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The Downside Of a Threesome

I've had many requests from couples (I assume it is a couple, but it's probably a guy)if I was interested in joining them. While this sounds like fun, it has it's downsides.

Once I was at friend's house for a party and felt I was too d***k to drive home. I decided to stay over. The wife (who was a friend of mine for years and I have got it on with once) was being frisky and flirting with me. I, of course in my d***ken state, played along. Long story short, we ended up in bed and her husband joined us. I thought it was a good time and didn't think much of it.

Apparently, my friend thought otherwise. As time went on she felt he "paid too much attention" to me. It ruined our friendship and almost destroyed their marriage. I don't blame her. If I watched another woman suck my husband's cock, I guess I would be jealous too.

The moral of the story is be careful of what you wish for.
Posted by Cheryl4516 3 years ago
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19 days ago
I've had a similar experience.
1 month ago
I could see that happening. I was in a situation like that once
6 months ago
emotions get in the way of group sex. I found that out a pong time ago.
8 months ago
Great blog, great advice. I have only been in one threesome, a similar scenario in high school except no one involved was dating anyone else, involved or otherwise. I think this can be a lot of fun, but as other people have pointed out, even in the absence of a relationship, one party may be annoyed if it turns into a couple plus a voyeur...
9 months ago
It's important to talk about it first and lay out some ground rules if all parties want to go through with it. I had a 3-some with an ex-gf and her female friend. The rules weren't horribly strict. no kissing the other girl, but the most important thing for all parties is to pay attention to eachother equally. I made it a point to pay more attention to my g/f and to express my gratitude that she would do such a thing for me. Sounds trivial, but the little things can make or break you.
1 year ago
you need to try some of the swinging sites. My wife and I have enjoyed a nember of MFM FMF and MFMF. You just need to find the right people.
2 years ago
I actually had the same problem when my (now ex gf) wanted to bring another woman into our bed. It was fun until she thought I was spending too much time with the woman she brought home. In the end it ruined our relationship
3 years ago
3 years ago
This isn't the downside of a 3some so much as the downside of swinging(though with only a female in your encounter). I'm always amazed that unprepared couples take the plunge. What happened afterwards serves them right.
3 years ago
what does she expect, of course having a new 'toy' your going to pay a little more attention to it because you never had it b4. hope everything worked out well afterwards
3 years ago
hmm. yes, this is certainly a possibility. while it is a great fantasy people may not realize feelings of jealousy until after the fact. her husband, however, has a responsibility in ensuring that she receives extra assurance given their adventure. on the other hand, as you describe, she did initiate the threesome.
3 years ago
Yep, that is, I'm sure the way it is.