Our Second Meet

PLEASE READ THIS STORY FIRST..to understand this one..
I was still wondering what had happened to me two days later,my ass still a bit sore but felt so good, it was just before 2pm I was at work the phone rings .. hi its me Harry..hows you I recognised the voice straight away..I realised I had been fucked by two guys whose names I did not even know... so are you talking to me bitch....yes sir I replied ..good because I want us to meet up again today, just you and me ,I said no thank you that was a one off for me,thank..but before I could say anymore he shouted look bitch your mine you loved what we did and you will meet me at the station at 6.15 and dont be fucking late or you will be punished..with that the phone was slammed down... I thought fuck him who does he think he is, he can go fuck himself I m not going anywhere near him the prick,but as the day went on I began to think about it I could not get him out of my head ,and being straight with myself I wanted to see him again,as my end of working day approached I thought why not,called my wife said I had to go do a quote and would be late home.
I got to the station early,visited the loo but it was empty, walked upstairs, there he was waiting for me .good you are early,come on back to mine he said smiling I knew you would be here...I just smiled and we walked my mind racing wondering what he had in store for me.We reached his house we walked in he took his coat off and came straight to me he stroked my cheek and gently kissed me on the lips.and then whispered go in the front room and strip off..I will be back in a minute,I walked in and did as I was told I sat on the sofa naked,he walked in and threw a pair of hold up stockings to me put these on,which I did then he sat beside me on the sofa,kissing me and stroking my cock rubbing his hand up and down my nylon covered legs,he told me to stand up he sat in front of me,he started to kiss and lick my balls while wanking my hard cock,as his finger slid into my hole he looked up at me and said you are going to fuck me like the slut you are,you are mine and you will do as I wish,the second finger went up..."well" he shouted...yes sir I replied,good he said smiling he stood up and undressed as he slid his trousers off he was already wearing stockings suspenders and panties,he smiled and ordered me "on your knees and suck my cock now" I did as I was told, kneeling in front off him his went straight in he could not wait to fuck my mouth,he was loving every minute of controlling his new bitch,I felt his cock in my throat I was gagging as he fucked me hard,I knew he was near I tried to move my head back but he held me there tight pulling on my hair ,then his body jerked as he shot his hot cum into my throat, I swallowed it all ,and licked his cock clean.I knew that would be expected off me, your a good slut,he handed me a tube of lube,now slide my panties down and fuck me, as I did as I was told he asked me if this was my first time fucking a guy I told him no,but it was the first time in 26 years, good now get on with it , he bent over the end of the sofa,I stood behind him wanking my cock,I asked finger first sir..no he shouted just fuck me you slut I slid the tip of my cock expecting his hole to be tight like mine,but my cock went straight in,I slowly pushed in deep as I could then fucked his ass like I would fuck my wife,just as I do to her when fucking her from behind,I spanked his ass,as I fucked him,he moved I knew he liked it so I spanked him again only harder he fell into the sofa but I did not stop he was going to get it,I fucked him fast and hard he was shouting at me thats good bitch harder harder,I soon came into him jerking onto the sofa and on top of him,I had cum but did not stop fucking his hole,for the next few minutes I fucked him hard my cock sliding in my cum and his ass felt good,I spanked his ass,again and whispered who is the bitch now,and hit him ..I heard him whisper you are Sir....I pulled my cock out and got off him,he sat up and I put my cock into his mouth clean me up I ordered which he did,when he finished I sat on the sofa....he smiled and said that was not meant to happen your my bitch, I said yes sir I am but I can be whatever you want me to be, he said I think me and you are going to have a lot of fun,I am having a get together this Saturday with 3 friends will you join us, I would have loved to but had to say no,but as I was learn over the next 3 years that I would rarely say no to him, and we had many meetings, and hopefully I will share a few with you all if you wish. x

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7 months ago
harry sound fab, would love to meet him.xx
2 years ago