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Cleaning in the Nude

A friend at work told me about a friend of hers that does her house chores in the nude. I'll clean and do housework in panties and a t-shirt, but nude? I mean, I don't mind showing off my body but what's the point of scrubing the toilet naked?

Apparently, this girl gets off on it. Would you guys find it sexy to see your wife clean the oven in the nude?

I guess everyone has their kink.
Posted by Cheryl4516 3 years ago
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2 months ago
Nude yes, nude all of the time, bent over showing pussy from behind,
5 months ago
Nude no...but wearing sexy panties and a tee YES
7 months ago
I find cleaning in the nude, or the idea of my wife cleaning in the nude, weird. Especially the toilet, as you point out. There are some chemicals you do not want to get anywhere, let alone on sensitive areas. I always thought the idea of cleaning in the nude, was more the idea of 'cleaning'. The scantily clad maid with the feather duster accomplishing more through visual stimulation than manual labour.
2 years ago
I clean my place in the nude, Most days if I'm alone I shed all my clothes soon as I'm home. I keep a pair of shorts and t-shirt by the front door in case anyone knocks. I don't get aroused by cleaning, not at all. Just being naked is more arousing, and more likely to masturbate. I feel the everyday activities that end up with me getting off are disconnected from self-sex, at first, but eventually a pattern has them connected. If I always drank coffee right before sex, I would get horny at the smell of it.
3 years ago
anything but the toilet :)
3 years ago
Um, what guy will have a problem with the gal doing anything in the nude... Change the oil on the car, you get your bits dirty... clean the oven you get to sway that ass... I would love it if you did a pic set with you being naughty around the house...