Ride Alexis Ride!

I am a motorcycle officer for a large city and I love my job. I am 36 years old, 5 ft 11, 175 lbs and though not what you would call muscular, maybe well toned. My wife Alexis, two years younger, defines the word “Hot.” She is 5 feet tall, 100 lbs, well proportioned for her size with size 34C Breasts. She too, is physically fit, well tanned and loves to sunbathe. She loves her sex and says she has always been true to me. Like most guys with hot wives I certainly hope she has but every now and then I wonder what it would be like to watch her screw another cock.

We have had a great sex life since our teens. She was my c***dhood sweet-heart in high school, she was a cheerleader and I played high school football. We were both virgins when we started dating, experiencing the wonderful world of sex together. Some guy was always trying to hit on her but I won. We got married right after high school.

Through the married years we have had sex in the backyard on a blanket at midnight, driven to the local causeway and screwed on the sandy shore, fucked in the backseat of a car dozens of times, in swimming pools, in the Gulf of Mexico. There have been times when we were just sitting at home and Alexis would suggest we go to a motel for the night, usually one that had in-room adult movies.

Throughout the years we amassed a collection of sex toys and a collection of sexual stories, mostly from Penthouse. I subscribed to Penthouse and we would read it together. Many of the stories told of threesomes and horny wives screwing while the husband was at work so we would cut them out and make our own collection of thought provoking stories that we could use during foreplay to add to our already fun sex. On many occasions after a night of imbibing and feeling a little tipsy we told fantasy stories to each other during the kissing, caressing, and nibbling. Alexis seemed to enjoy stories I told of the two of us inviting a male friend over and ending up in a three way. I would ask in a subtle way as to anyone she had in mind and she would always, give the right answer, “I don’t know. Who would you like to invite over?” I did not want to seem too eager and would suggest a few names that I knew she would reject before throwing in a couple that I figured were just right. I suggested Steve. He is my motorcycle riding partner, single, good looking and I have noticed him eying Alexis when we all together. I noticed at the last squad party he asked her to dance a couple of times and it was always a slow dance so he could push up against her mound. After one dance when Alexis returned to the table and Steve went back to table hopping I said, “Hey girl, looks as if he was pushing something your way. She kinda blushed and said, “He is hard as a rock and I believe he caused me to cum a little.” We laughed and continued to party.

As we lay there fondling and talking I started my fantasy story using Steve as our third party. I kissed her tits and ran my tongue around the nipples as my hand played with her clitoris in between sentences and paragraphs. The more she enjoyed the more I added to the story. It wasn’t long before the foreplay and fantasy story had her asking being to be eaten. While holding her breasts and rubbing my fingers over her nipples I slowly dropped down kissing her belly and licking the inside of her thighs. She opened her legs to allow me full access to her already dripping pussy. I licked and kissed her pussy until she screamed out, “Fuck me. Fuck me!” I fucked her until we both had orgasms. I rolled over, began massaging her wet pussy and said, “How was that?” She in a joking way said, “It was OK.”

The weekend arrived and at a loss for things to do decided to go to one of the local pubs where many of my friends hung out. Alexis and I sat at the bar ordering our usual. She loves Long Island Ice Tea and I am a Wild Turkey 101 with Ginger Ale kind of guy. We were listening to the music and chatter of the others around us. Suddenly, an unexpected visitor sat next to Alexis. It was Steve. Alexis said, “Fancy seeing you here. I would think you would be out with one of those hot numbers you brag about so much.” He smiled and said, “Nah, kinda wanted to do my own thing and Alexis you are the only hot number in my book.” We laughed and I said, “Steve just the other night we were talking about you. Weren't we Alexis?” She said we sure were and from what I remember, it was all good as she winked at him. Steve offered to buy us a refill so we accepted. As we sat and talked, I noticed Alexis reaching over and touching his leg. I started getting a hard on as I thought of the fantasy story the other night and how excited she got when I included him in our session. After we finished our drinks, Alexis and I were getting pretty tipsy so I suggested we go. She turned to Steve and asked if he would like to come over for another drink. He accepted and away we went. We live about five minutes from the bar and while on the way home I asked her, “Are you planning on fulfilling our fantasy tonight?” She answered, Well – uh, do you mind?” Hell no as my cock started to grow thinking of what is to come.
She reached over and stroked my cock that was busting to get out of my jeans. She said, while we were at the bar I reached over and touched Steve’s crotch and it was as hard as a log. I started to get this tingling feeling and as I thought of the fantasy story I really got horny. In fact I am so horny right now.
We pulled into the driveway and Steve right behind us. We waited on the sidewalk as he approached and he said to Alexis, you look extremely sexy tonight. She was wearing a red button up shirt that fit her body snug and showed every curve and really accentuated her firm breasts. She responded, “Thank you, you are looking delicious also.” Steve laughed and we entered the house. I went straight to the bedroom to drop off my wallet and keys, a ritual I have done for years.
As I exited the kitchen area and heading through the dining room, I noticed a bra on the floor just before entering the f****y room. As I entered the f****y room Alexis was sitting on the edge of my Lazy Boy Recliner, no shirt on, Steve standing in front of her with his dick in her mouth as he fondled her breasts. She licked his shaft and sucked every inch as his fingers began to pull her nipples and knead her tits. His dick about the same size as mine but was thicker was beginning to fuck her mouth. I could not stand it any more and took off my jeans and underwear with my cock standing straight up and wanting some action. I don’t believe Alexis knew I was there I dropped to the floor on my knees and there was his cock and her mouth at my eye level as I began to fumble with the snaps on her jeans. I could not get them down quick enough. Now she realizes I am there and without missing a lick or suck lifted her hips allowing me to pull her jeans off. There she sat in thong panties and they were soaked from her juices. I worked them off of her as she turned towards me with his dick in her mouth, spread her legs and allowed me to suck her pussy. It was dripping and she seemed to have swallowed every drop. Steve pulled his dick out, took her by the hand and laid her on her back on the carpet as each of us got on either side, each taking a tit in our mouth and I know we were trying to outdo one another as our hands met at her wet pussy. We both inserted a finger and worked her pussy in different directions until she was thrusting her hips upward. Steve moved between her legs and began teasing her cunt with his cock. I continued to kiss her lips tasting cum from Steve as I fondled her breasts. She was moaning and groaning and would yell out, “Fuck me, fuck me. Harder, harder!!” My dick was about to explode when they both had an orgasm and cum dripped from her pussy. She said more, more by this time Steve was spent, at least for now. I took his place between her legs and as he took my place with her tits. As my cock entered I felt the warm cum so I made soft easy strokes at first until she began humping and moaning again. Then I began a thrust that would drive her wild but the excitement was too much and I shot my load. I rolled over on my back, Steve on his back on the other side. Alexis asked, “You guys aren't’t through are you?” We just laughed and pulled her down on her back and told her to rest as she was still breathing heavy. Every now and then she would lean over and kiss each of us, but for now we are done. As I was drifting off to sl**p, she had both our dicks in her hands.
It was morning and all three of us still on the floor, the other two still asl**p. I was as horny now as I was last night. I edged down to a position I could begin to eat pussy. Her pussy lips were inviting and the hair around her pussy showed evidence of a good fucking. I darted my tongue in and out and then began a circular motion around her clit. That got a reaction. I looked up and she smiled pushing my head back to her pussy. Soon she was writhing and spreading her legs wider. Pretty soon she stopped me and motioned me to scoot farther down in the room. I didn't know what was going on, she moved with me putting her face even with Steve’s prick. He was still asl**p and his cock was flaccid and just laying on his stomach. She positioned her head over his cock and began to gently lick his shaft. She would put the head of his dick in her mouth and soon the sl**ping giant was at full staff. He glanced down at her, turned on his side to make the suck easier. My cock was so hard but I kept eating. Soon Alexis sat up, got a straddle Steve and inserted his cock all the way. She started humping and bouncing on his dick while she moaned louder and louder. He shot his load into her, the cum dripping down his cock and onto his belly. She was still hot pushing me onto my back. My dick was so hard, she mounted my pole and began the same thing, grinding, humping and yelling, FUCK! FUCK! I had gone as long as I could finally shooting any cum I had left in my body.
Another day was started and everyone had to go their separate ways, as Steve was leaving, he kissed Alexis on the forehead. She asked, “Will you make roll call next weekend?” I wouldn't miss it for the world as he winked and walked to his car.
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hot story
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Very HOT. Sharing is good. Thanks.
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Helluva story
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good story a lil'bit more detail