvre into place. She stopped me, grabbing my hips, and moved me over the top of her into the classic 69 position. My skirt, long and flouncy, proved a handicap and was swiftly if ungracefully despatched, and with only a vest top left there seemed to be little point leaving it on. Once that was laying by my skirt, and with Vikki already straining her tongue to get at me, I settled into a position that was almost comfortable. I was almost indecently eager, now that I was here, to find out how different women could taste. I’d given blowjobs to several different men now, and didn’t think I could tell a difference in taste.

Women, it seemed, were different. A few tentative licks told me enough to answer my question. Vikki tasted different, not better or worse, but different in a way that was hard to describe. I slid the tip of my tongue, held rigid, just enough between her pussy lips to part them, but without penetrating her. My signature move, I thought triumphantly! Again it was difficult to concentrate with another women doing her best to get her whole tongue inside my vagina, but at least this time I was prepared for it. With my head bowed the bl**d rushed to it, with seemed to magnify the sensations therein. It was a nice effect and I resolved that next time I was in a threesome, I would make sure I was on top!

What I wasn’t prepared for, and what (being so engrossed in my third recent lesbian encounter) I had forgotten about, was the presence of the huge and horny man by our side. He’d had enough of his own outdoor private lesbian show and wanted to get involved. I felt his huge hand stroking my bum, squeezing and massage my buttocks before concentrating on my anus. His forefinger ran roughly backwards and forwards over my pussy lips, sometimes colliding with his girlfriend’s tongue as they both sort to send me to heaven. At one point Vikki stopped licking and, hearing slurping, I could only surmise that she was sucking his cock – hopefully readying it for me, I thought sluttishly.

Thankfully I wasn’t wrong. Moments later I could feel my lips being parted as his thumbs opened me wide and slowly, gently, he slid himself inside me. I was simply stretched – there was no other word for it. I know I’m really putting myself about lately, making up for lost time in my eyes, but I still don’t have that much experience with men. Nat and Liz had both had more blokes in a month than I’ve had in my whole life! But I didn’t need a whole lot of experience to know that this was one huge cock. I closed my eyes, my head involuntarily raising as I concentrated on simply being able to accommodate him. Vikki, bless her, and had taken a break from sucking my clit as I became accustomed to having this huge black penis inside me but now she started again, slowly and gently so as not to send me over the edge. Returning the favour I managed to shift my balance so I could get one hand between her legs, but in truth there was little more that I could do than stroke her pussy without rhythm or technique. It was hard enough concentrating on what they were collectively doing to me. It was whilst I was like this, with the biggest cock I’d ever had splitting me in two and a gorgeous young girl sucking my clit whilst I fingered her, that we heard footsteps.

I think he heard them first, because he stopped pumping and I nearly shouted at him to get a move on. He ducked, causing his cock to slide out of me and sending shivers thrusting along my spine and that was the point that I heard the footsteps approaching us. We’d been so carried away that we never thought that we were still in a public place and we could still be interrupted at any time. The footsteps drew agonisingly close, and only a few feet away I could hear someone put a number of shopping bags down. Looking behind me I could see that Vikki was straining to look round her boyfriend’s huge thighs to see how close this person was.

Our hearts collectively stopped when we heard the jangle of keys being dropped. If they bounced in the wrong direction and went under the car, there was an almost guaranteed probability of Vikki coming face to face with this person. We heard a curse being muttered, but no other words followed as the keys were retrieved and inserted into the lock. A clunk, a slam, and the familiar growl of a car’s engine starting up made us realise that we were close to getting away with it. Seconds later a red sports car passed just feet from my face and I realised it had been the car just two places over from where we were\ now – we were that close to being discovered.

Now I was in a dilemma. On the one hand, this was one serious cock that I’d just had inside me, and I wasn’t likely to come across something quite so big again in a hurry. On the other hand, we’d just been caught and I was as scared as hell about actually being discovered. Three counties over, scientists were scratching their hands at unexpected seismic activity as my heart thundered in my ribcage. Hung on the horns of a dilemma, I decided that my telltale heart might give us away if nothing else did. I tried to extricate myself from the tangle of limbs that represented my new friends, over the top of their protests, and grab my clothing. Scrabbling about on the tarmac, I realised with a start that I had dropped my knickers whilst I was in my hiding place earlier!

Meanwhile Vikki had taken my place, on all fours and impaled on that gorgeous prick. Notes of envy resonated through my entire body as I recalled what so recently had been mine. She clawed for my ankle, all that she could reach from her position, begging me not to go. I didn’t want to, and had we been somewhere more private I would have been the last one to run away, trust me! But the more sensible side of my nature was now fully in control, and I knew there was no way back. With one last smile, I reluctantly made my way back to my stashed shopping.

Sitting in my car I could have wept, both with regret at not having been able to stay with them and with amazement at the way my life was going. I was on the verge of resolving to put an end to the shenanigans and returning to my old, less promiscuous self when I realised I had a text from Ben:

We’re looking forward to having dinner with you. You’ll be the tastiest thing present.

Honestly – what’s a girl to do?
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that story....was...*tear*...ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL