Teacher Day's Ch. 01

Another boring period wasted, thank god this was the last period of the day - also my free period. By the way, I'm Axel, Axel Rodirguez. I'm currently 42, still in great shape. I have had dirty blond hair, that was natural shaggy, falling just above my eyes. I also have blue eyes. I'm also tall, standing at 6'7. I'll tell you the story of how I met my lover long ago. At that time I was 23, & he was 20. Now - on w/ the story.

My free period was like any other of my boring periods. I was stuck grading this weeks pop quiz, all of my classes didn't do so well. Then, he came in - I look up from my papers, and boy did my mouth drop fast. He was 5'6, had light brown hazed eyes - & short black hair. My 1st thought was, he's a student - so let me stop drooling over him become the princple comes. But I still manage to do the high school thing, check my clothes, fix my hair, and see if my breath was 'rightoues' all clear. He started walking towards me, I suddenly got nerouvs - I never get nerouvs. He was there, infront of my desk. He was a god, no a goddness!

"Excuse me, is this room 512?" He asked me, I stared, and stared at this man's beauty. My mind wasn't fully connecting, I guess I didn't answer his question, because he asked me again. I stood up & clear my voice. Getting my thoughts together, I finally had enough of my brain cells connected to aswner his question, it was my room for god sakes. "This..this is um, room 512" I studdered. I knew my face was burning red, I cold feel it. "Oh, I'm David Larrision. I'm your teachers, asstiance teacher, i'm planning on becoming a teacher." He said proudly. "Oh, by the way, where is Mr. Rodirguez?" He asked me. I just pointed at myself, not really knowing what to say. This man, is a assitance teacher, and on top of that, is my assitance. "I'm...I'm Mr. Rodirguez." I said shamelessly. "You are, oh well - its just, you look so young! I'm sorry." He said, as if he was in trouble. He's getting on my good side awfully fast. I wondered if he ever knew that. I was finally getting over my nervous personality trait. My sexy personality was put into set, this goddness will standing by me for 2 yrs? I had to work, and fast. This man, is mines. Then suddenly, he extended his hand foward. His hand awaiting a hand-shake. "Pressure to meet you." He said. Me being bold. I grab his hand, & kissed it. "Pressure's all mine." I said, w/ a sly grin. He quickly took his hand away, he silghtly blush. "So, Dave - tell me about yourself." I said, as if nothing happen, I walk over to him, getting close to his face, our lips almost touch. I stared into his eyes, I could see the nervousness that ran through his bl**d stream. That silght blush became something more firce. I fell back, leaning on my desk. I smirk, as I put my hands in my pockets. "Well? Mr. Larrision?" I said, teasing. Now, it was his turn to studder, I smirked at the though. "U-u-um, I-I' 20, B-born & raisied in Dallas, Texas. I moved to Las Vegas when I was 18, & I wanted to become a teacher since I was little." He said, not daring to make eye contact w/ me. "Oh, so I got a shy Texas boy hmm?" I began, I felt my sex drive take over. I licked my lips. "Wife, girlfriend?" I asked. I finished. He took a seat, and sat down. "I..um, no." He said, he set his head down, but I could feel it - he was blushing, hard. "You what?" I asked. "Um...I, don't have the time for a girl." He said quitely. Me being a smartass. "Then how about a man?" I asked, as I walk to him & lifted up his head. His eyes we're wide open, his whole face was red. I like that look on him. "I-I..." I quickly shut him up w/ a long kiss. As I slowly broke it, his face was red. "I...I have a boyfriend...." He whispered. My expression went blank, I was mad. But didn't want to show it, so I made my experssion blank. "So, is this what you do? Have sex w/ your boss?" A voice called out. I look up to see a tall older man of about 30, dark brown hair, and green eyes. Daivd gasped. "Bob, wait! It's not like that!" David said, his eyes watered. I stood up, and sighed. This mam, this old man. Saw me kiss his boyfriend. That I wanted. This seems trouble-some.
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