Mrs W. Arrives Home (Altar Boy)

Mrs. W arrived home and as pulled into the driveway still thinking of the fucking she just had. “I hope Bobby is busy and doesn’t see me come in.” As she stepped from the car she felt some more cum slide down her inner thigh. She straightened her skirt, tried to gain composure. As she feared, her husband was in the living room and greeted her as she came in, “Well, did you bury ‘em deep,” referring to the funeral she had just come from. When he said deep, all she could think of was how that young cock went deep into her pussy and she responded, “Oh yeah, really deep, I am going to take a shower as that funeral really exhausted me.”
Bobby said, “I’m going to the hardware store and drop by the pub and see if any of the guys are hanging out.” As he was heading for the door the phone rang so he hesitated until he heard Darlene identify the caller as their next door neighbor Sandy.Bobby waved good-by and headed out the door.

Sandy was inquiring if Darlene was going to be home so they could have a cup of coffee and visit for awhile. “That sounds good Sandy. I am going to take a shower so come on over when you are ready and I will leave the door unlocked,” hanging up the phone she headed for the bathroom.

She started to undress by unbuttoning her blouse and was startled at first that she did not have a bra on but remembered it is in her purse. As she slipped out of blouse she admired her breasts in the bathroom mirror. She lifted each rubbing the palms of her hands ever so gently over the nipple. At first it was just enough to get them taut. She began to gently tug on the nipples and as her loins began to ache she became more aggressive and squeezed her tits, pulling, tugging and starting to moan a little. The fuck session at the church was filling her head. She was fantasizing about that young long delicious cock. She slowly dropped her skirt; no panties, she found her destination with the other hand. She massaged her clit with one hand while the other kneaded her nipples. The juices were beginning to flow so she would coat her finger with her own cum and lick it off. She imagined that some of the juices were Jason’s and started sucking her fingers, imagining they were a cock.
Adjusting the water flow of the shower she stepped into the shower and let the warm water soak her. It felt so good as she took the bar of soap and began lathering her body. When she got to her pussy she pretended the bar of soap was a dick. She teased her pussy at first but soon she wanted a cock so she started inserting the bar into her pussy. It was feeling good as she tilted her head back and began gyrating her hips and pumping as if she was fucking. She looked at the shower head spewing a spray of water over her body, reaching up and removing the hand held shower head from its cradle. She looked at the head and different options of water spray. She turned it to “massage,” an option that allows the water to come out in a solid stream but pulsating all the time. She turned the water up so that the pressure was at its peak and quickly placed it at her pussy, allowing her clit to feel the water pressure. Soon she was moaning and trying to get the all she could from her make shift penis. She sat on the shower floor, spread her legs with the massaging water flow beating against her clit, causing her moans to get louder. She came and the sweet juice flowed from her cunt.

Meantime Sandy had come in, fired up the coffee pot and took a seat in the f****y room. She heard the moans and could not imagine what was going on. She saw Bobby leave before she walked over so just figured Darlene was enjoying a good warm shower. She heard the bathroom door open and she glanced down the hall to see Darlene in her Terry cloth bathrobe and a towel wrapped around her head. Darlene walked up to the full length mirror in the hallway admiring herself. Sandy decided to watch a minute before announcing she was there. Darlene opened her robe and began admiring her body. Her nipples still taut, her pussy fresh and clean and she liked what she saw. She began running her hands over her breasts and down to her pussy when all of a sudden a voice says, “Like what you see?” It was Sandy smiling. . It startled Darlene momentarily, turning towards the sound of the voice her robe wide open and a perfect view for Sandy. Sandy could not take her eyes off of Darlene’s breasts. In Sandy’s love making at home, Darlene was always a topic in her fantasy with her husband. Never did she think she would get to see those tits free and up close.
Darlene then asked, “Do you like what you see?” Sandy was speechless for a moment but could not resist the urge to lean forward and kiss one of Darlene’s nipples. As she was running her tongue around and flicking the nipple, Darlene dropped her robe to the floor and pulled Sandy’s head closer, whispering, “Suck them Sandy, suck them.” Sandy was squeezing Darlene’s tits, running her tongue over the nipples that stood straight out, giving attention to both tits. Darlene could not believe this was happening. It was the second time today that her tits had been caressed and sucked on by a woman. She was getting hot and began reaching under Sandy’s halter top. She felt the nipple of one tit and wanted to suck it. “Let me suck your tits Sandy, let me suck them.” Sandy removed her halter top completely and Darlene began nibbling, sucking and kissing Sandy’s tits. Sandy had never had a woman though she had dreamed of it many times. The excitement filling her body and she knew she was cumming and wanted to scream. Slowly Darlene unsnapped Sandy’s shorts and slipping her fingers into the top at each hip, slowly pushing them down until they dropped to the floor. Darlene glanced over to the mirror and saw Sandy wearing thong panties, the front was soaking wet so she dropped to her knees and began kissing her stomach, moving down to her belly while still kneading Sandy’s tits. Her tongue exploring the inner thighs, she pulled the panties off and cum was trickling from Sandy’s pussy. Darlene began kissing the clitoris and sucking the hood covering it, tasting the sweet juices. Sandy could not believe the sensations she was feeling from Darlene’s tongue flicking at her love hole and her warm hands playing with her tits. Sandy guided Darlene into the bedroom, gently laying her on the bed on her back with her legs spread apart. It was now Sandy’s turn to fuck Darlene’s cunt. Darlene’s pussy was dripping and every time Sandy sucked her clit she yelled out, “Suck me, Suck me, please eat my pussy.” Sandy enjoyed the idea she was turning this woman on and while eating pussy, reached down to her own pussy and began finger fucking and rubbing her own clit.
While both women were engrossed in their own love making and in a world of ecstasy a pair of hands grabbed Sandy around the waist, lifting her into a dog fashion position while she continued to eat Darlene. Suddenly she felt the penetration of a hard thick cock sliding slowly into her wet cunt. It was filling her pussy and she turned to see…………………….(to be continued)
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