Meeting Jeff

Alright, although he and I are over, i still had alot of fun with him and I want to share our fun. :)

I met Jeff online, a dating site. I wont name it We were both there for the same reason, some discreet 'fun'. Neither of us wanted a relationship, and going to bars and such was a pain, especially when trying to find a playmate.

We chatted for a few weeks, and he was really sweet. We sent the usual pics back and forth. Cheesy f****y pics with the other peoples faces markered out...hehehe We wanted to be sure not to of found a psycho, or a d***k, or something worse. So the messaging for a while was both our decision. I was still a bit tense about this, it was my first time using a dating site, let alone for sexual encounters. All thoughts ran through my mind: he isnt the man in the pics, Im going to know this guy, hes going to be strange, on and on. I was starting to feel like a slut... and I hadnt even met him... :s

I remember going to check my email and really excited he had sent me a message. I opened it, and wow!! We had chatted about sex of course, it was why we wanted to meet. But to date, we hadnt sent naughty pics. So to say the least, I was intrigued... And I messaged back that I was ready to meet. He had to be in town once a week for meetings so it worked out great! He told me the time, 11pm, and we gave a description of our vehicles, and well, waited rather impatiently for Wednesday night to arrive. Our chats were a little different now. A little more sexual, though, he was such a good boy and didnt push any issues. But definately some tension had appeared.

Wednesday took FOREVER to damn well end... I showered, getting all sparkly clean, shaved, fresh smelling, all the stuff girls do to reel in a man. And then I realized it was only like 9 pm.... DAMN IT!! So I ended up watching part of a movie, and showered again. I was so scared, nervous, ready to puke... And then it was 10:40pm. It was a 5 minute drive to out meeting place, and of course Im impatient and finished getting ready. I got into my car and I can honestly say I was more scared at that moment, then on any rollercoaster ride EVER.

I drove to our meeting place, a nice little out of the way, but not too out of the way, spot. I backed into a parking spot, now I can watch as he drove And I turned on the radio, waiting. 10:55pm...... another piece of gum, cant have bad breath on a first meeting. Checked the cell again.... tappped my feet to the music, and nearly jumped out of my skin whenever I saw vehicle lights... relax, I told myself. The highway is just through the trees, gotta stop freaking out. And then the lights came down the road. :s My heart was beating so hard, Im sure he could hear it as he drove up. He parked a stall away from me and turned off his car. I could see him, it WAS him, the man in the pics. Thank god!! He got out and was in uniform... mmmmmmmmmm I knew he would be, but to see him, that made it even better!! I turned off my car and got out. He smiled and walked over, without a word he hugged me, almost like we have been old friends. It was sweet.

'I didnt know if youd show' he whispered in my ear. I laughed softly.
' I wasnt sure I would either...' I answered
'Im glad you did' he said as he took a step back.
'WOW!' he smiled as he looked me up and down. He said he LOVED big girls, and loved big tits...yeah, Im both!! haha

Without a word he had both of his hands pressed against my tits as he leaned in and kissed me.
"God they're huge!' he grinned as he took my hand leading me to his car. He opened the hatch and we crawled in like 16 year olds hiding from our parents. It was cute, he had brought pillows, blankets, and bottles of water... very cute. I smiled as he took off his boots.

Jeff started to kiss me again, his hands mesmerized by my tits. He removed my shirt before I knew what he was doing.... And my bra, he slid that off in seconds....
'Are you comfortable?' he asked as he moved the pillow for me. I nodded and grabbed his head, pulling him down to kiss me again. I felt his cool hands take hold of my breasts, gently at first, pinching my nipples. I moaned a little, I love how it feels... His kissing got a little harder, more intense as he started to twist my nipples a little. I couldnt help it, its like my hips had a mind of their own, they started to move, craving him. I slid my hands down his back, around his waist. He knew what i wanted and lifted himself up a little. I undid his belt, pushing his pants down a little. He sat up and took off his shirt. FUCK!!! I was shocked a man this hot wanted me, a chubby girl. I started to kiss his chest, licking and biting his nipples. He moaned as my tongue made its way across his chest. My hands had found their way to his ass, perfect, firm ass! I grabbed his ass, I love to hear him moan. I pushed his pants down farther and moved onto my knees.
'you dont have to' he said... I smiled as I kissed my way down his abs... biting every once in a while. I slid his pants down to his knees as I made my way down him. At his stomach I stopped, I kissed him again...
'no one said I have to, I want to' I said as I took hold of his hard cock. God his cock is to die for. Nice thickness, my fingers just touched when my hand was wrapped around him. at least 7 inches, perfect little mushroom cap head... ;) I leaned down and licked the tip of his cock slowly. He had told me that it had been almost a year since his last blow job. At first, I rolled my eyes, now I believed him. My tongue hadnt even slid across the whole head yet, and Jeff was grabbing the blankets pulling them up, his head was all the way back, and he groaned so loudly I was sure the car windows would explode. For me.... perfect!! I held his cock firmly, swirling my tongue around the tip of his cock for a second, listening to him. In one move I slid my mouth down around him and started sucking the head, just the head. Just the head, maybe an inch of his cock, I started to bounce, in and out of my mouth. Stroking his cock with my hand. All he could say was 'oh god'.... I slid my mouth as far down his cock as I could hearing him gasp, pulling himself up. He was panting, as sat there, leaning on his hands, watching me. I stroked his cock as I lifted my head up to kiss him. He grabbed my face, pulling me in for a nice long, wet, hard kiss. It was awesome!! His tongue tangled with mine, as he gasped, my hand squeezing on his cock.
'stop.... stop' he whispered grabbing my hand on his cock.
'I dont want to cum yet' he said as he moved, gently nudging me to take his spot. I giggled softly as he kissed me, laying me back at the same time. His hand between my legs. I could feel his fingers touch my panties, he couldnt miss how wet I was. I felt him move the panties to the side a little. A finger touching my freshly shaved pussy. I moaned a little as he slip his finger between my lips, parting them searching.
'I want to taste you' he whispered as he moved down to my thighs. He spread my legs open and leaned down between them. I felt his tongue the first time... Im sure my eyes rolled back in my head. I felt him again, his tongue sliding from my ass up along my lips, spreading them, his tongue slipping in just brushing my clit. I arched my back, as goosebumps covered my body. It had been so long since I had even kissed a man, let alone had his tongue caressing my pussy. Jeff knew what he was doing, spreading my pussy wide open. His tongue pushed inside of me. I could feel him fuck my pussy with his tongue, I could hear him moan as he tasted me. I felt his hand on my pussy, his fingers slide inside me. He pushed them deep, exploring my wetness. I couldnt help myself, I grabbed his head, grinding my pussy against his mouth. Jeff kept my pussy spread wide open so he could lick every inch of me. And god, i didnt want him to stop. But I did want more.

'Fuck me Jeff' I demanded. He sat up smiling as he leaned over and kissed me. He slid his pants off the rest of the way, tossing them on the front seat. He moved his rock hard body over me, positioning himself. As he lowered himself to me, i could feel his cock brushing against my pussy. Looking for a way in. He kissed me as he moved his hips a little, the tip of his cock finding my wetness. Jeff moved his hips against me slowly, his cock spreading my pussy finding the perfect place. I gasped loudly as he pushed himself in, I know he isnt the biggest cock around, but fuck! He is big to me! It felt like his cock was three feet around, five feet long as he pushed more inside of me. I arched my back as my pussy twinged a little from pain. When he was fully inside me he stopped. Arched over me.
'are youok?' he asked concerned. I nodded
'yes...sorry' i whispered embarassed. he kissed me softly as he moved his cock, just a little. In and out. Moving a little more, side to side. He was making sure to open up my pussy, to make sure i was ready. Slowly he started to slide his cock in and out, more f***efully now... pulling until just the head was inside of me, pushing so deep i was sure he would be able to fuck my lungs... He moved faster each time, knowing i was wetter and wetter with each thrust. I grabbed his ass, sqeezing his perfect ass. Pulling him to me, deeper inside my pussy.

finally he was fucking me like I wanted him to, hard and fast. He was slamming his cock into me so hard my tits were bouncing all over. Without missing a beat, he slammed his cock inside as he dipped his head down, grabbing a nipple in his mouth. He sucked my nipple, twisting it in his mouth, rolling it around with his lips. I could cum from that alone... I LOVE it!!
'please Jeff harder' i begged, and he oblidged. Grabbing the blanket at my shoulders, he thrust his cock harder, deeper, as I slapped his ass
'good boy' I groaned. He started to moan louder, his head bobbing up and down.
'please' he begged
'now Jeff...cum for me'... I gave him permission and he listened... He groaned as he came. I felt him cum, deep inside me. His cock twitching as he gasped. He panted as he moved his cock in and out of my pussy a couple of more times.

'oh god' he panted as he leaned down, kissing my tits, sucking my nipples.

Content, he laid beside me. He pulled me close putting his arm under my head. He pulled the blanket up covering out naked, sweaty bodies.
'mmmmmmm' he made a sound as he lifted his head, kissing my forehead.

'i have to get my b*****r to go out.' he smiled. Its why we were in our cars. He was in a house with his b*****r, big mouth. And I with k**s. Who didnt need to know what I was doing.But this was fun, Id never had sex in a car before. I must admit, it was great! And I was hoping for many, many more meetings.

We both got dressed. He kissed me the whole time. It was sweet. He walked me to my car, opened my door and closed it after I got in. I turned my car on and opened the window. He kissed me again.

'have a good sl**p' he smiled.
'can I text you later?' he asked as he walked to his car.
'of course' i laughed. He got in his car and we started to drive out. I lead up to the highway. I turned left, and he turned right. I didnt know if I would actually hear from him again. And then my phone rang... He wanted to say he had alot of fun and wanted to know what I was doing tomorrow night... lol

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2 years ago
great story let me know when you want to do it again...LOL
3 years ago
hmm this sounds very i was there
3 years ago
ohhhhhh baby girl u r so hot ........
3 years ago
Fuckin hell what a story!! my trousers are like a tent! cant wait to get home and finish off in private. THANKs for sharing!!!!!
3 years ago
Great story about stolen moments!
3 years ago
Hot story!
3 years ago
i use to have a thursday date & yes in the cars 4 different ones sometimes at her house. i lived in the barracks.