A Very Merry Christmas

Last Christmas at our staff party we went to a restaurant and we shared it with another company, I noticed this guy staring I assumed it was young Jenny sitting next to me, but after a while he came over and said hi,I have seen you before you go into the The Coleherne , I said no not me,why I must have a double,he said ok whiskey or Brandy... what a cheap line but I knew straight away he was chatting me up...so I said Irish Whiskey off course Bushmills if they have it and I found myself smiling at him,and getting a semi at the same time..he went to the bar and came back with doubles and he we chatted for awhile.. I was about to get the next round when he said sorry I have to go I am meeting my wife at her office do as well, maybe we could meet up in the New Year unless you care to join us tonight,the smile on his face he knew I was interested,I looked at him his hand stroked my leg under the table he whispered you have got a hard on have nt you. I just smiled ..he said your thinking off fucking my wife are nt you...he was in total control and he knew it..he said go to the loos now,so like a little c***d off I went..I went straight to a cubicle sat down and unzipped and stroked my cock waiting for him to join me. it seemed ages but he came he opened my door looked in told me to stand up and to wank for him, which I did I was so turned on..yes he said you will do,get dressed get your coat my wife will like you...I did exactly that I got zipped up went got my coat said goodnight and wished everyone a Merry Christmas,and when I got outside I could not see him anywhere,then a car pulled up,get in now he shouted, so I did ,we are off to my flat my wife will join us there, I just smiled like an idiot lost in my thoughts off what was going to happen, we got to Putney which was a huge relief as I had no clue where they lived it could have been anywhere,as we walked towards the main doors to the apartments a taxi pulled up,pay the man James will you said this foreign accent,I looked at her he turned to join them kissed her and paid the taxi,she walked over to me,hello she said leaned over and kissed me full on the lips, lovely to meet you Chris. shall we go in,we got into the lift and they kissed I stood there like a lemon watching we got out at 3rd floor and walked to there door as he opened it she grabbed my hand follow me,we went straight to the bed room she sat me on the bed and undressed in front of me, she was a filipino,her smooth dark skin was so soft she had small breasts with big hard nipples she looked so good,we kissed passionetly as I undressed, there was no real foreplay as she whispered fuck me now, I lay her on the bed I wanted to lick her pussy make her wet before fucking her,but a voice from behind say just fucking get on with it fuck her now,so I slipped on a condom,and lay between her legs it slid in so easy her pussy was wet,then she whispered your the third guy I have fucked tonight I raised her legs up in the air over my shoulders and fucked her as hard as I could,James came to the side and watched and wanked he was bigger than me about 7" and thick he stood in front of me and f***ed his cock into my mouth,he was turned on so much he was saying things but I was not really listening I felt him f***e my head down as his cock went deep into the back of my throat,then he jerked and shoot his load into my mouth the hot salty cum felt good,dont you dare swallow I heard her say,kiss me,our tongues joined together,the salty sticky cum on her lips,I was still fucking her,sliding in and out,when I felt James behind me, he leaned on top of me as I fucking his wife,I want your arse he said as I felt his finger f***e its way up my hole,as the second finger went in I had to bite my tongue and say nothing as it hurt,there was no lube being used,but after a while I relaxed and it felt good as he finger fucked my arse,I felt myself near I had been fucking her for 15 minutes now,she was soaking and I was near,I am going to cum I shouted good give it to her said James so I did, it felt good as I collapsed onto her,but he kept going with is fingers fucking my ass hard,then he took them out I heard him open another condom I knew what was coming next, he stood over me I felt his hard cock at my hole he gently rubbed at it,I had never been fucked without lube before, and I expected this to hurt,but he gently slid into me,very slowly at first,she was still under me,we kissed as he fucked me harder this was heaven I heard him moan as he came,he lay to our side and I rolled off her,she just smiled and mouthed the words Thank you that was wonderful, and I could not agree more...then James said Merry Fucking Christmas......
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2 years ago
Monkeyslut it could be if you wish
2 years ago
mmmm wish that was me
2 years ago
Is that the way you do thing's south of the water to men fucking on top of a small Filipino girl. just spent and hour writing to you a nice long tale of three way femdom sex move the curser! to send and whole thing went down the well of infinity. Knees shoulder width apart
hands behind back holding elbows,arse on feet back strait face level mouth open tongue just resting on lower lip,"me eyes open" you chris?
3 years ago
Sexy stuff!
3 years ago
Very hot!